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Part 1


In addition to the various pictures of Onteora scattered throughout these pages, I have a number of other views of OSR and Camp Wauwepex. I'm adding them here in the hope that other visitors to the site will dig into their own closets and share their photos. If you have any pictures, please send me an e-mail and I'll make arrangements with you for getting the pictures added to the site.

The Hobart Enemy List (20747 bytes)In 1969, the Long House kitchen staff prepared an enemies list, well before Nixon popularized the concept. Anyone who crossed them was likely to end up on the dreaded "Hobart List", with the threat of being run through the Hobart dishwasher. Well, somehow I ended up on the list, so I felt the list needed a vacation at the Teddy Roosevelt shelter. Take a look and see how many of the names you remember.

The same year Onteora was victimized by the unknown Spiderman, who had a penchant for making large webs out of binder twine. These things would pop up anywhere - across roads, trails and in tents. I never did find out who Spiderman was, but did receive an e-mail from someone who followed in his footsteps: 


Spidermna's web (33698 bytes)As for question about Spiderman, that was me later on, although I wasn't the one in 1969.

In 1972 Bill Kampfer, Doug Brodmerkle and I were part of a stunt where spray painted Day-Glo orange troll footprint trails on the floors of loading docks and program shelters, particularly in the rival Chief's Camp. I think it was either 1972 or 1973 when we revived giant binders twine spider webs that covered entire program shelters. BTW, the secret was to prepare them staked out on the ground in advance and pack them in a garbage bag like a parachute. This allowed them to placed quickly anywhere in the middle of the night.

Other stunts where loading Walt Bailey's VW on the loading dock of the Council House dining hall by first stealing it and driving it onto the commissary loading dock (which had a ramp at one end and a garage door in the middle) and transporting on the back of the stake truck up to the dining hall loading dock (which had neither ramp) and leaving it there with no discernable way to get it off.

Then of course where the ambushes of the heater stack wagons with Indian pumpers and "dum-dum" arrows (blunt rubber tipped things for action archery.)

Thanks again for the memories.

Gary Wilson

I have to admit that I participated in a few of those heater stack attacks. Just maybe that's why I ended up on the Hobart list!

Part 2
If you were "lucky" enough to have been at Onteora in 1969 you might recall it as the year of the Great Flood. Click here for a look back at that soggy summer.
Part 3
Jean-Pierre Moreau sent some pictures of Alder Lake, the fish hatchery and Frick Pond. Click here for a look.
Part 4
Gary Wilson sent a great series of photos that deserved their own page. Click here to see them.
Part 5
Ken Myler sent in some photos from 1974. Click here from some Parent's Day fun!
Part 6
Thanks to Victor Varonier for these shots from the 2001 Family Camping Weekend.
Part 7
Thanks to Peter Visconti for these photos from 1986-1990.
Part 8
The 2001 Summer Camping season, courtesy of Brian Issing.
Part 9
Ralph Foster supplied these outstanding photos from Parent's Day in 1964.
Part 10
Here are the first photos from the Reunion Weekend held on Sept. 28-30, 2001.
Part 11
Miscellaneous photos from various years.
Part 12
Mike Brenner supplied these photos from 1966-1969.

Part 13
Reunion Weekend 2001 photos from Carlos Kebe.

Part 14
Vintage photos from Greg Furness.
Part 15
Vintage photos from Tom Dede.
Part 16
Reunion Weekend 2001 photos from Tom Dede.
Part 17
John Marshall's Reunion Weekend 2001 photos.
Part 18
Walt Bailey's Reunion Weekend 2001 photos.
Part 19
Jim Sannerud's Reunion Weekend 2001 photos.
Part 20
Greg Hughes' Reunion Weekend 2001 photos.
Part 21
Camp Wauwepex in September, 2001.
Part 22
Photographs of Reunion Weekend 2001 by Gabe Gluck.
Part 23
Photographs of Onteora and Alder Lake in 1988.
Part 24
Vintage photos of Camp Wauwepex from Greg Furness.
Part 25
Beaver Day 2002 from Rick Balla.
Part 26
Reunion Weekend 2001 from Dave Blaushild.
Part 27
Alder Lake 1966 from Jim Davenport.
Part 28
Building the C.O.P.E. course in 2002 from Gregg Sablic.
Part 29
Alumni Weekend 2002.
Part 30
Ed Paprocki's photos from Alumni Weekend 2002.
Part 31
Long House Kitchen construction 2002
Part 32
Troop 179 at Summer Camp in 1971
Part 33
Miscellaneous photos from Troop 179
Part 34
Summer Camp - 1978
Part 35
Platform Fest 2003
Part 36
Powder Horn Training 2003
Part 37
Summer Camp 2003 - photos by Steven Schuster
Part 38
Alumni Weekend 2003 - photos by Brad Shields
Part 39
Alumni Day 2003 and COPE dedication - photos by Ed Paprocki
Part 40
Alumni Weekend 2002 - photos by Mike McInnis
Part 41
Camp Wauwepex December 2002 - photos by Mark Pollitt
Part 42
Onteora 1984 - photos from Paul Lagas
Part 43
Council House restoration - photos by Steve Schull
Part 44
Alumni Day 2003 - photos by Karl Kruer
Part 45
Alumni Reunion 2004 - also known as "The Flood of 2004 - photos by Steve Schull
Part 46
Alumni Day 2004 - photos by Vic Varonier
Part 47
Flood of 2006 - photos by Mike Scott
Part 48
Alder Lake in 2007 - photos by Eric Anderson
Part 49
Camp Wauwepex - 1937 - two views at Deep Pond
Part 50
Alder Lake -2009 - sad photos by Jim Davenport
Part 51
1974 - photos from Ed Paprocki
Part 52
1977 - photos from Ed Paprocki
Part 53
1977 sales presentation on Onteora
Part 54
Two panorama views of the lake area - September 11, 2009
Part 55
Reunion Weekend 2001 from Billy Graham

Please let me know if you have any photos to share. Otherwise, you can head back then to the main Onteora page.