Onteora Scout Reservation
1974 Staff Photo Listing

This is a list of the staff as pictured in the 1974 Staff Photo. The listing begins at the lower left corner of the photo. I'm just starting to put names with the faces, so please send me an e-mail if you can help, or if I've made any mistakes.

Thanks to David Blaushild for the loan of the main photo.

Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4
1) Charles "Rick" Cash
2) Charlie Sweeny
3) Unknown
4) Unknown
5) Al Boyle
6) Don Holder
7) Unknown
8) Winston Brodmerkel
9) Unknown
10) Unknown
11) Gary Forry
12) Dave Blaushild
1) Unknown
2) Chuck Wolf
3) John Jozifek
4) Daniel Farberman
5) Eric Anderson
6) Tom Hausenfaus
7) Jim Banta
8) Unknown
9) Howard Kudler
10) Unknown
11) Mary Donaghy
12) Virginia James
13) Unknown
14) Larry Grenz
15) Jon Kusnitz
16) Unknown
17) Steve Emmons
18) Unknown
19) Chris Fallon
20) Unknown
21) Eric Paulson
22) Unknown
23) Donald Emmons
1) John Nichols
2) Harold Kudler
3) Mark Antonucci
4) Kevin Klein
5) Jim Sannerud
6) Dan Flood
7) Dave Pigott
8) Tom Sliwoski
9) Bob Wilson
10) Unknown
11) Don Horvath
12) Dave Fredericks
13) Ken O'Brien
14) Jim Tinghitella or Jim Trenkle ??
15) James Kradyna
16) Fred Thornley
17) Ed Paprocki
18) Mark Azzaro
19) Tony Marren
20) Anthony Haight
21) Unknown
1) Ken Westerberg
2) Bob Courtlangus
3) Harold Schomberg
4) Bob Patterson
5) Brian Ruiz
6) Doug Brodmerkel
7) Gary Frederickerson
8) Bill Morse
9) Joe Grupp
10) Bill McNeese
11) Charlie Ruiz
12) Carlos Kebe
13) Bill Holmes
14) Larry Mandelker
15) Joe Shields
16) Stu Bricker
17) Al Fuchs
18) Bob Siana
19) Tom Aryal
20) Gary Banta
21) Greg Wild

The second staff photo from 1974 is of the Tribes Camp staff. Thanks to Ed Paprocki for sending it along. Please let me know if you can identify any of the faces. Here's some information from Jim Sannerud:

I believe it is Don Holder leftmost in back row, face partially in shadow wearing a hard hat. Bob Patterson next to him, face mostly hidden, appears to have arrows in his hair! Then there is someone in the back row wearing a hardhat with face totally in shadow, probably Dan Farberman, then me! Jim Sannerud with face clearly visible wearing glasses and a hardhat. Next is Gary Banta with chefs hat, then Dave Blaushield just to the right and slightly below Banta wearing a hardhat (de rigueur for Conservation crew) trying to see around Stu Bricker, who is the Chef seated holding large meat cleaver! Gary Fredrickson back row wearing glasses directly over Stu Bricker's chefs hat. Don't know who is next to him on the right, but then Bob Siana back row center wearing chefs hat. Mark Antonucci right and
slightly below Siana.

Ed Paprocki is seated on the ground second from left. Eric Anderson is the rightmost person seated on ground.

Brian Ruiz to the right of Stu Bricker. Virginia James, seated center holding dog. Doug Brodmerkel next to Virginia then Charlie Ruiz smoking a pipe.

Here's a guide to the Tribes Camp staff photo courtesy of Eric Anderson. Jon Kusnitz and Daniel Flood:

1. Charlie Ruiz
2. Stu Bricker
3. Ed Paprocki
4. Al Boye
5. Winston Brodmerkel
6. Eric Anderson
7. Doug Brodmerkel
8. Virginia James
9. Dave Sannerud
10. Don Holden
11.Bob Patterson
12. Gary Banta
13. Bob Siana
14. Brian Ruiz
15. Mark Antonucci
16. Bill Holmes
17. Jim Banta?
18. Jon Kusnitz
19. Kevin Klein
20. Daniel Flood

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