Onteora Scout Reservation
1968 Staff Photo Listing

This is a list of the staff as pictured in the 1968 Staff Photo. The listing begins at the lower left corner of the photo. Most of the names have been identified from a listing in the Staff Banquet listing for that year, but there are some differences in opinion between that and the guesses of some visitors to the site. Please send me an e-mail if you can help sort out the differences.

Thanks to Ken South for the scan of the main photo, and to Bill Throop for helping me figure out many of the names.

Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4
1) Mike Bogart
2) Doug Floro
3) Jack Bratten
4) Jack Ostram
5) Larry Behr
6) William Kampfer
7) Paul Sward
8) Chris Rehman
9) Anton Steinle
10) Tom West
11) Larry Walters
12) Darwin Gregerson
13) Steve Katz
14) Ronald Reynolds
15) Roy Baillard
16) Don McGarry
17) Jim Lieb
18) Bill Harbron
19) Paul Johnson
20) Bruce Smith
21) C. Kerr
22) Bill Cotter
23) Charlie Berenson
1) Bill Edel
2) Phil Montgomery
3) Ken Light
4) Steve Dykstra
5) Tim Richards
6) Doug Peters
7) Charlie Ruiz
8) Bill Donald
9) Gary Koutnik
10) Bill Donaghy, Sr.
11) Ralph Foster
12) Mrs. Anderson
13) Ken Heim
14) Ed Krauss
15) Rev. Mike Carman
16) Dr. Harry Lasker
17) Father Ron Luke
18) Leland Tuttle
19) Bob Muntz
20) Bob Domitz
21) Kevin Weipert
22) Bill Donaghy, Jr.
23) Neal Smith
24) Gary Vaillancourt
25) Cap Schei
1) Tom Reinhart
2) Carlos Kebe
3) Scott Wood
4) Steve Shull
5) Joe Bonadonna
6) Wally Jones
7) Richard Bouchard
8) Deryck Bratton
9) Dave Post
10) Greg Hughes
11) Brad Shields
12) Bob Voorneveld
13) Jim Van Tassell
14) Ken Staudte
15) Carl Rankin
16) Jim Smith
17) Jim Hammond
18) Mark Christensen
19) Don Heiberg
20) Robert Pearles
21) Ken South
22) Wayne Fowler
23) Bill Sorrells
24) Ray DePrado
25) Phill Clark
26) Bill Somerville
27) Mike Brenner
28) Gary Cryan
29) Tom Dede
30) Rick Anderson
31) Gary Wilson
32) John Romano
1) Gene Harrington
2) James Archbold
3) Jess Bartlett or Andy Conde?
4) John Minagro
5) Al Strockbine
6) Bill Throop
7) Earl Tuttle
8) Roy Tompkins
9) Kevin Sullivan
10) Frank Ostaseski
11) Bill Dunn
12) Charles Feigenoff
13) George Boszilkov
14) John Langhauser
15) Frank Roediger
16) Pete Barlet
17) Ken Jewell
18) Barry Sherwin
19) Ken Froebig
20) Hans Haselbach
21) Peter Ewald
22) Al Pelikow
23) Martin Ackerman
24) John Schmidt
25) John Murphy
26) Rick Barto
27) Charles Hanlon
28) Robert Christie
29) Don Kollisch
30) Rick Brussell
31) Stan Rykowski
32) Chris Finnerty
33) Mike Kelly
34) Paul Plate
35) John Krauss
36) Don Wright
37) Gary Wildung

The second picture is the Central Commissary staff, sent in by Gary Wildung. Here's his list of names:

In the cab: Bob Muntz
On top of cab: Chuck Farr (?)
Sitting left to right: Jack Ostram, Doug Floro, Billy Donaghy Jr., Ken Light and Jim Lieb
Standing left to right: John Minagro, Gary Wildung, Mike Kelly, Casper Schei, Chris Finnerty, Paul Plate and John Krauss

The third picture is of the camp leadership team for the year. Ken Heim is seated, and standing behind him we have Ralph Foster, Bob Pearles, Jim Van Tassell, and Ed Krauss. Thanks to Jim Van Tassell for supplying the picture.

The fourth picture is of the Council House staff. Thanks to Bob Muntz for supplying the picture.
Bottom row: Unknown, Carl Rankin, Ken Heim, Jimmy Hammond, Bob Muntz.
Middle row: Unknown, Steve Shull, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Tom West, Unknown, Unknown.
Top row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.

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