From:  "Brian D. Issing" <>
Date:  Mon Feb 23, 2004  3:46 pm
Subject:  Alumni Needed to Help During Summer Camp at Onteora This Summer


Two of the ways that the Onteora Alumni Association will be helping
the camp this year are with the staff week orientation and the Dan
Beard Program. Our support during staff week will fall under "Onteora
Traditions". For the Dan Beard Program (DBP) it will be providing
adjunct staff members.

Camp staff week has three main objectives: Set up camp, bond as a
unit and train. The OAA will be helping with the third item by
teaching the staff the history, traditions, songs and skits of its
legacy. The 2004 staff, much like last year's, is comprised mostly of
individuals who were not on staff prior to 2003. In fact, many of
them have never been to Onteora as a camper. So the intent here is to
allow the staff to see what it was that created the Spirit of Onteora
prior to 2003. We will do this by leading presentations on these
items during Friday and Saturday of staff week (July 2 & 3). Any
training presented on Friday could then be used at the Friday night
staff campfire. To do this well I am looking for volunteers to lead
these topics. I can either provide a format or you may create your
own. The times during these two days are flexible.

Our second level of support is in providing adjunct staff members for
the DBP, which is the program for first year Scouts. In the past,
this program has been held at the Dan Beard Program Shelter but this
year it will be headquartered at the James E. West Shelter. (The West
Shelter holds a special place in my heart as I was the Program
Commissioner there in 1980 one of the years that Eric Anderson was
the Program Director. But we won't go there.) The role of the adjunct
staff is to provide additional resources so as to keep the staff-to-
Scout ratio at a low number. For those who have not attended a Boy
Scout summer camp over the past 20 years, the new Scout program is
designed to teach the basic Scout skills and generally has the
greatest number of participants of any of the camp programs. This,
coupled with the intense nature of the material, usually means many
Scouts sitting around listening instead of doing. You can visualize
the rest. Our desire is to provide enough qualified help to allow for
multiple groups of Scouts learning the same material by doing. This
falls in line with my favorite Native American saying: "Tell me, and
I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll
understand." Volunteers are asked to work for all, or most of a week
and will be billeted in a staff campsite TBA. The DBP will run Monday
through Friday from July 5-August 6.

Volunteers for the above two programs need to be registered members
of the BSA and will receive a staff hat, staff shirt and name tag if
they commit by June 15th. They will also receive 3 meals a day in the
renovated Long House. And just like their younger days on staff, they
may be asked to perform other duties, as called upon by the Camp

And if the above options do not work for you, consider attending camp
with your home unit or with one you previously had a relationship.
Regardless of the option you take, you will have fun.

What follows are the names of people who, while at the Fall Alumni
Weekend, expressed interest in helping. Many more are needed so if
you are interested send an e-mail to me at my address above.

Names so far:

Brian Issing
Les Cox
Rick Balla
Jeanine Welsh
Ralph Foster
Kevin Regan
Vic Varonier

Thank you.

Brian D. Issing
OAA Board - Member at Large
OSR Camper - 1973-74
OSR Staff - 1977-80, 82, 91, 2000-03