Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 2 - 1969

Here are some photos from my second year on staff at the Teddy Roosevelt Program Shelter.
Teddy Roosevelt Shelter from Skeet Range The Teddy Roosevelt Program Shelter as seen from the Skeet Range.
Teddy Roosevelt Staff Area The Teddy Roosevelt Staff Area, as seen from the Archery Range. It's hard to believe I spent several summers living in these tents.
Teddy Roosevelt Staff Pet (deer) This deer was the shelter staff's pet in 1968 and 1969. We fed it fruit and vegetables from the dining hall, and as time went on, it became bolder and bolder. Not only would it pass through the archery area as seen here, but it would also push its head inside the tents if we didn't feed it on time. During a trip to OSR during the 1968 winter I hiked up to the Shelter through the snow, where the deer remembered the summer and came up for food. Luckily I had some with me, but I worried about it trying the same trick with hunters. Happily it was still there the next year.

The Great Flood of 1969

During the 1969 camping season it seemed like we needed Noah to come back and build another ark. During one session it rained 13 days out of the 14. This was the year Mike Brenner and Jim Van Tassell canoed all of the way from camp into Livingston Manor, and from there on to the Delaware River! It was also the year I received my Eagle Medal in a very wet ceremony in the Amphitheatre. My dad still reminds me that when he stood up to join me on the stage, he heard a sucking sound as his shoe vanished into the mud. Ah, the joys of Onteora! Hopefully you'll be nice and dry as you look at Onteora during the wettest year anyone can remember.

Flooded road and trail This is not a waterfall! It's actually a trail meeting up with one of the camp roads. It gives you a pretty good idea of the amount of water flowing through the property.
The road towards the lake This is the junction of the roads to the Chief's and Tribe's Camps. The water was moving pretty quickly down towards the lake.
Johnny Appleseed campsite under water Due to crowding throughout the camp in 1969 a number of new campsites were added. These lucky Scouts are venturing through the Johnny Appleseed campsite, which was "conveniently" located on the banks of Sprague Brook.
Water flowing OVER a bridge This is a view of something you don't see every day - water flowing over a bridge! This is on the road out to the Buckskin Camp area, near Johnny Appleseed.
The main road under water This is the main road - in fact, the only road - into the camp. Taken from the bridge across Sprague Brook, it shows how the brook has cut across the road to join Orchard Lake. At times it got so deep it wasn't safe to cross the stream.
A dock under water Looking from the Buckskin Waterfront across the lake towards the Chief's Waterfront. The lake had risen so high that the dock has all but disappeared beneath the water. The canoes are tied to the end of the submerged dock. You can see how brown the lake has become from all of the dirt washed into it.
A very flooded trail Another flooded trail. It sure made hiking interesting!

I wonder how many first-time campers from 1969 returned in 1970!

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