The Wonderful World of Disney Television
Bonus Pages

When I started writing my book I had no idea what a herculean task it was going to be, or how big many pages the boom would be. When I finished it turned out I had a little problem.

Disney was thinking about a 300 page book.

I wrote 1,100 pages.

Thanks to a wonderful editor (Monique Peterson) we ended up with a reasonable comprise, 635 pages. While I would have loved to see all it in print, some of the text had to go to get the book to a saleable size. Happily I retained the copyright to the unused material, and as time permits, will be adding it here to this website.

The first section is ready now. Click on the link below for a list of all of the anthology episodes in airdate order.

Bill Cotter
March, 2002

Appendix B - The Anthology Series