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Zorro began appearing in comic books back in 1949, well in advance of the Disney version of the legend. After eight issues had been published as part of the Four-Color Comics series by Dell, the success of the Disney television series led to a revamping of the comics.

Beginning with Four-Color 882, the stories featured the characters and likenesses from the series. The artwork was by Alex Toth, a skilled artist who has become famous in the field. Each of the comics features a photo cover using pictures from the series. In addition, many had non-Zorro featurettes about life in old California. Only the Zorro stories are listed here.

After several more issues in the Four-Color series, Dell renamed the series under the Zorro title, but started the numbering with issue #8 to reflect the earlier issues.

comic-fc882.jpg (21118 bytes) Four-Color #882 (February 1958)

Presenting Señor Zorro (18 pages) Retells the first episode of the series. Don Diego returns home from Spain and becomes Zorro to overthrow the evil Capitan Monastario.

Zorro's Secret Passage (14 pages) Retells the second episode of the series. Monastario suspects one of the de la Vega servants is Zorro and Diego must find a way to save the innocent man.

Artwork by Alex Toth

coming-soon.gif (7132 bytes) Four-Color #920 (June 1958)

The Ghost of the Mission - Part 1 (13 pages) Retells the episode Zorro Rides to the Mission. Monastario surrounds the mission as part of his plan to capture Don Torres.

The Ghost of the Mission - Part 2 (13 pages) Retells the fourth episode. Monastario uses claims of an Indian uprising to invade the mission.

A Bad Day for Bernardo (6 pages) Bernardo has a series of accidents as he and Zorro search for a missing señorita, unaware that she is simply trying to elope.

Artwork by Alex Toth

comic-fc933.jpg (18946 bytes) Four-Color #933 (September 1958)

Garcia's Secret (14 pages) Retells the episode Garcia's Secret Mission. Monastario's latest plot to capture Zorro finds Sgt. Garcia thrown out of the army in disgrace.

The King's Emmissary (12 pages) Retells the episode The Fall of Monastario. The capitan outwits himself when he tries to prove to a visiting official that Diego is really Zorro.

The Little Zorro (6 pages) Young Manuelo wants to help his hero Zorro, but the caped adventurer convinces him to attend school instead,

Artwork by Alex Toth

comic-fc960.jpg (25659 bytes) Four-Color #960 (December 1958)

The Eagle's Brood (26 pages) Retells the episodes The Eagle's Brood and Zorro By Proxy.

The Visitor (6 pages) Diego and Bernardo find a baby on their doorstep, then help the mother to free her husband from jail.

Artwork by Alex Toth


comic-fc976.jpg (39132 bytes) Four-Color #976 (March 1959)

Gypsy Warning (26 pages) Retells the episodes Quintana Makes a Choice and Zorro Lights a Fuse.

A Double for Diego (6 pages) When Sgt. Garcia asks Diego for help in capturing Zorro, he must find a way to be in two places at once.

Artwork by Alex Toth


comic-fc1003.jpg (31129 bytes) Four-Color #1003 (June 1959)

The Marauders of Monterey (26 pages) Retells the episodes Welcome to Monterey and Zorro Rides Alone.

The Enchanted Bell (6 pages) When a tax collector tries to seize a prized bell Zorro must intervene to avoid a battle with local Indians.

Artwork by Alex Toth


comic-fc1037.jpg (20717 bytes) Four-Color #1037 (September 1959)

The Spaniard's Secret (26 pages) Retells the episodes The Missing Father, Please Believe Me and The Broach.

The Mission of San Portolá (4 pages) A man accidentally tells bandits about his village's gold candlesticks.

 Canyon of No Escape (1 page) Zorro uses a secret cave to help free an enslaved Indian.

Artwork by Warren Tufts

coming-soon.gif (7132 bytes) Zorro #8 (December 1959 - January 1960)

Pirate's Plunder (20 pages) Zorro takes to the sea to stop the pirate El Diablo from stealing a gold shipment.

Garcia's Package (6 pages) Garcia buys a pair of boots with high heels to make him look taller.

Artwork by Warren Tufts


comic-dell9.jpg (28641 bytes) Zorro #9 (March - May 1960)

The Masqueraders of Los Gatos Canyon (24 pages) Four robbers posing as Zorro are making the people of Los Angeles doubt their hero.

The Welcomed Intruder (12 pages) Zorro helps another freedom fighter escape from a firing squad and Garcia's searching lancers.

Brave Garcia (1 page) This story about Garcia showing unexpected bravery does not appear in all editions.

Artwork by Warren Tufts

comic-dell10.jpg (25138 bytes) Zorro #10 (June - August 1960)

A Bar of Gold (17 pages) Zorro allows himself to be captured to help two poor brothers earn the reward.

The Well (9 pages) Zorro forces Garcia to start paying local merchants for their goods.

The Innkeeper's Lesson (1 page) Zorro forces a dishonest innkeeper to admit his guilt.

Artwork by Mel Keefer

coming-soon.gif (7132 bytes) Zorro #11 (September - November 1960)

A Stroke of Luck (16 pages) Diego accepts a challenge to a deadly duel in order to reveal who stole a shipment of gold.

The Hunted (10 pages) Garcia uses two vicious dogs to chase after Zorro.

Artwork by Mel Keefer


comic-dell12.jpg (26540 bytes) Zorro #12 (December 1960 - February 1961)

The Runaway Witness (21 pages) Zorro must convince a young woman to testify in a murder trial.

Friend Indeed (5 pages) Zorro tricks Sergeant Garcia into leaving the cuartel so he can free political prisoners.

Artwork by Alex Toth



coming-soon.gif (7132 bytes) Zorro #13 (March - May 1961)

The Golden Trail (20 pages) Zorro must ride to the rescue when no one will believe an Indian's tale about two strangers stealing a set of gold candlesticks.

Diego's Dilemma (6 pages) After he is shot in the shoulder, Diego must avoid a slap on the back from Garcia, who realizes such a blow will cause great pain to a wounded man.

Artwork by Warren Tufts


comic-dell14.jpg (29711 bytes) Zorro #14 (June - August 1961)

The Monterey Bravo (14 pages) Vowing to recover his sister's stolen jewels, a headstrong teenager appoints himself as the town's vigilante.

Diego's Secret (2 pages) Thieves lock Diego in a cupboard, unaware it leads to Zorro's secret lair.

Outlaw Swords (11 pages) Diego suspects treachery when a series of robberies befall everuone who has sold land to a new arrival in town.

Artwork by John Ushler

coming-soon.gif (7132 bytes) Zorro #15 (September - November 1961)

Zorro Repays a Debt (10 pages) Zorro must free Garcia's latest prisoner, who once helped Zorro himself escape from jail.

The Made-to-Order Herd (2 pages) Zorro outwits a cattle rustler and reunites stolen calves with their mothers.

Brand of Fire (14 pages) A band of arsonists are burning down the homes of those who sent one of them to prison.

Artwork by John Ushler

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