Here are the books that didn't fit easily into any of the other categories. They cover a wide range of topics and readership levels.

This list was last updated 02/17/2002.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from the Mouse
by Michael Mullin, 2001

This small (4.25x5.75 inches) book features very grainy blow-ups of scenes from Disney cartoons and supposedly sage advice. The color on some of these pictures is dreadful - save your money on this one.


Big Little Book of Disney, The
by Monique Peterson. Foreword by Roy E. Disney, 2001

One of the best Disney books in recent years, this very thick (352 page) book is a wealth of rare photos and fun-filled trivia. Just about every element of Disney - old and new - is included here. Race to get this one before you're trying to get it on eBay!

Disney Party Handbook, The: 14 Fun-Filled Parties
by Alison Boteler. Hardcover, 1997 version.

Tired of figuring out all of the details for your next party? Use any of the themes from this book and impress your guests. I am available to let you know how well you did!

Why Do We Love The Mouse?
by Michael Mullin, 2001

This small (4.25x5.75 inches) book features pictures of Disney characters answering the title question. It notes that it was "Based on the television advertising campaign". Enough said? An easy pass.

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