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Here's the first clip. I was interviewed by the E! cable network for their program airing the week of July 24, 1998. They wanted to salute Guy's work as part of a look at the new Mask of Zorro film, and The Disney Channel was kind enough to suggest they interview me. There are some Zorro clips and history, a look at this very website and scenes of yours truly! This clip is 518K in size and runs about 2 minutes.
walt-tour.jpg (12371 bytes) The second clip is from Hollywood without Makeup!, a television documentary by Ken Murray made at the time Disney was filming Son of Flubber. Walt is seen taking Murray's two daughters on a tour of the lot, and in this 40 second clip, they stop on the Zorro set on the backlot. Watch Walt carve a "Z" in the air, then lock the kids in the cuartel's jail! The video quality isn't great, but this rare piece is a lot of fun. Click the picture to see the clip.

Original ABC Television commercials!

Take a trip back in time with three original commercials from Zorro's airing on ABC.

There are two versions of each trailer - a lower quality for slow speed connections and a higher quality for cable modems and other fast connections. Click on the speed that's best for you.

"The Fastest, Fightingest Man in the Land" 56K Cable
"From the world famous Walt Disney Studios" 56K Cable
"Echoes" 56K Cable

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