Onteora Scout Reservation:
Tribes Camp Campsites


The following text was taken from a flyer circa 1972, courtesy of Gary Wilson.

Campsite Capacity Patrols Notes
ERIE 32 4 A tribe living along the shores of Lake Erie. In 1644 the Iroquois of New York practically destroyed the tribe.
FLATHEAD 36 5 A tribe of Montana which practiced frontal compression of the infants skull resulting in permanent deformations of the skull and was looked upon as beautifying.
GOWANUS 68 8 An Indian tribe of the Long Island area.
HOPI 24 3 A pueblo tribe living in central Arizona. The name is an abbreviation of Hopitu meaning "peaceful ones".
JAMEZ 16 2 A tribe living in pueblos in northern New Mexico. The name is a Spanish corruption of Hemis or "Jemez people". The native name is Tuwa or Tukwa, meaning "at the pueblo".
KEUKA 40 5 A New York State tribe, part of the famed Iroquois nations.
(NOTE) this site can be divided to accommodate two troops
IROQUOIS 18 2 A well known tribe of New York State, had a name for themselves "On-gway-on-wek" meaning "real men".
LENAPE 26 3 A peace loving tribe of Eastern United States whose legends and traditions form the basis of the Order of the Arrow.
MOHAWK 22 3 A New York tribe calling themselves "Kah-nee-yen-gay-hak-gah" meaning the people of the place of flint".
NAVAJO 34 4 One of the largest tribes in the country, lived in New Mexico and Arizona. The name is a corruption of the Tewa word "Navahu" meaning "great planted fields".
OTTAWA 24 3 A tribe of the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. "Adowe" means "to trade".
POTTOWATOMI 30 4 Lived in the area around Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The name means "keepers of the fire" or "people of the place of fire".
QUAPAW 46 5 The native "Oo-gach-pah" meaning downstream with the current. A plains tribe which split with the Omaha who went upstream on the Mississippi and the Quapaw downstream.
RAPPAHANNOCK 24 3 An Indian tribe of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay area.
SIOUX 28 4 The great Sioux or Dakota nation lived in the country northwest of the great lakes. Always at war with their neighbors the "Ojibwa", were finally driven across the Missouri River and to the Black Hills. The name means "the snake like one" or "enemies".
(formerly Tutelo)
46 5 A tribe of the six nations - the name means "shirt wearers".
UTE 50 6 A plateau tribe of the west, living to a considerable extent in pit lodges dug in the earth.
WICHITA 36 5 This tribe had many of the true plains culture, but depended more on agriculture for food and tented to live in permanent villages of earth lodges.
YO-KUTS 26 3 Indians of the great valley of California made up of several small tribes speaking the same language - now nearly extinct.

Some thoughts on the above:

  • If you look at a map of the camp, the campsites were arranged along the loop roads in alphabetical order. Somehow Iroquois ended up in the wrong place!
  • Does anyone know why they renamed Tutelo to Tuscarora? A 1967 map shows the Tutelo name and by 1968 it had been renamed.
  • While the list includes the relatively short-lived Yo-Kuts (added in 1968) it does not include its equally swampy neighbor Aztec.

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