My new color book on the 1962 Seattle World's Fair is now available

zorro-animated.gif (4584 bytes) Please take a look at my tribute to Walt Disney's version of Zorro, starring Guy Williams. It includes a complete history of the series, an episode guide and photos.

wwod-tv-cover.gif (6697 bytes) Enjoy the Zorro pages and want more? Here's information on my book, The Wonderful World of Disney Television, a history and episode guide of every Disney television series, published in 1997 by Disney. Come relive those days of The Mickey Mouse Club, Davy Crockett and more, including all of the Studio's recent hits. This section describes the book, including the table of contents, and includes a list of all of the anthology series episodes and air dates. 256 pages of material not in the original book are now available on CD. Details on how to order are available online.

amazon_logo.gif (3364 bytes) Disney Books Online

There are over 1,800 different Disney books available online! I've sorted out the best of them and described them here. All purchases through this link help support the Walt Disney's Zorro website. Just click on the logo to start your shopping, or just to browse. Once there, you can also buy any non-Disney titles as well as music and videos.

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There's a lot of Disney information already on the Web, but here's some you may not have come across anywhere else.
  • If you collect Disneyana or movie memorabilia, please check out this catalog of Disney publicity photos for sale or trade.

  • Want to learn about where many of Disney's films and tv shows have been filmed? Take a look at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch.

  • Photos on CD from Disneyland and Walt Disney World - vintage photographs available for sale

This is a look at Onteora Scout Reservation, a summer camp operated by Theodore Roosevelt Council (formerly Nassau County Council) in NY. Please stop by and take a virtual tour of the camp and look through a collection of Scout patches, photos, maps and trail guides. The site also includes information on Camp Wauwepex, Alder Lake Scout Reservation and other Council activities.

In 1967 I traveled from Nassau County, New York to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. This is a look back at that trip, which took us by bus across the United States with a stop at the 12th World Jamboree in Idaho. It was a great trip, one that I wish I could do again. This is a look back, with pictures, maps and notes from a journal I kept all these years.

Places I've Been, Things I've Seen. As long as I can remember I have been taking photos. Many of them are the typical family photos, first of my brothers and parents, and now of my own family. Along the way, though, I have been lucky enough to see some great places in the world, to meet some interesting people and to occasionally get something passable on film. This section of the web site is a small look at some of the thousands of slides and negatives filling a large closet in my office. It will be updated on an irregular basis as time permits, with no set schedule, pattern or subjects. Last updated February 2014.

The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair - Photos on CD - and more! I have been collecting memorabilia from the World's Fair for years. I still have a box of treasures I collected as an excited 12-year-old enjoying the sights and sounds of Flushing Meadows all those years ago. Part of my collection is several thousand photos from the Fair, with shots of the many pavilions, shows and more. I have been selling copies of these photos on eBay and am now offering them here online, along with other collectibles from the Fair. You will also find information on my books Images of America: The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair (2004) and The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair: Creation and Legacy (2008).

On January 1, 2005 I had the thrill of seeing a float I helped design come down Colorado Boulevard in the Rose Parade. The float was "Dinner's On,,, FIRE!", and was the entry for the City of Burbank. This is a look at how the original idea was transformed into a float seen around the world.

Past projects. I've always enjoyed writing and photography. I haven't tried to make a living at it, but over the years I have been fortunate to have convinced people to publish some of my efforts. Here's some information on books I've written, shows I've worked on and other things that have helped pass the time.

If you're looking for a cell phone vendor you might be interested in learning why I think Sprint Sucks. I had zero luck in getting them to fix a cell phone tower problem in my area for four months. Instead, they kept making promises and then not doing anything. Check out the whole painful saga - it might save you some time in trying to deal with them.

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