Each of these titles is based on the hit 1998 computer-animated film. Many are only available used through Amazon now.

This list was last updated 02/17/2002.

Big Rescue, The

A children's book for the younger set.

bugs_juvenile.gif (13467 bytes) Bug's Life, A
by Justine Korman, Ron Fontes, Jane B. Mason

I haven't had time to read this one yet.

No picture available Bug's Life, A
by Jeff Kurtti

This trade paperback edition recaps the film in 72 pages. Intended for younger readers.

Bug's Life, A
by Justine Korman, Mike Hobson (Illustrator), Andrew Phillipson (Illustrator)

A 24-page Golden Book. Follows the format that all of the other Golden Books do, so you know what to expect.

Bug's Life, A: An Animated Flip Book

This one is kind of fun. Flip the pages and see the characters move. That's fun for the first few flips, but the real value to Disney fans is being able to examine how still drawings can be brought to life.

Bug's Life: Can You Find the Difference?
by Nancy Parent, Andrew Phillipson (Illustrator), Shawn Saunders (Illustrator)

These things are great for keeping the kids busy waiting for their meals while eating out. They can spend the time trying to figure out what is different between two similar pictures. Ever try one of these and not be able to find all of them? Rest easy - none of them are particularly difficult.

bugs_life_storybook.gif (15962 bytes) Bug's Life, A: Classic Storybook

The film told in 64 pages of full color, with sturdy board covers that make it ideal for young readers.

Bug's Life, A: Art and Making of an Epic of Miniature Proportions, The
by Jeff Kurtti

This book has a wonderful 3-D cover - and it gets better inside. Jeff Kurtti has written several of these art books by now and has it down to a science. Another great job! My only complaint is that the book is so wide it's tough to fit on a bookshelf.

Bug's Life, A; Bug Box With Book

Not only does this one tell you about the film, but it comes with a genuine box to put genuine bugs in. What happened to using old jars like we did when I was a kid?

bugs_postcard.gif (28306 bytes) Bug's Life Postcard Book: 30 Full-Color Postcards from the Animated Film to Keep, Send, and Enjoy

These cards are so good that I doubt many of them will actually end up going through the mail.  Some very colorful scenes right from the film.

No picture available Bugs Life Sing-Along

Songs based on the film, with a 22-page booklet.

bugs_special.gif (15486 bytes) Bug's Life, A: Special Collector's Edition
by Jeff Kurtti

Boy, Jeff has been busy with books from this film! This version is a 72-page paperback intended for 4-8 year olds.

Dot's Great Big World

A pre-school book with 14 heavy board pages.

bugs_gift.gif (14258 bytes) Flik's Perfect Gift
by Judy Katschke, Scott Tilley, Andrea Alvin, John Alvin

This paperback is based on the film, and is intended for younger readers.


bugs_flik_rescue.gif (13688 bytes) Flik to the Rescue
by Jane B. Mason

Another paperback for the age 4-8 set.

No picture available How to Draw a Bug's Life
by Victoria Saxon

Want to become a famous, big-time artist? This 32-page book tells you how to draw the characters from the film. Sort of ironic, though, that the actual film was computer animated and thus not drawn using the techniques in the book!

bugs_big.gif (9879 bytes) Quest for the One Big Thing , The
by Lou Fancher (Illustrator), Steve Johnson

I haven't had time to read this one yet.

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