Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 53 - 1977 Camp Presentation
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46 - Inside the Craft Lodge

The Council House was converted from a dining hall into a craft lodge in 1976.



48 - The waterfront on Visitor's Day

Back when Onteora ran two-week camping sessions, the middle Saturday was Visitor's Day. This was a bust time at camp indeed as mom and dad came up to see where junior had been sending all those postcards from. One of the busiest areas on these days was the waterfront, where a wide variety of activities were scheduled throughout the day.


49 - Canoe battle

It looks like the Scouts of Troop 172 are taking their revenge on the Scoutmaster for perhaps one hike too many. Per Brian Issing, "That's the In and Out Canoe Race."



51 - Flag ceremony at the Parade Ground

At the end of the day the entire camp gathered for an impressive retreat ceremony at the Parade Ground.



52 - Staff chorus at the campfire

Visitor's Day ended with a campfire featuring skits by the troops, songs by everyone in attendance, and a closing performance by the camp staff.

From Brian Issing: "Bob Courtlangus is holding the banner on left and E. Kent Kuchler holding it on right. The blond to the right of Bob is Fred Thornley.  Kevin Klein has his back to us."

From Mike Reborchick: "To left of Fred Thornley are: Tony Torres (Otter Asst PC), Bob Siana, Lee DeMeo (Otter PC), Matt Winter, Ken Reese."



56 - Catholic Chapel

Onteora featured three chapels, each staffed throughout the week. In 1976 the Catholic Chapel was staffed by Rev. Robert Guglielmone. This is the Catholic Chapel, which was reach via a small footbridge across Sprague Brook. It was a beautiful setting for a service. The chapel has since been moved and the area completely reclaimed by nature.



57 - Protestant Chapel

That's Rev. Ben Bartel, who was on staff for many years, talking to a Scout on the steps of the Protestant Chapel.



58 - Hikers with full packs

Onteora is blessed with a number of hiking trails of varying difficulty. It looks like these Scouts may be on their way to Alder Lake based on the amount of equipment they're carrying. It looks like the third Scout from the end must have forgotten his backpack and frame as he's carrying his sleeping bag and other gear in his arms. I'm more than willing to bet he didn't enjoy the hike very much at all.



59 - Wildcat Falls

An easier hike was up to Wildcat Falls, which is located a short distance from the Health Lodge. Some years the water is only a small trickle, but most visits are rewarded by views like this one.



60 - Deer

Many hikers are thrilled when they come across some of the local wildlife. By the end of the summer many of the local deer have become quite used to the campers and often wander right into the campsites.



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