General Information

     The following information pertains to both Camp Wauwepex and the Onteora Scout Reservation.


     Refund of camp fee (exclusive of registration deposit) will be made only by written cancellation to the Council Office, at least two weeks prior to the camp period.


     Each camp has chapels for Protestant, Catholic and Jewish services. Resident chaplains at each camp conduct services and are available for guidance and consultation throughout the camping season.


     Nassau County Council camps operate under New York State Health Department regulations and are regularly inspected both by the Health Department as well as our own Council Health and Safety Committee. Each camp has a fine, well equipped Health Lodge, staffed by a registered nurse and supervised by the Camp Doctor.
     Each camper must present a Health Examination Certificate from his own physician to enter camp. This examination must be given prior to arrival at camp.
     All campers will be insured in a Medical Reimbursement policy as a part of their camping fee.


     Ceremonies are conducted each period in both camps for the induction of new members and other recognitions, Induction into the Order of the Arrow at these camp ceremonies is limited to the regular campers at each camp.


     Scouts attending either Camp Wauwepex or the Onteora Scout Reservation should take the following to camp:

1 Complete Summer Uniform
Scout Handbook
Socks (at least 3 pr.)
Swim Trunks
Sweater or Jacket
2 pr. Scout Shorts
Poncho or Rain Coat
Toilet Articles
3 Blankets or a Sleeping Bag
V-Neck Shirt
Shoes (2 pr.)

     Having fun at Camp is dependent a good deal upon being prepared for the weather. Remember it is cooler at camp than in town, especially at night. Also, be sure to have wet weather clothing, just in case.
     You may also want to bring some of the following items: Camera, Cook Kit, Knapsack, Fishing Equipment, Archery Equipment, Firearms or ammunition cannot be brought to camp. It is recommended that you do not bring portable radios to camp. 



     Two types of Canoe Trips are operated from Onteora, using the camp as a training and outfitting base. Each trip involves the full 14 day period and devotes four days to training and travel and 10 days actual canoeing experience.
     The Adirondack Canoe trips are operated each of the four regular camp periods at Onteora. After the training period at camp the Scouts are transported by bus to the Fulton Chain of Lakes in the. Adirondacks. Overnight camping on the trips is on the various islands or state camping areas.
     This Lake canoeing is recommended for the beginner. Applicants must be 14 years of age. Total fee for trip, including all food, transportation ration and leadership is $67 per period Application may be made by using special registration form and payment of $10.00 reservation fee (not refundable). Each trip is limited to 18 participants.

     Delaware River Canoe trips provide 180 miles canoe expedition on the Delaware River. This is an advanced type of Canoeing providing all of the thrills of a fine white water experience. It is recommended that participants have participated in the Adirondack trip before applying for this trip.
     Delaware Canoe trips are conducted the third and fourth periods. July 27-August 10 August 10-August 24
     Fees and registration procedure are the same as for the Adirondack trips.


     This program will appeal to every Explorer with the desire to serve on the camp staff at either Wauwepex or Onteora. The two week program is designed to train applicants for staff positions.
     Vacancies occurring during the summer at either camp will be filled from the training camp whenever possible.
     This program is conducted during the first and second periods only: June 29-July 13 and July 1 3-July 27.
     Fee-$57.00 per period. Registration may be made by submitting special application and payment of $10.00 reservation fee (non-refundable).


     A two week Junior Leader Training Program is conducted each period at Onteora. This program follows closely the National Junior Leader program and is designed to train Junior Leaders in the most approved methods of troop operation. Program is open to Troop Junior Leaders at least 12 years of age and of second class rank. Reservations are limited to one period. Applicants should possess leadership ability and be willing to participate in an intensive training program.
     Scouts may register for this program by submitting application form and payment of $10.00 reservation fee to the Council office. Reservation fee applies toward the total fee of $57.00 limited space available for this program, early registration recommended.

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