Preliminary Proposed Project Listing for Onteora Scout Reservation for 2004 (as of April 4, 2004)









Materials Required



























Long House:

-                 Clean, prep and seal dining room floor (38'x75'=~3000ft2)

-                 Repair Long House dining room windows/screens (sash locks, etc.) (24  windows (30"x562")

-                 Clean Long House dining room exhaust fan (replace belt);  Store Room: Procure/install 15' of weather stripping on food storage container; Dining Room: Procure/install door sweeps

-                 Restore (if possible) or replace knotty pine wall paneling in Long House dining room


-                 Long House: Paint breezeway doors,  floor of produce walk-in unit


-                 Install  replacement  fixtures in Cook=s Bathroom (sink, stall shower,  medicine cabinet)


-                 Replace wall board in Long House cook=s bathroom

-                 Install overhead lighting in Long House cook=s bedroom and bathroom

-                 Replace Long House cooks bedroom, bathroom, and office doors and lock sets


Install overhead fixture in Long House camp room;  repair/replace switch

-                 Replace flue stack in Long House lower bathroom


-                 Replace remainder of galvanized water service at Long House

-                 Inspect storeroom and remainder of building for flyproofing; make repairs as needed

Remove existing floor in cook=s bathroom; install subfloor

-              Install commercial tile floors: cook=s bedroom: 14' x 9'; cook=s bathroom: 10' x 6'             

-                 Install stainless steel covering and J channel at Long House dish machine window

-                 Construct/install enclosure for compressor (4'x4'x5'; angle iron & expanded wire)

-                 Install 4 shielded porcelain fixtures in lower bath

-                 Install self closers on remainder of dining room doors

-                 Install FRP wall board in Long House cook=s bedroom

-                 Replace ceiling tile in Breezeway office

-                 Window repair/replacement in storeroom, bathroom, bedroom, and office

S                    (1) 26" x 40" double hung (bathroom)

S                    (8) 30" x 40" double hung

-                 Long House siding repair; replace rim joist (at produce walk-in)

-                                                                                                                                                 Install ADA compatible ramps at 1 or more entrances to Dining Room      

-                 Investigate improvements to Long House Parade Field






(App. 3000ft2; note there are four 37' seams in floor)

Repairs include:  sashes, rails, sash locks and aprons

Fan belt; 15' of weather stripping; 6 door sweeps


App. 500ft2; 2 gal mineral spirits & polyurethane; gloves; 000 steel wool

1 gal  marine enamel for produce walk in floor; Painting supplies (brushes,  rollers, roller covers,  pans)

china lav and faucet, stall shower (31"x31"x6'1.25"),  medicine cabinet

8 sheets FRP; molding; adhesive

(4) 2'x2' fixtures w/ U shaped lamps;

Bath: 2'0"x6'8"; Bedroom 2'6"x6'8" solid flush wood swing out; office: 2'8"x6'8" flush wood; 3 lock sets

 (2) 4' 4 tube hanging fixtures and bulbs

(10" pipe, 24' run; 15' stack, storm cap, 2 elbows, mounting brackets and straps)

(2) 20'x1.5" galvanized water service line

screen, staple gun

tile secured; adhesive needed


(Materials already secured)

(materials to be secured by V. Varonier)



12 sheets FRP; molding; adhesive

 (20) 2'x2' ceiling tiles (moisture resistant)


(1) 26" x 40" double hung (bathroom)

(8) 30" x 40" double hung

250 ft2 of Adirondack siding; 25' of 2"x12"; nails, adhesive






Rifle Range: replace target backings




(2) 4'x8' sheets of homosote.






Dan Beard Shelter/Archery Range: Establish range: Secure, install and paint perimeter fence (with 4x4 post);  Procure/install 2 secure gang boxes (each 60"x24"x28" for bows, arrows, supplies)




(14) 6'x4"x4" CCA posts;  (2) gang boxes (each 60"x24"x28") (estimate $300 per box)






Trading Post:

Replace utility mast

Install (1) 3'0"x6"8" door and panic exit hardware

Upgrade improve electrical service

Secure/install replacement garage door (8'x6.5' door (no windows) and hardware)

Install replacement light fixtures in rear storage area )

Paint remainder of building exterior (trim of upstairs windows)






(Door has been secured)


8'x6.5' door (no windows) and hardware

(4) 4' 4 tube fixtures with bulbs







Telephone System:

Provide service to areas used in 2003; install weatherproof boxes at lower gate, Flathead, Navajo












Fire Pumps:  Procure 5 galvanized backpack-style fire pumps

Culverts:  Ensure all culverts are free of debris and map is accurate  (during camp)

Shovels/Brooms: Procure 1 doz each: pointed shovels,  push brooms, straw brooms

Kayaks: Procure 2 additional kayaks with paddles and life vests

Sailboat  rudders:   Secure 10 replacement sailboat  rudders




- estimate $120 each


- 1 doz each: pointed shovels, push brooms, straw brooms

- 2  kayaks with paddles and life vests

- 10 replacement sailboat  rudders







Swimming Area:

- Replace ramp (from shore to floating dock)

- Secure an additional (6) 20' dock sections (from SSR?  Secure transportation)

- Set up area, install boards, cut grass, etc.

- Remove thistle plants; install wire/mesh barrier along waterfront to deter geese

- Paint shelter
















Ken Heim Council Ring:

Replace 18 benches (consolidate existing sections); repair fire alter base

S                    Procure/install outdoor audio system

S                    Improvements to Ken Heim Ring Area (tree removal)

S                    Improvements to sign (include OSR logo in center)

Install lighting (use 2 excess poles and backhoe; extend existing electrical service in Ring)










(Materials secured)



(Ask: Jim Kent and Carol Martino)

100 ft 1" PVC conduit; 400 ft #12 THHN; (2) dimmable weatherproof fixtures, weatherproof boxes, holders, etc.






Boating Area: Set-up area (includes moving sailboats, canoes, rowboats to area);

Install wire/mesh barrier along waterfront to deter geese from entering water, if needed

Inventory rudders and dagger boards; etc.














Patrol Tables:  (Inventory adequate for 2004)




 Per table: (9) 2"x6"x8'; (1) 2"x6"x10'; (1) 2"x4"x8' plus kit






Tree Removal (Campwide):

S                    Identify trees for removal;

S                    Down trees;  Cut up downed trees

S                    Open up tree canopy along roads to improve road conditions; address problem areas first (Flathead, Navajo, Keuka, Jamez, etc., Scout Shower area)







Purchase gas pole saws; rental of Chipper;






Food Service (purchase, prep, cook and clean-up) for OSR Service Weekends (May & June)




Leads:  May: _____; June: ____________






A-Frame Family Housing

- Replace tile  floors in  bathrooms and kitchens in all 4 A-frames; Replace floor coverings

- Repair building drains (100' 4" Schd. 40 DWV PVC pipe & asst DWV fittings; 25 Schd 40 4" Greenfield hangers)

- Procure/install  replacement rear doors on A-1, A-2 & A-3; install 22' of cove molding in kitchen area


- All 4 A-frames: sinks (china hydra american standard w/ 4" delta center set faucets w/ pop up);


- Stall showers (32"x32") in A-1 and A-3

- Paint A-frames (backs) including trim


- Reset A-Frames on footings as needed







100') 4" Schd. 40 DWV PVC pipe; asst. DWV fittings. (40) 4" Greenfield hangers.

(3) 3‑0 Prehung out swing wood or steel door, hinged left) w/ 1 light.

(4)  sinks (china hydra american standard w/ 4" delta center set faucets with pop up);

(2) stall showers (32"x32").

Estimate 40 gallons cranberry bog (Sherwin Williams); 4 gal shag bark (flat) for trim






Storage Containers:

- Powerwash and apply top coat of exterior paint

- Construct shelving

- Stencil any new cots

- Secure feet on remaining cots (3000 plated hex head self tapping 2" #10 screws)

 ANo Flames in Tent@ signage:   Check all tents for ANo Flames in Tent@ signage









(Paint secured)

Materials: to be determined

Spray paint (4 cans, white)

3000 plated hex head self tapping 2" #10 screws






Staff housing Units 1 & 2:

Repairs to Staff Housing Units: Roofs, utilities, siding, doors, etc.

Reconnect utilities (secure/install 1 commode); repair porches/handrails

Clean out, prep and paint

Replace roofs on both structures





2 + 4





1 commode; other materials to be determined






Building Clean-ups: Cleanups at Admin, Health Lodge, Trading Post, Long House Dining Room, LH Kitchen, LH store room/quartermaster area, A-frames and Staff Housing Units




2 shop vac, mops, pails, brooms, sponges, floor & glass cleaners, disinfectant







Health Lodge:

- Clean wood panel walls

- Replace exam room ceiling and light fixtures

- Repair damaged ceiling in ward

- Replace commercial tile floors in hallways, isolation rooms: Remove existing tile; install new tile









includes (4) 4' 4 tube fixtures and bulbs

1 box (~ 32ft2) plain white ceiling tile (staple installation)

(tile has been secured)












Administration Center Staff Room:

S                    Improvements to kitchen area and storage room (remove debris, clean & paint)

S                    Install stainless steel counter and sink

S                    Secure/install 8' formica base cabinet & top cabinet

S                    Fashion and install fire box in fireplace

S                    Electrical Improvements:  Procure/install 100 amp Cutler-Hammer electrical subpanel and assorted single and duplex breakers; 1 dozen duplex receptacles, 1 dozen switches; 100' 2 EMT;  box each of elbows, male adapters, couplings and 1900 boxes; (4) GFI receptacles w/ covers.












 8' formica base cabinet & top cabinet

(Fashion fire box: Steve Clark??)

100 amp Cutler-Hammer electrical subpanel and assorted single and duplex breakers; 1 doz duplex receptacles, 1 doz switches; 100' 2 EMT;  box each of elbows, male adapters, couplings and 1900 boxes; (4) GFI receptacles/ covers.







Administration Building:

Replace 50 gal LP water heater

Misc repairs: window, gable rake end, also Health Lodge siding repair (above ward exit)

Replace hallways in ceilings (with sheetrock)

Clean wood panel walls

S                    Procure/install (2) 8' 2 lamp hi output surface mount light fixtures and bulbs

S                    Replace 30"x30" shower stall and sink in upstairs bathroom

S                    Install (3) 4' 2 tube fixtures in hallways

S                    Improve drainage and grading at propane tank; trim/remove bush in front of main window

S                    Perform repairs so both downstairs bathrooms can be used

S                    Paint remainder of  exterior, esp. porch columns, cupola; also Health Lodge storage cabinet

S                    Investigate foundation repairs

S                    Replacement of basement restroom doors  (2) 3‑0 prehung steel out swing entry doors  (1 hinged right; 1 hinged left)

S                    Investigate needs for floor repair/replacement in main room

S                    Investigate replacement of large window (12'x7'4")

S                    Replace (12) 4'x2' light fixture lens covers






 50 gal LP water heater




(2) 8' 2 lamp hi output surface mount light fixtures & tubes

30"x30" shower stall (for existing dura stone floor);  sink

(3) 4' 2 tube fixtures and bulbs





(2) 3‑0 Prehung steel out swing entry doors  (1 Hinged right; 1 hinged left)



(12) 4'x2' light fixture lens covers






Al Nassau Program Shelter:              - Remove soil from rear wall and divert water around structure

-  Repair/replace roof












Scout Showers

S                    Paint inside wall panels

S                    Procure/install hose end with shut off in leaders shower area

S                    Construct additional benches for youth and adult changing areas









hose end with shut off

1 outdoor light fixture








Camp Sites:

Dull Knife Campsite handicapped tent platform/frame: Level/secure tent platform and frame

Construct 16 new tent platforms for Black Beaver campsite; move into site

Replace roofs on 4 of 10 remaining new style latrine/washstands (include Gowanus, Lenape?)

Replace roofs on 4 of 8 old style latrines and washstands

Install hemlock siding on 2 new style latrine/washstands

Construct 100 replacement CCA outriggers

S                    Construct 3 new leader lean-tos (based on donations to date) (contractor)

S                    Procure/install bunk beds for all leader lean-tos (number to be determined)

S                    Inventory tables, platforms, latrines and washstands

S                    Replace all remaining non-CCA notched 2x4s and braces on existing platforms

S                    Move platforms as needed based on 2004 registrations

S                    Install 5 urinals

S                    Ensure old style latrines are fly tight &  demolished latrines remain adequately hazard free

S                    Set-up tents and platforms in sites

S                    Procure/place 1 load of gravel on road, at Flathead Campsite to alleviate drainage problem.

S                    Complete replacement/reconstruction of Black Beaver latrine

-                 Construct path from Trading Post to Navajo Latrine (tree cutting, earth moving as necessary.)








Sites and priority to be determined

Sites and priority to be determined

Sites and priority to be determined







Sites and priority to be determined







Otter Shelter:        - Construct shelving

- Procure/install secure gang box ( 60"x24"x28") for program materials




3 4'x8' sheets T-111; 12 8'x2"x4"; nails

secure gang box ( 60"x24"x28")






TR Shelter:                             -             Begin replacement of (18'x22') shelter

-                 Replace door on shelter box of existing structure






(Chris W.)






Craft Lodge: paint exterior trim

 - Analyze/improve work space to increase capacity; Construct new work surfaces as necessary;

- Install (8) 4 tube 4' fixtures with diffusers and electronic ballasts (leave existing bug lights in place)







J. Kent

(8) 4 tube 4' fixtures w/ diffusers,  electronic ballasts; tubes






Council House: Remove debris










Grass Cutting:

- Cut grass in Parade Field and program area fields

- Cut grass at waterfronts, around buildings and in Ken Heim Ring











Water Supply:

S                    Procure/install fence/barrier at water tower to prevent unauthorized and damaging parking

S                    Extend water line/install spigot at James E. West Shelter

S                    Replacement remainder of Long House water main; 200' 2" Schd 80 PVC water service and 15 couplings

S                    Investigate need to address refurbishment of inside of water tank











200' 160 PSI blk poly pipe. 2 dozen  No. 16 s/s clamps

200' 2" Schd 80 PVC water service and 15 couplings






Chapel:                    Replace roof (18'x24');

trim encroaching trees





Determine material needs






A Frame Bridge:

Replace A-frame  railing 




(24) 2"x4"x10' cca; (24) 2"x12"x8' CCA; 1 box gal. no 8 x3" deck screws






 Maintenance Shop:

Flammables storage shed: Cover 32"x40" window with expanded wire; replace 3'0"x6'8" steel door; repair steps

S                    Procure/install direct vent LP heater

S                    Procure/install electric baseboard heating (12' of electric baseboard heating)

S                    Procure/install replacement door:  (1) steel 3"0" prehung doors and studding

S                    Dispose of excess/expired paint

S                    Repair loading dock; install bollards

S                    Paint remainder of Maintenance Shop exterior (columns, doors, trim, back) & flammables storage shed trim

-                 Install doors to secure tool storage area ((2) 6'8"x3'0" pre-hung in swing steel doors)

S                    Remove old compressors and shed structure behind shop


















Specifications to be determined

12' of electric baseboard heating for office

(1) steel 3"0" prehung doors and studding


Estimate $4K plus cost for bollards



(2) 6'8"x3'0" pre-hung in swing steel doors






Long House and Central Wastewater Treatment Systems:

Replace door on Central Sewage Treatment facility building

Routine maintenance (weed removal)

Construct/install diamondplate covers at Long House sewage treatment facility and at 2 valve boxes at Administration Building










Materials secured; some welding is needed






Camp Vehicles: Secure:

- Case of antifreeze; case each of 10W-30 and 5W- 30 motor oil

- 2 full size pick-ups for in camp use (must meet current inspection requirements; est: $3.5K/ vehicle)

- Agricultural tractor with rollover protection system (ROPS) (for grass cutting and other applications)

- Secure parts and tune up 1987 GMC 7000 truck (plugs, wires, cap)









- Case each of: antifreeze, 10W-30 and 5W- 30 motor oil

- 2 full size pick-ups for in camp use

- Tractor with ROPS

- Plugs, wires, cap for  1987 GMC 7000 truck






Dam: Clean spillway, paint valve riser, lube valve stem




qt of appropriate paint, 1 tube grease






Exterminator: Secure professional mouse poison or exterminator service for camp buildings




professional mouse poison or exterminator service






Mill: Secure Woodmiser7 on-site mill for camp construction projects (cost: $14K); building est: $11K




Woodmiser7 on-site mill






Lower Gate: Construct  new lower gate; (100') 13" steel square tube; (20') 4" Steel pipe; (20') 3" Steel Pipe; (10') 24" Sonotube; gallon metal primer.




(100') 13" steel square tube; (20') 4" Steel pipe; (20') 3" Steel Pipe; (10') 24" Sonotube; (1) gallon metal primer.







Bridge: - Repair/replace bridge approach

- Guide rail for bridge. (2) 30' guiderail  runs with ends, posts and delineation signs.





(2) 30' guiderail  runs w/ ends, posts & delineation signs






Create Commissioners Center in former Central Program Area (CPA)

- Clear and level site

- Install Electrical service (sink 2 poles; extend electrical service

- Construct decking












Challenge Course:                 - Construct Challenge Course

-  Move existing COPE dedication monument











Move Trading Post Operation to Long House

Develop plan and perform necessary demolition, and then electrical, plumbing, and carpentry projects





Specs to be provided






Ranger Residence








Wish List for Staff Room:  Kitchen tables with chairs (4 sets);  2 couches; TV; VCR ; 1 dehumidifier;  Pool table (with balls and cue sticks);  Ping Pong tables (with paddles, net, balls, etc.);  Microwaves (2); Toaster ovens (2); 1 Freezers (home or commercial units; chest or upright); 1 refrigerator