Onteora Scout Reservation Photo Album
Part 53 - 1977 Camp Presentation
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17 - Program Shelter Meeting

After getting the campsite in order the next step was usually a visit to the Program Shelter. Here we see a staff member going over some of the camp rules and regulations. Most of the Scouts appear to be from troop 214 from Rockville Centre.

Eric Anderson is the staff member. This was the Field Sports Shelter.



18 - Lowering the flag

This retreat ceremony was held outside the Long House.



19 - Inside the Long House

It looks like everyone is enjoying their meal. That's no surprise as the dining hall staff did a great job each year. I always enjoyed the food at camp.



20 - Inside the Long House

From Mike Reborchick: Troop 93, Franklin Sq, NY.  My troop!  I'm the staffer, to my right is Mr. Stollberger, our Scoutmaster.  To my left is my friend Dave Kopel (on staff '77).



23 - Onteora Red Tape Clearing Program

From Howard Kudler: "I'm 99% sure that guy with the red hair is me. That was
at the 1st night Scoutmaster orientation meeting in the long house in 1977. The paper work was the troop sign-up sheet for the week. At the meeting each area director would give a brief talk then sign up and then schedule the troops' to a
program time. I sat at the end, as the proud director of the new rifle range. The SM was signing up for a Troop Shoot.  Nobody was ever happy because of the limited time slots. It was also a long and tiring day. That could have been check
in Saturday of 2nd period that summer. (about 9PM)."

From Brian Issing: "That's after the SM mtg on Saturday night when the leaders approached the area directors asking to sign up for things like Troop swims. I believe that is Russ Haab in the 656 shirt."



24 - Cooking in the campsite

I doubt if too many meals were cooked in full uniform once the photographer departed the scene. These Scouts are from Troop 172 from Hicksville.



25 - Unknown water activity

Please let me know if you can add any information.



26 - Swimming at the waterfront

Orchard Lake was always a welcome destination on a hot New York summer day.



27 - Row boat on Orchard Lake

I enjoyed taking one of these boats out after a day at the Program Shelter. The lake seemed a lot bigger when it was time to row back though.



28 - Canoe on Orchard Lake

Many of the original Grumman canoes are still in use today. They sure knew how to build them!



29 - Sailboat on Orchard Lake

The sailboats were added after my days at camp. Today's Scouts can also enjoy kayaks out on the lake. It must get crowded out there some days!



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