The Wonderful World of Disney Television
A Complete History

by Bill Cotter


From the much­beloved Disneyland and Zorro to recent hits like Ellen and Home Improvement, Disney television is a cultural institution that has added joy and laughter to the lives of millions of Americans from the 1950s to today. The Wonderful World of Disney Television is a fascinating, comprehensive history of all the Disney television shows ever produced, from the ones we loved to watch as children to today's top­rated programming. Rich with photographs, little­known details, anecdotes, and vital statistics, this fascinating collection fully describes each of the Walt Disney television shows, including complete schedules of aired episodes, seasonal highlights, production details, behind­the­scenes stories, full cast and crew listings, and plot synopses - and shares important moments in Disney's television history such as how Walt got into television in the first place!

A treasure trove of nostalgia - coinciding perfectly with the prime­time return of The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights, now on ABC ­ The Wonderful World of Disney Television is the first book of its kind and exactly what fans have been clamoring for.

Bill Cotter began compiling information on Disney's television history when he worked for the Walt Disney Company between 1976 and 1982. The co­curator of the Chicago Museum's exhibit "The Genius of Disney: The Television Years," he has written more than 200 magazine and newspaper articles on the history of movies and television. He lives in Granada Hills, California.

$24.95 - 7" x 10" hardcover with color dust jacket
628pp. plus two black­and­white photo inserts
$33.95 in Canada
ISBN 0­7868­6359­5

That's how Hyperion, Disney's publishing division, described the book in their catalog to bookstores.

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 256 pages of additional material available on CD ROM -  Click here for details.

The book is now out of print and I no longer have copies available for sale. It can often be found on eBay or at used book stores - happy hunting!

Book status - updated February 3, 2001

"The Wonderful World of Disney Television" went on sale in September, 1997. So far it has sold more than 25,000 copies, so it was gratifying to learn that I am not the only one with an interest in Disney television!   I've had the pleasure of appearing at several conventions, including the 1997 Disneyana show in Orlando, the NFFC 1998 Kick-Off and the NFFC 2001 Convention. Perhaps the biggest thrill was appearing on CNN to discuss the book and the return of the anthology series to ABC; they sent a film crew to the Disney studios to interview me, which certainly impressed my family! That has led to a number of projects for Disney, including helping Michael Eisner's office with research for his opening segments, and for some Disney Channel shows as well, and interviews in TV Guide and quite a few newspapers. Additionally, I contributed to a CD-ROM biography of Walt Disney sponsored by the Disney family, and had the pleasure of speaking at Disneyland with Diane Disney Miller and several other Disney historians.

I was thrilled at being interviewed for "Walt: The Man Behind the Myth", a documentary on Walt that aired on ABC on September 16th, 2001 and later on A&E. I was asked to participate by the Disney family, and I was honored to be represented. It was somewhat intimidating being on the same program as some pretty famous contributors, but it was a very special event for me and my family. The show has now been released on VHS - just click on the cover picture to the left to order it through, which helps support this web site.
As a result of this documentary, I was also included in the book "Inside the Dream : The Personal Story of Walt Disney", which was based in large part on the interviews conducted for the documentary. In addition to many quotes not used on the show due to time constraints, the book includes some wonderful photos of Walt and his family. As with the video, just click on the cover picture to the left to order it through

2/2002 update: I just got home from talking about Disney television as a guest aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship. It was a real thrill - and a great vacation, one I highly recommend! It was also nice to see the book selling well at the ship's store.

5/2004 update: I no longer have copies available for sale through the web site. Happily the book sold better than planned! Thanks to everyone who bought a copy, and for the many letters and e-mails. My newest book, "Images of America: The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair", will be published this summer by Arcadia Publishing.

Errata - updated April 2, 2015

Despite my best efforts to turn out as error-free a book as possible, some mistakes snuck into the published version. While I'm glad that most of them were problems with typesetting or editing, and not my research, the gremlins were busier than I would have liked. Click here for a list of known errors and additions.

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