Onteora Scout Reservation

The place to be in the summer of 1978

Make it your point to go to Onteora this summer

    Onteora Scout Reservation, Livingston Manor, NY, is owned and operated by the Nassau County Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Each year Onteora Scout Reservation is given rigid inspections by both the New York State Department of Health and the National Council, Boy Scouts of America. These inspections insure not only a safe and healthy atmosphere for the Scouts attending but also a camp that offers a high quality Scouting program.
The best way we know for Scouts and their parents to get a well-rounded look at the Onteora program is view the slide film presentation available to each unit. Perhaps you have already seen it, and listened to the taped narration by Ray Heatherton. If not, ask your Troop's Scoutmaster if he'll get in touch with your District Camping Promotion Chairman and set up a showing.
You can see, even in black and white, that Onteora is a beautiful place, set high in the Catskills, on its own lake, with lush trees all around and the best nature has to offer. It's all for Scouts - over 4,400 acres, Scouting's finest outdoor laboratory - it's the place where your son, as the newest member of the troop, or its oldest most experienced hand, will learn new skills, use his Scouting knowledge, have a barrel of fun, and further his advancement on the trail of the Eagle.

Always Something New at Onteora

    We are constantly updating and improving our facilities and camp program at Onteora. Well over $100,000 has been spent on facilities and equipment in the last 18 months alone.
    # Onteora now features "the best rifle and shotgun range in Sullivan County," an expanded Craft Lodge and Indian 'Lore program, and a fleet of over 70 rowboats, sailboats and canoes.
    # This summer our Conservation Program will take on even greater meaning and importance as we work with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in maintaining and improving our woodlands.
    # Last year "The Passport to Adventure" proved so popular with both campers and leaders, that we will again offer it this year. This program is designed to give every camper a chance to sample all the exciting program areas of the camp. Campers receive a belt loop in recognition of their accomplishments in each area.
    # Field Sports will be expanded this year with competitive events and lots of new archery equipment.
    # Some "hidden" improvements not readily seen but an important part of the camp include; a new well, new tent platforms, new troopsite equipment, new vehicles, improved roads and a new bridge and new program equipment.

There's a fabulous Waterfront Program at Onteora...

    Onteora features a full aquatic program with instruction in Swimming, Lifesaving, Canoeing, Rowing and Sailboating. A Scout can learn to swim or sharpen his skills and earn Swimming Merit Badge, Lifesaving Merit Badge, and Scout Lifeguard.
    A new Boating Center is now under construction and will provide expanded facilities for our rowboats, canoes and sunflower sailboats. The boating center will be staffed and capable of providing expert instruction in Rowing Merit Badge, Canoeing Merit Badge and Small Boat Handling Merit Badge. Recreational boating, canoeing and sailing will also operate out of this new facility.
    The entire Aquatic Program is of course conducted under the strictest safety standards, and is under the supervision of a National Council, BSA Aquatic School graduate and American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor.

Everything points to a bigger and better summer than ever at Onteora

Camp Program    

    Your son's home at camp will be a 9' x 9' wall tent on a wood platform, or a four man leanto. Shortly after he moves his gear into his tent or leanto, he, his Troop and Scoutmaster will take part in a Camp Orientation Tour.
    At last he'll get to see all of the program areas in the camp: the waterfront for instruction in the eight defense swim, the Indian Lodge, Rifle Range, Craft Lodge, Program Shelter, and of course the Archery Range.
    Just prior to dinner, Troops eating dinner in the dining hall will take part in the Camp Retreat. Your son and the other members of his camp patrol will sit together in the dining hall along with his Camp Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster.
    The next morning, after breakfast your son's troop schedule could take him to the waterfront. Here non-swimmers receive instruction in swimming, and Scouts who can already swim sharpen their skills. A lot of Scouts earn their Swimming or Lifesaving Merit Badges. He will also have an opportunity to earn Rowing Merit Badge, Canoeing Merit Badge, and he can learn to handle one of our Sunflower sailboats. They're small, but they're a lot of fun!
    One of the most popular program areas is our Rifle Range, which was just completed in 1977. The Rifle Range is under the direction of a National Rifle Association Certified Rifle Instructor. It provides Scouts an opportunity to develop basic marksmanship skills, using twenty two caliber single shot rifles. It's safety first, and the rules around the Rifle Range are strictly enforced.
    At noon it's back to the campsite for lunch, which comes to the campsite in heater stacks: insulated containers that keep hot meals hot, and cold meals cold. In the campsite your son will eat with his patrol, just as he did in the dining hall. Each patrol is provided with a dining fly and patrol table.
    After lunch he and a buddy may go to a program shelter. There they can discuss with the camp merit badge counselor the requirements for the merit badge or badges he wants to earn while at camp.
The Indian Lore Program at Onteora, is one of the most popular activities, appropriately housed in a teepee. Here Scouts work on Indian Lore Merit Badge and become better informed and somewhat skilled in the ways of the American Indian.
    Long a popular camp activity, our Archery Range has been expanded and is located at the Field Sports Program Shelter. Archery Merit Badge is given here, along with the other field sports merit badges.
Conservation will receive greater emphasis in 1978, with a staff which will provide advanced instruction under qualified leadership.
    If your son likes to fish, be sure he brings his pole and fishing tackle. Sprague Brook, which feeds Orchard Lake, is famous for its native brook trout.
    At the Craft Lodge Scouts can earn one of the handicraft badges, such as Woodcarving or Basketry. Of course, it's a good place to make a present to take home for mom or dad. The Craft Lodge also serves as a center of activity on those very rare days when it rains!
    Duty to God is observed in Camp with religious services in our three chapels. The Chaplains on our staff are available throughout the week, to counsel Scouts on Religious Awards and other items of mutual interest.
    Onteora is also a hiking camp! We have a proud reputation and ideal hiking location. There are miles and miles of trails radiating out from the camp. Many of these lead to great hike sites nearby.
    While in camp, your son's Troop or his Patrol will want to participate in a fun project or event. It could be a pioneering project or a tug of war challenge to a neighboring troop, or maybe he will take part in a volley ball competition.
    Onteora Scout Reservation is the place to be this summer. Scouts and Scouters together will have the best time that a few weeks of summer can offer. It's an inspiring elevating experience among the trees that reach up to brush against God's heaven. Onteora - it is truly "The Land in the Sky."

Personal Equipment

What should a Scout take to camp? - those things necessary for living with comfort and convenience. Here is a suggested list for each Scout: MEDICAL Form -- (a blank form will be mailed to you upon receipt of registration form)
Complete uniform
comfortable, sturdy shoes
sweater or jacket
Top of Pack or Duffel Bag or in its outside pocket
rain gear repair kit containing rubber bands, safety pins, needles, thread, cord, buttons
extra plastic bags
pocket knife
swim trunks
Inside Pack
sleeping bag or 3 blankets
waterproof ground cloth (plastic)
Moccasins or sneakers
clothing bag (plastic or cloth)
extra shirts
extra pants
extra socks
changes of underwear
pajamas or sweat suit
Eating equipment (bowl, plate, cup, fork, knife, spoon)
Toilet Kit
wash cloths
soap in waterproof container
hand towels
bath towels
metal mirror
toothbrush and toothpaste
washbasin (plastic or canvas)
camera and film
notebook and pencils
individual first aid kit
Scout Handbook or Field Book
Bible, Testament or Prayer Book

Parents, please note!

1) Cots are provided, but mattresses are not provided. We suggest your son bring an air mattress and/or quilt to be used as a mattress pad.
2) We suggest that each item of clothing and equipment be labeled with the boy's name, address, and troop number. The troop number is often the single most useful item in returning lost items.

Special Programs

Aquatic Crew

If your son has been to camp before, is a good swimmer and would like to spend several days canoeing on the Delaware River, he can sign up for our special Aquatic Crew. This program will last one week of the normal two week stay at Onteora. The cost for this program over and above the regular camp fee is only $5.00! Space is limited and reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis.

Scouts must meet the following prerequisites to participate in this program
.. Be at least 12 years of age (minimum)
.. Be a Second Class Scout
.. Have completed the First Aid, Swimming, Cooking and Camping Skill Awards
.. Be in good physical condition
. . Meet the minimum standards in training sessions before canoeing on the Delaware River.
. . Be approved by the Reservation Director and Crew Leader

Eagle Trail Encampment

Onteora Scout Reservation will again offer a special program, for Scouts who are at least Second Class, during the fourth period (Aug. 12-26).

This special encampment will be led by selected leaders utilizing additional camp staff to instruct in: Camping, Cooking, Nature, Pioneering, Mammals, Wilderness Survival, Hiking, Orienteering, Swimming, Lifesaving, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, and Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badges.

The Eagle Trail Encampment will not replace our regular provisional camp troop since its program will concentrate on merit badges and will not include skill awards, non outdoor merit badges or field sports.

If your son would like to participate in this the Eagle Trail Encampment use the regular registration form in this brochure and write in Eagle Trail on the top left. This program is available only to two-week campers.

Counselor In Training

Scouts who will be 15 years of age by July 1 may want to consider applying for the Counselor In Training Program.

Scouts selected for this program will pay only a $25. Camp Fee and will receive training in Camp Leadership and Camp Skills.

During their summer at camp they will be assigned to at least two different areas of the camp, where they will receive On-The-Job Training.

Space is limited to 25 Scouts, who will receive priority consideration for a Camp Staff positions when he becomes 16. Applications for the CIT program can be secured by calling 746-8286.

Information for Parents

Medical Examinations

   Each Scout at camp must have a physical examination within one year prior to his arrival at camp. The examination must have been recorded on the medical forms supplied by the council. Upon arrival at camp, the medical form must be submitted to the Camp Health Lodge where it will be retained. A medical inspection will be required of each Scout upon his arrival at camp. If a Scout fails to bring his medical form to camp, he will not be permitted to participate in any strenuous activity (including swimming) until his medical form arrives or until he has been examined by the Camp Physician. The Scout or his parent will have to pay for such an examination.

Health Lodge

   The Health Lodge is staffed by a licensed Nurse and first aider who are supervised by the Camp Doctor who is always on call.
   Campers are covered by a Medical Sickness and Accident Reimbursement Insurance policy which is provided by the camp at no additional cost.

Visitors Day

   Visitors are welcome at Onteora on the MIDDLE SATURDAY of each period from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. In the evening there is, weather permitting, a campwide retreat and campfire. Parents must make their own meal

arrangements as they are not permitted to eat with the unit unless the unit is purchasing AND cooking its own meals. Visitors should be prepared for long walks over steep, rocky terrain as there is NO TRANSPORTATION between the parking lot and troop sites.
   Visitor's Day Regulations - A camper may not leave camp on visitor's day unless he is checked out of camp to go home. It is requested that visitors come to camp only on the middle Saturday of the period. Dogs are permitted in camp only if they are properly leashed and must be kept from food preparation areas. Alcoholic beverages are FORBIDDEN in camp. The gate between the parking lot and camp will be kept locked all day and vehicles will be prohibited from entering and leaving camp.

Directions to ONTEORA

   New York State Thruway to exit 16 (Route 17.) Route 17 (Quickway) West for approximately 65 miles to Exit 96.
   At bottom of turn off, turn left onto - DeBruce Road. DeBruce Road to Grooville Road (approximately 2 miles.) Turn left onto Grooville Road, continue for approximately 5 miles, crossing many small bridges and going uphill all the way.
   At top of hill you will see Camp Ranger's house on right, then go downhill (to left of house) to the parking field.

Approximate mileage from Northwest Nassau is 155 miles. NOTE: There is no Gas Station in or near Camp.


Mail should be sent First Class only (special delivery is no faster). The mailing address is:

Scout Troop
Onteora Scout Reservation
Grooville Road
Livingston Manor, NY 12758


   Outside telephone service is available only at the Administration Office. Parents should not telephone Scouts except in case of extreme emergency as telephone calls disrupt the program. Allow at least one to three hours for a return call, keeping in mind the additional possibility that the called person may be out of camp on a hike which could cause additional delay. The camp telephone is: Office - 914 439-5687*
*This phone is NOT manned during meal hours or at night. Calls should be made only between 9 A.M. - Noon, 1 P.M. - 5:30 P.M., and 7 P.M. - 9 P.M. In case of EXTREME EMERGENCY, IF NO ANSWER AT CAMP OFFICE, CALL RANGER'S HOME: 914 439-4229.

What is Provisional Camping?

   It is not always possible for members of a Troop to attend camp as a group with their Scoutmaster. For Scouts in these Troops and for Scouts who want to spend additional time at Camp, before or after their "Troops Camp," the camp provides "Provisional Camp Troops."
   Provisional troops are under the leadership of a by the Camp. The Camp also provides an Assistant Scoutmaster for each Provisional Troop.
   Provisional troops are under the leadership of a Scoutmaster (who is at least 21 years of age) employed by the Camp. The Camp also provides an Assistant Scoutmaster for each Provisional Troop.
   A Scout who comes to camp as a "Provisional Camper" will be assigned to a provisional Troop along with any other scouts from his home troop attending camp.

Is There A Cub Scout or
Webelos Scout in your Family?

   If there is a Cub or Webelos Scout in your family, he too can participate in a Summer Camp experience.
Cub Scouts have an opportunity to sign up for a Cub Day Camp which will be conducted at Cantiague Park July 10-13 and July 17-20. He can sign up for one or both weeks.
   Webelos Scouts can sign up with their Webelos Den for a Webelos Camp, August 27-31.
   This is a cooperative effort of the Nassau County Council and Suffolk County Council. It will be held at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp, Baiting Hollow, L.I., N.Y.
   The fee is $38.00 and detailed information and applications for both of these camps can be secured by calling 746-8286.

Here's how to Sign Up your Son for Camp

   First, check with his Scoutmaster and find out if your son's troop is going to Onteora. If so, he has all the details and registration forms.

   If your son's troop is not going to Onteora or if you would like your son to spend additional time at Onteora, before or after his troop attends camp, complete the registration form included in this brochure and mail it with your deposit ($10.00 per week) to the Nassau County Council, Boy Scouts of America, Shelter Rock Road, Roslyn, NY 11576.

   You will receive confirmation of his reservation and a medical form by return mail.

Camp Fees - Dates

The 1978 Camp Fees and Dates for individual (provisional)
campers are as follows:
1st Period 7/1-7/15              $132.00
2nd Period 7/15-7/29           $132.00
3rd Period 7/29-8/12            $132.00
4th Period 8/12-8/26            $128.00
   A $2.00 per week discount is
given if full camp fee payment is
made on or before May 10, 1978.
One week camp stays can be
arranged. Fee is 50% of the fee
listed above.


Rules for acceptance and participation in camp are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, and national origin.

Cancellations and Refunds

   Refund of camp fee (exclusive of $10.00 a week deposit) will be made only if written cancellation is submitted to Council 2 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date. Refunds will be issued for unused portion of fee (exclusive of reservation deposit) for Scouts who leave camp for medical reason certified by Camp Nurse and Reservation Director. Home sickness is not considered a "refundable" medical reason. Refunds will be made from Council Office at the close of camp season.

Thanks to Brian Issing for the loan of this brochure!