2005 Rose Parade

Float Fact Sheet


Group Name:  Burbank Tournament of Roses Association

Contact Name: Teri Bastian


E-mail:  steven.Edward@warnerbros.com or info@burbankrosefloat.com

Phone number between Dec. 25 and Jan 1:  (818) 840-0060

Float Theme:  Dinner’s On…FIRE!


How/why was this theme chosen?

Burbank Tournament of Roses Association holds an annual worldwide open design contest each year.   The members voted for Dinner’s On…FIRE! as very strong in theme as how families celebrate any occasion.


How does your theme relate to Parade theme?

Backyard barbecues are a family tradition all over the world.  Families celebrate all kinds of occasions, from weddings and birthdays to simple family get togethers.  Our family of bears is a perfect depiction of a family celebration, gone a bit awry!  It happens to everybody!


What is the significance of the theme to your group?

One of the few floats that encourages family participation with children from age 5, we provide opportunities for hands on experience.  Dinner’s On…Fire! is a theme all families can relate to.  What family has not experienced the backyard BBQ fiasco!


Number of years in the Rose Parade:  73


Float Builder’s Name:  Burbank Tournament of Roses Association

Address:  PO Box 373

City:  Burbank

State: CA

Zip 91503

Phone: (818) 840-0060

Fax:  none

E-Mail:  info@burbankrosefloat.com

Phone number between Dec. 25 and Jan 1:  (818) 840-0060

Float Designer’s Name:  Bill and Carol Cotter and Stacia Martin


Float Description:

Uh Oh!  It would have been a great backyard barbecue but now dinner’s burning while distracted chef Papa Bear swats at a pesky bee.  Mama is trying to save the day with the garden hose and the bewildered cubs look on.



Family barbecue celebration runs amok when a pesky bee irritates Papa.  Uh Oh! Dinner’s on…Fire!


Construction height:  23 Feet

Construction width:  18 Feet

Construction length:  41 Feet


Flowering Details (Names/Significance of the Flowers/Dry Materials Used):

ROSES:  Skyline, Blue Curiosa, Orange Unique, Yellow Unique, My Lovely, Versilia.

CARNATIONS:  Florigene Moon Aqua, Moonlight and Moonshade.

ORCHIDS:  Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, and James Story.

MUMS:  Gemini Butterscotch.

DRY MATERIALS:  Melaleuca bark (tree trunk), Safflower, Malva, and Yellow strawflower (Papa’s bad plaid pants).


Where the flowers will be used and for what effect:

An angry Papa Bear of cocoa palm fiber is dressed in pants of yellow strawflower, safflower and malva, with a chef’s hat and apron of everlasting.  James Story orchids form the dirt kicked up by his swiveling back and forth.

Perturbed Mama, of butterscotch mums, sports a braided raffia hat, trimmed in dried orange marigolds.  Her shirt is of dried coconut with stripes of red, pink and purple tulip petals.  Her “retro” pants are Orange Unique roses with a  funky design of yellow Unique roses.  Mama, standing on the peach and white carnation picnic blanket, is about to smush the cake!

The children, of butterscotch mums, are “cool.”  Little girl is fashion coordinated, sports a swim dress of purple statice trimmed in Ravel roses.  Her bikini pants are Blue Curiosa roses.  Little boy looks on through his goggles of blue statice.

All the bears have snouts of dried crushed Versilia Rose petals.

The tree of Melaleuca bark and My Lovely roses, is light and airy with it’s canopy of Skyline roses and Oncidiums.


Please estimate the number of flowers used by type:

Approximately 1,000 Oncidiums stems and 700 Skyline roses in the tree.  Approximately 10,500 butterscotch mums for the bears.


Any different use of flowers (unique/of special interest):

Florigene Carnations used in this float have been 15 years in research and development to offer the range of lavender to deep purple in carnations.

Brown My Lovely Roses will be used as a velvet contrast against the velvet texture of the Melaleuca bark on the tree.

Dried crushed Versilia Rose petals will be used for the bear snouts.

Animation (if any; Humor, Mechanical, Complexity, etc):  All animation is hydraulically controlled by a time-based animation system.  Papa Bear pivots 180 degrees on his left foot.  Mama’s arms raise and lower at the shoulder.  The girl turns left to right at the waist.  The tree will tip to the side to clear overhead bridges and wires.


Innovations used in building this float:  The float has two main engines, one for driving the float and one for running the animation and sound system.  Both engines have been converted to cleaner burning Propane fuel.  The float’s tires are filled with foam to prevent flat tires.  It was an engineering feat to tip the tree forward for construction and to the side for transport to clear bridges and wires.


Rider’s Name(s) and Age(s) (Include title or character if any and location on the float.  If more than one rider, please indicate who is who.): None


Special details about the riders: None


Other event/parade participation:

Burbank Tournament of Roses Association enters a “floatlet” in Burbank on Parade, a community spirit parade held each spring.  Association members design, build and decorate a mini-float fitting the parade theme.  We have won several awards, including President’s Trophy for best depiction of parade theme.


Participating organization information:

One of six “self-built” floats in the parade, Burbank Tournament of Roses Association is a year-round organization, composed entirely of volunteers that designs, builds and decorates the City of Burbank entry into the annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.  The float is built and decorated in Burbank’s Water and Power Department yard.


Special interest information (unique information about decorators, etc) 

A group of dedicated in-house volunteer carvers contribute their time and talent sculpting foam to create the cartoon type character heads.

Opportunities to build and decorate extend to residents and visitors of Burbank and surrounding communities.  Among participants are scout groups, community service groups and high school clubs.


Any additional information, questions or comments:

Check out our website at www.BurbankRoseFloat.com. for information on design contest, other float entries, volunteering, and more.