Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 14 - Greg Furness' Photos

The following group of pictures are some vintage photos, courtesy of Greg Furness. He also supplied the captions.

Tom Bligh (right) & Mike Heinz do some "landscaping" - planting a jack-in-the-pulpit - in front of the Lynx Program Shelter, 1964.
Jim Van Tassell makes fire building contest a little more "interesting" by providing "rain" (1965).
The Council House, 1964.
The Staff Training crew exits their 'stockade' opposite the Council House. I think this was taken 1964 as I believe a log platform over the entrance to the 'stockade" was added in 1965. With my bad eyes I can't identify the gent leading them.
Program staff housing at Bobcat Program Shelter, 1965. (A small sign in "Onteora brown and yellow" advises guests to "Scrape Your Feet").
Scouts with the old .22 cal Mo-Skeet-O setup at Bobcat, 1965.

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