Onteora Scout Reservation
1991 Staff Photo Listing

This is a list of the staff as pictured in the 1991 International Staff Photo. Thanks to Ruth Medlock for the scan of the photo and the following list of names.

Back Row
1.   Barend ‘Bert’ Hogerhuis (Holland)
2.   Attila Bokor (Hungary)
3.   Ueli Laupper (Switzerland)
4.   Pete A’rva (Hungary)
5.   Mick Mooney (UK)
6.   Jenco Kramer (Holland)
7.   Nikica Curluak (?)
8.   Tomas Jelinek (Czechoslovakia)
9.   Matt Rock (UK)
10. Craig Hewitt (UK)

Middle Row (ish)
1.   Dave Martin (UK)
2.   Steve Leliendal (Netherlands)
3.   Pat McKinney (UK)
4.   Stella Rowlands (UK)
5.   Ruth Medlock (UK)
6.   Jon Lord (on his knees!) (UK)
7.   Philip ‘Pip’ Purdie (UK)
8.   Graeme Esslemont (Australia)

Front Row
1.   Greg Clode (New Zealand)
2.   Darran Stokes (UK)
3.   Charlie Munns (UK)
4.   Alan Sitar (Czechoslovakia)
5.   Leon Middleton (UK)
6.   Stanislav Zinkovsky (USSR)
7.   Dave O’Sullivan (UK)
8.   Dave James (UK)

 Missing: Eugeny Zinkovsky (if I have them the right way round)

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