"Dinner's On... FIRE!" - page three

Work soon began on transforming a motorized chassis into a picnic gone awry. The basic workings of the float are re-used each year, with a new framework attached. This involves a great deal of metal work - cutting, welding, bending and more. Most of this was done in the heat of a Burbank summer, well in advance of the parade.

Here's how the float looked on August 7, 2004. The main part of the framework has been attached to the permanent chassis, which is the blue framework in the picture. The beginnings of the tree, wading pool and barbeque can also be seen.


The bear heads were carved from blocks of foam. Papa was so big that his head was formed by gluing smaller blocks together. These pictures were taken on August 28.


While construction was underway, other work continued. This was the Pancake Breakfast held on October 2 as a fundraiser.


The bear family bodies were formed by wire mesh over a metal frame. Here's Papa on October 30.

Work continued throughout the year. As the parade date grew near the float continued to take shape. Then, almost before we knew it, it was "Deco Week", those very busy days leading up to the parade.