Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 11 - Miscellaneous Subjects

Here are some photos that didn't fit any of the other categories.

This photo is either from 1968 or 1969. That's me sitting on the left, with my brother Jim standing and Gerry seated next to me.

Webmaster Bill Cotter in 1973

In 1973, following graduation from college, I returned to OSR for some more camping. My roommate, Bill Throop, was there as a provisional Scoutmaster, and I joined him for a few days. Here's two pictures from back then. First, yours truly - love the long hair! Happily, although going gray, it hasn't receded.
Bill Throop in 1973 Here's Bill Throop.
Carlos Kebe, Scott Wood, Vic Murray Here's a shot from an OA event at camp in Fall 1968. That's Carlos Kebe on the left, Scott Wood in the middle and Vic Murray from Post 179 partially pictured on the right.
Parent's Weekend campfire 1967 A picture of the camp fire at the end of Parent's Weekend events, 1967. Courtesy of Greg Furness.
Antrim Lodge 2001 From John Marshall - Reunion Weekend, 2001: This is the Antrim Lodge, the site of some of the staff banquets in the 60s. Someone thought that the restaurant, with the rock exterior, across from the Roscoe Diner was it.

The Antrim was down the road, past the Roscoe Theater and to the right and directly across from Rte 17. It was in better shape then. Notice on the sign that it was originally established in 1690.

From John Marshall - Reunion Weekend, 2001: Does anyone remember going to this theater on staff night out?  It stopped being a theater in 1986.

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