Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 55 - 2001 Reunion Weekend
Page 3



023 - Charlie Ruiz making a point inside the Long House.



024 - Greg and Allison Hughes.


025 - Dave Blaushild and Gary Wildung.



026 - Billy Graham, Jeff Baum, Bill Throop.



027 - The Long House kitchen was not usable so we had a catered dinner. I think everyone enjoyed the meal!



028 - Brian Ruiz, John Giammanco, Steve Shull, Tom Dede, Jim Van Tassel (in the back), Phill Clark (front).



029 - Greg Hughes.



030 - Charlie Berenson (front). In the back, Jim Van Tassel, Gary Windung, Bob Wilson, Phill Clark.



031 - John Giammanco.



032 - Ken South, Don Heiberg, Stan Rykowski.



033 - Pete Moreau, Carlos Kebe, Dave Blaushild, Unknown, Bill Cotter.



There are more pictures from the Reunion Weekend.

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