Is your house full of priceless souvenirs hauled back from Disneyland? Shelves full of porcelain figures? Boxes of comics? Well, if it is, then you know what Disneyana is! Here are some handy guides to the many pieces of Disney collectibles produced over the years. Buy each of them, for the irony is that they'll someday become expensive pieces of Disneyana themselves. Many of them are now only available used through Amazon.

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This list was last updated 02/17/2002 .

collectors_encyclopedia.gif (11775 bytes) Collector's Encyclopedia of Disneyana, The
by David Longest, Michael Stern

This book includes pictures of 2,000 Disney collectibles from years past. While the suggested prices are dated, since the book was published in 1992, it's still a valuable source of information on Disneyana.

disney_atoz.gif (11666 bytes)

Disney A to Z: The Updated Official Encyclopedia (1998 edition)
by Dave Smith

Anyone who know anything about Disneyana knows Dave Smith knows everything about it. The long-time Disney Archivist has revised his original 1996 work, now a collectible itself (it's still available - click here for information). The newer version adds additional information to many of the original entries and has been updated to include recent Disney developments such as the cruise line. I'm proud to have been a contributor to the first edition and this revised version.

disneyana.gif (7594 bytes) Disneyana: Classic Collectibles, 1928-1958 (Disney Miniature Series)
by Robert Heide, John Gilman

While the full-size edition from 1994 is no longer available, the smaller version is still a good source for information on Disney collectibles from the "good old days" - when items were not being produced in huge numbers at inflated prices just to bankrupt collectors. The authors have done a nice job at finding and documenting the best of Disneyana for a thirty year period that is much sought after today.

Disneyana Collectors Guide to California Pottery
by Devin Hodge, Tamara Frick

From 1938 to 1960 the firms Brayton Laguna, Vernon Kilns, Hagen-Renaker and Evan K. Shaw produced some beautiful pottery pieces with Disney themes. This guide includes a checklist and price guide.

disney_records.gif (13415 bytes) Golden Age of Walt Disney Records 1933-1988, The
by R. Michael Murray

I first met Michael while he was working on this book in the Disney Archives, and I thought I had finally me someone who had found a tougher challenge than my own project documenting Disney television. Somehow he has managed to find the rarest of the rare when it comes to Disney records. Yes, before the days of CD's there were records, and there were more Disney records than you would ever believe. I've been collecting them for years and contributed to the book, but thanks to Michael, I now see just how many I still have to find. Also includes a price guide - and a picture of every album cover!

Mickey Mouse Watch, The: From the Beginning of Time
by Robert Heide, John Gilman, John Heide, Robert Gilman

Here's a look at one of the longest running (no pun intended) Disney collectibles - watches. Take a look back at some of the oldest and most expensive Disney timepieces and some of today's new designs.

Rizzo's Unofficial Dictionary of the Disney Language
by Tony Rizzo

Ever been to a Disney park and hear that an attraction is "101"? Here's a guide to many of the obscure words and codes used throughout the Disney world, as well as the special meaning Disney cast members have given to everyday words. More than 19,000 entries, so you're bound to learn something new.

trivia2.gif (10796 bytes) Ultimate Disney Trivia Book 2, The
by Kevin F. Neary, Dave Smith

Ready for humiliation at the hands of Neary and Smith? The second collection is just as entertaining as the first. The first and third editions are currently out of print.

Ultimate Disney Trivia Book 4, The
by Kevin Neary, Dave Smith

999 more questions from the masters of Disney trivia!

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