Camp Wauwepex is located on Long Island on Manorville Road in the town of Riverhead, near the village of Wading River. This old established camp will be celebrating 46 years of operation this season. Long considered one of the finest Boy Scout camps, its facilities have been continually improved and modernized each year. An unexcelled natural fresh water lake provides for the finest swimming, boating and canoeing program.



First Period - June 30-July 13
Second Period - July 14-July 27
Third Period - July 28-Aug. 10
Fourth Period - Aug. 11-Aug. 24

Two types of camping are provided at Camp Wauwepex. The majority of Scouts attend camp as members of their own troop, under their own troop leadership and pay a total fee of $50.00 for the 13 day period. $5.00 of this fee is payable as a registration fee, on or before April 15, 1968. (Reservation fee is not refundable in the event of cancellation).

Scouts unable to attend camp as members of their own unit may attend as members of a provisional Troop, The camp provides the leadership for provisional Troops at a total fee of $60.00 per period. Reservations may be made for provisional camping by submitting application card with $10.00 deposit to the Council office. Deposit applies toward the total fee and is not refundable in the event of cancellation. Applications will be accepted on or after February 1, 1968 Total fee must he paid 2 weeks before the camping period.


     The natural surroundings at Wauwepex stimulate a real Scout Camping program, with emphasis on Scouting skills and advancement. A beautiful fresh water lake provides for all phases of aquatics, canoeing, boating and fishing, as well as swimming and life saving. The camp also provides trained leadership in hiking, nature study, Indian Lore, cooking, archery, riflery, and horseback riding. Troops plan and conduct their own programs with the guidance and assistance of a well trained camp staff.


     Meals at camp are prepared by experienced cooks and served in most modern, well equipped dining halls. Only the highest quality food is used and served in quantities to satisfy every growing Scout. Dishes are washed and sterilized using the latest automatic dishwashing equipment. Troops and patrols are also offered the opportunity to cook their own meals as desired.
     Kosher food service is provided in one section of the camp for the first period only.


Visitors are welcome at Camp on Sundays during the hours of 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. Special programs of interest to parents will be presented at this time. It is urgently requested that visiting be restricted to only the above time.

Parents are urged to write to their sons at camp but not to send candy, cake or other food items.

Letters should be addressed as follows:

Campsite ___________Troop No. ________
Camp Wauwepex

Wading River, New York 11792

Click here for Page 4 of the 1968 Camping Flyer.