Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 9 - Parent's Day, 1964

These photos are courtesy of Ralph Foster, who took them one Parent's Day in July, 1964. 

The camp administrative staff gets ready for the visitors. Ken Heim is seated in the rear, with Assistant Reservation Don Johnson partially hidden behind the flowers. Bob Muntz has his back to the camera and is looking towards Johnson. Cap Schei, the camp baker, is in the white shirt and leaning against the wall. The other two men in the picture have not yet been identified.
A lone Scout readies the flag on the Parade Ground.
Bob Oldmixon sent in this description of this photo:

"Leland Tuttle is watching my dad, Bob Oldmixon shave with a cordless razor. Leland had never seen such a thing. After this picture my dad plugged it into a tree and continued to shave to Leland's surprise!"

With the parking lot already filled, a long line of cars stretches out of sight towards the Ranger's house.
A staff member gets the thankless job of telling parents they can't drive into camp.
Heading down towards the lake, we pass the Blauvelt Health Lodge under construction. It opened the next year.
A throng of parents and Scouts crowd around the Trading Post. They were watching a performance by The Tribesmen, a band composed of several staff members.

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