Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 10 - Reunion Weekend 2001 - Page 3

After the horrors of September 11, I found this to be a moving sight indeed.
A lone canoeist enjoys a quiet moment on Orchard Lake.
The Council House is in sad shape. This beam hasn't been supporting the roof for at least three years. Note the large hole in the concrete wall of the loading dock. All that is left is a pile of loose cement blocks.

If urgent action isn't taken - and soon - the building will suffer the same fate as the recently destroyed barn.


It's been a long time since anyone prepared a meal in this kitchen.

The kitchen scheduling board waits for the campers to return.
One last look before heading home...

This is the shelter where I spent many happy years, first as a Scout and then on staff. I hope to be back there soon.

By the way, I hung that sign in 1968. The unknown artist used some pretty good paint!

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