Long before the days of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the Disney empire was centered on the silver screen. There are many books based on the individual films themselves, and you'll find a set of links to them below. There are also several books that document the overall work of Walt and the Studio - the best of them are listed here.

This list was last updated 02/17/2002.

Disney Films, The
by Leonard Maltin

Now in it's fourth edition, this remains the definitive book on the Disney movies. Like the original version, it concentrates on the work of Walt Disney and not The Walt Disney Company, so the main section ends around 1967. The newer films are included in brief entries, though. A "must have" for Disney and film fans.

Disney Live-Action Productions, The
by John G. West, Jr.

I have somewhat mixed emotions about this book.  Perhaps I am comparing it unfavorably to Leonard Maltin's "The Disney Films", or perhaps I just didn't agree with the authors assessment of some of my favorite films.   It's not a bad book - far from it - and it does offer some interesting background information I haven't seen in other works, including Maltin's.

Disney Poster, The: The Animated Film Classics

One of the most expensive categories of Disneyana, besides original animation art, is animated movie posters. This entry in the "Disney Miniature Series" includes many of these rare posters, which are art forms of their own. Unless you're lucky enough to be a millionaire or to visit the Disney Archives, this will probably be your only chance to see some of these for yourself.

Official Mickey Mouse Club Book, The
by Lorraine Santoli

Hey there, hi there, this is as fun as can be. Lorraine has long been the official liaison between the Mouseketeers and The Walt Disney Company. She has brought her unique knowledge of the Club and the Mouseketeers to print, with many anecdotes and memories not seen elsewhere. We were both researching our books at the same time, and when it became obvious I wouldn't have space for it in my book, she was able to use it in hers. Better get a copy before it's too late - it's getting hard to find.

Walt in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney
by Russell Merritt, J.B. Kaufman.

This is a GREAT book, the only one that does justice to the Walt's earliest days in animation. I am just amazed at some of the material the two authors were able to turn up on the early "Oswald" and "Alice" cartoons. They're working on a new book on "The Silly Symphonies", and if it's half as good as this one, you'll want it.

wwod_tv.gif (6877 bytes) Wonderful World of Disney Television, The: A Complete History
by Bill Cotter

Simply the best book ever on Disney. OK, so I lied. I think it's pretty good though, since I wrote it. I can safely say it's the best book on Disney television, since it's the only one! If you would like more details on it, including the table of contents and some updates, there's more information on it available here. Buy a copy - my family will love you forever.

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