Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 37 - Summer 2003

Thanks to Steven Schuster for sending these photos from summer camp and for the descriptions.

The "Spirit of OSR" was a dining hall skit involving Bill and Marc where  leftover mashed potatoes represent the "spirit", and are then smeared on various areas including head, pockets, face, ears, even down their pants.

This is Chris Wiezckowski, our special programs director. The red, white, and blue head dress has to do with the grateful dead and the "fancy dance". The entire costume was hand made by Chris himself.

Fuzzy Bunny is a contest where each person puts a marshmallow in their mouth and continues to do so until they can no longer say the phrase "fuzzy bunny". In this contest Bill and Marc are challenged by Dave Seus and Jim Kent.

This is a photo of myself and Bill Kelly showing off our lack of trumpet skills at evening colors.
Mark Shamp, who was our COPE director this year.
(No caption provided)

(Rowboat in Orchard Lake)

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