Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 42 - 1984

Thanks to Paul Lagas for some vintage shots from Onteora. His e-mail describing them provides some more details.

Tower tipping '84:
This might be from '83.  The new swim center shelter had been built that year or the year prior and it was time for the old tower to go.  I remember thinking this was a great historical moment and subsequently snapping the photo.  I honestly cannot ID anyone although the shirtless individual might be Jon Ansbacher. Probably there: Chris Kershow, Doug Davis, Russ Haab, Doug Davis.

Parents Weekend Race '84
Preparations under way for the start of the inter troop canoe race.  That's me in the checkered swim suit; tan, trim muscular. I wish  I was 16 again. With hair. 50lbs lighter. Sigh.


Boating Tower '84
Taken from the dock with the parade grounds behind.


Boating Signage '84
The paddle to the left says "Nude Bathers Wanted!!!"  The dagger board to the right says "Unescorted Women Welcome". I understand that there were some women staffers on waterfront this past year(s). I guess this kind of thing would not be very politically correct anymore.


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