Onteora Scout Reservation
1990 Staff Photo Listing

This is a list of the staff as pictured in the 1990 International Staff Photo. Thanks to Ruth Medlock for the scan of the photo and the following list of names.

Back Row
1.   Zinkovsky brother (USSR)
2.   Mehmet Er (Turkey)
3.   Zinkovsky brother (USSR)
4.   Ruth Medlock (UK)
5.   Stella Rowlands (UK)
6.   Vladan Micic (Yugoslavia)
7.   Jon Lord (UK)
8.   Mike Power (UK)
9.   Raymond van del Hueval (Holland)
10. Matt Rock (UK)
11. Linda Wilson (UK)

Front Row
1.   Craig Hewitt (UK)
2.   Kresmir Rotim (Yugoslavia)
3.   Simon Mitchell (UK)
4.   Mark Torrens (UK)
5.   Wayne Morris (New Zealand)
6.   Viktor Skultety (Czechoslovakia)
7.   Mark Kenny (UK)

Missing: Kevin Sargeant (Australia)

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