Onteora Scout Reservation:
Trail Guides and Maps

One of the more popular activities at Onteora has always been hiking. The camp is blessed with a number of different trails, ranging from simple tours of the inhabited parts of the property to day-long expeditions through the surrounding countryside.

Over the years the trails have been cut, re-cut and re-routed to keep up with changes in the area. Thus, it's not surprising that descriptions of the trails will have also changed over the years. I've managed to track down some very different trail guides which show some of the changes over a 50-year span.

Onteora Trails and Treks (1959) NEW

Guide and map from the early 1960s

Dan Beard Adventure Hiker Trail Guide (1963)

1967 trail guide

1980s trail guide

1986 trail guide

1989 trail guide

The 2001 Trail Guide is available in Word format, thanks to Steven Gershowitz. It's a big file (3 MB) but worth it, as it also includes a topographical map for each trail.

Now you can buy your own customized topographical maps of Onteora, Alder Lake and Camp Wauwepex! There are several challenges in getting a nice view on the pre-printed government maps - sometimes the desired image spans multiple maps, or if you're lucky enough to only need one map, the odds are that your desired location is not well centered. You can now use the Internet to build and order your own custom maps of any location in the United States. To make it easier for you just click on the links to the right to go right to the maps shown, then customize them to suit your own taste - or pick a place name and start building your own maps. You can pick the level of detail, printed size, orientation and more. Pay the vendor with a credit card and the map is delivered right to your door! What could be easier than that?




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