Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 4: 1972-73

My thanks to Gary Wilson for sharing some of his Onteora photos from 1972-73, and for the great descriptions!
wilson-covey-staff-72.jpg (34827 bytes)

This shows the Covey Program area staff at the end of 1972. On the left is Glenn Reid the APC, in the middle is Jerry Gress who joined us as a Program Aide for the second half of the summer when Doug Brodmerkle became APC in James E. West, and myself on the right.

Notice the uniforms which were unique to Nassau County Council. All staff members wore the dark green Explorer shirt so we could easily be recognized in a camp with 1200 campers.

wilson-shelter-exterior.jpg (34291 bytes) The Covey program shelter from the outside in 1972. The shelter was the focal point of most scoutcraft, nature, field sports, and other services to the six troops it served each period.
wilson-shelter-wall.jpg (30472 bytes) The interior of the shelter showing the cabinet for supplies, map & compass station and weather station.
wilson-shelter-interior.jpg (39103 bytes) The view towards the open end of the shelter showing, Woods Tool, Survival and Nature Study stations.
wilson-covey-field-sports.jpg (51913 bytes) The Covey area Field Sports field showing the archery range, the weather rock, pioneering bridge, and skeet Flag. The moskeet range is out of view to the right.
wilson-archery.jpg (31871 bytes) A scout shooting archery at Covey Area in 1972. This scout is probably 39 years old now!
wilson-council-ring.jpg (73233 bytes) Doug Brodmerkle standing next to one of the two fires we just built for the visitors day campfire. The program area staffs rotated this task. The fires need to be this large as the stage was a good 100 feet across.
wilson-paradeground.jpg (18224 bytes) A view looking north up the lake from the tribes dock to the parade ground.
wilson-buckskin-wf.jpg (26473 bytes) A look at the Buckskin Waterfront from the tribes dock.
wilson-tribes-indian-lore.jpg (51602 bytes) Tribes Indian Lore area, between James E. West and the Long House.
wilson-inandout1.jpg (36775 bytes) In and Out canoe race during water carnival. On whistle blast teams must exit canoe and re-enter before continuing.
wilson-sixman-race.jpg (32713 bytes) Six man rowboat race (no oars provided).
wilson-sawing-plank.jpg (57450 bytes) Bill Kampher (not sure of spelling), being sawed off plank by member of winning troop of water carnival. The red F&M Crusher fishing hats were a Tribes Camp morale thing that summer.
wilson-tribes-tug.jpg (32870 bytes) Tribe's camp PC's losing a canoe tug of war to the Scoutmasters. Doug is subbing for me as I had an injured arm due to a truck accident a week or so earlier, hence I got to stay dry and take the photos.
wilson-troll-footprints.jpg (34799 bytes) Day-Glo Orange Troll footprints heading to the Council House staff showers.

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