Onteora Alumni Association

Operating Guidelines

 Section 1 - Organization

The organization is known as the Onteora Alumni Association (the “Association”).  The Association operates as a part of the Theodore Roosevelt Council, BSA (the “Council”).

Section 2 – Purpose

The Association will aid in the advancement of the aims and methods of the Boy Scouts of America by supporting Onteora Scout Reservation (“OSR”), specifically by:

·        Providing funds for capital improvements and maintenance projects for OSR;

·        Supporting the development of an endowment for OSR, administered by the Council (the “Endowment”), which principal will be maintained in perpetuity and interest will support capital improvements and maintenance projects at OSR;

·        Encouraging Association member participation in work days and other activities to maintain and improve OSR; and

·        Providing social opportunities for Association members

Section 3 – Membership

Membership in the Association is open to all, whether actual alumni of OSR or not, who are interested in supporting the Purpose of the Association.  Types of membership may be established or changed from time to time by approval of the Advisory Board.  Initial types of membership are as follows:

Membership Type*




Individual Silver


Individual Gold


Individual Platinum






* Dues are per calendar year.  Subject to change, when approved by the Advisory Board.
** Upon approval of a majority of the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board may provide for certain member benefits which may change from time to time, and may vary by level of membership. 

Section 4 – Advisory Board

A.     Organization

The Association shall maintain an Advisory Board, consisting of not less than five or more than nine members.  Members of the Advisory Board must be:

·    18 years of age or older

·    Registered members of the Boy Scouts of America

·    Active members of the Association

B.     Leadership

The Advisory Board leadership shall include the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Registrar and Secretary.  Respective duties shall include:

a.       Chairperson:  Presides at all meetings; prepares agendas for meetings with guidance of the Advisory Board; reports to the Council’s Vice President of Program; and prepares an annual report of the Association’s activities to the Council Vice President of Program.

b.      Vice Chairperson:  Assumes duties of the Chairperson in event that the Chairperson is unable to perform such duties; receives ideas and proposals from Association members regarding potential capital and maintenance projects for OSR for presentation to the Advisory Board; and coordinates with the Council office for providing timely financial reports of the Association.

c.       Registrar - coordinates with the Council office to ensure that an accurate database of current and past members is maintained.

d.      Secretary:  Records and maintains minutes of all Association meetings, and provides copies of such minutes to all Advisory Board members as well as the Council’s Vice President of Program; and prepares and distributes to all members Association newsletters at least three times annually.

A member of the Council’s professional staff, appointed by the Scout Executive, shall serve as an advisor to the Advisory Board and participate as a non-voting member of the Advisory Board.  This Council staff member shall work with the Advisory Board to ensure accurate maintenance of membership records and financial records of the Association.

C.     Elections

The members and leadership of the Advisory Board shall be elected annually at a duly-called meeting of the Association.  The Vice Chairperson shall determine the eligibility of all candidates.  The standing Advisory Board shall determine the number of Advisory Board positions to be open for the following year.  Each active member shall be entitled to one vote for each open position.  Voting shall, upon request of any candidate, be done by secret ballot.  Candidates must receive votes from more than 50% of the voting members present in order to be elected.  There is no limit on the number of terms that a member may serve on the Advisory Board.  The election of the Chairperson must be approved by the Council’s Vice President of Program, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld.  All other election rules shall be established by the Advisory Board.

Section 5 - Meetings

The Association shall meet at least once annually.  The annual meeting shall include elections of Association leadership, a report of the prior year’s activities (including financial and membership reports of the Association, and a review of projects completed or underway at OSR supported by the Association), as well as any other business that may appropriately come before the meeting.  Notice of meetings shall be sent to all active members at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

The Advisory Board shall meet at least twice annually.

Section 6 - Finances

A.     General

The Council shall establish and maintain a separate account known as the Onteora Alumni Association.  All funds of the Association shall flow through this account.

B.     Income

All income, through dues or other fund-raising activities, will be expected to serve the Purpose of the Association, including providing for capital improvement and maintenance projects at OSR, supporting the development of the Endowment, and covering all Association expenses.  If fund-raising activities include special designations for use of the net funds raised, such designations will be honored.  Any fund-raising activities are not expected to conflict with or detract from the Council’s fund raising for the operating budget of the Council.

C.     Additional Endowment gifts

Members will be encouraged to make gifts above and beyond their annual dues to the Association, as a gift directly into the Endowment.  To the extent that an endowment gift qualifies for special recognition in the Scouting program (such as a James E. West Fellowship Award), the Council will recognize such gifts.  The Advisory Board may also establish special recognition for gifts beyond membership dues.

D.     Expenses

The Advisory Board will endeavor to prudently manage the Association’s operating expenses, so that maximum funds will be available for capital improvements and endowment for OSR. 

E.      OSR Capital and Maintenance Projects and Endowment Contributions

Each year, the Advisory Board will endeavor to direct approximately 50% of that year’s net surplus (after Association operating expenses, and after setting aside a reasonable balance for contingencies) into capital improvement and maintenance projects for OSR (subject to majority approval by the Advisory Board, and acceptance by the Council), and contribute the balance of that year’s net surplus to the Endowment.  Any member of the Association can make recommendations for OSR capital or maintenance projects to the Advisory Board by submitting a proposal to the Vice Chairperson.

Each year, the Council will inform the Advisory Board of the amount of investment income generated by the Endowment.  The Advisory Board will endeavor to direct those earnings into capital improvement and maintenance projects at OSR (subject to majority approval by the Advisory Board, and acceptance by the Council).

F.      Carryover of unused funds

The Advisory Board will generally not seek to carry over significant operating balances from year to year, other than maintaining a reasonable balance for contingencies or for funding a project at OSR that has not yet been completed.  However, any funds that are unused in a year will be carried over to, and available for use in, the following year.