Onteora Scout Reservation:
The Dan Beard Adventure Hiker Trail Guide

Here's another trail I never heard of! The trail guide below apparently dates from 1963, so it was one of the earlier trails at camp. If any visitors to this site ever hiked it or have more information on it please let me know. What did the trail markers look like?

Onteora Scout Reservation

Nassau County Council, B.S.A.

The Dan Beard Adventure Hiker Trail Guide

This trail, marked with the Dan Beard Markers, is a test not only of orientation skills, but of most second and first class requirements as well as survival skills and patrol operation. It is to be run by a patrol, using only the following equipment: a compass, pencil, paper, a length of rope, a red-tag swimmer with a tag (he must have boating), knife, a handbook, and a canteen.

The course begins at the indicated point in the Dan Beard Shelter.

1) Take a bearing of 337 degrees and follow it for 96 feet. Identify the trail you are on __________.

2) Take a bearing of 8 degrees for 100'. What animal is responsible for the damage to this tree? ___________

3) Take a bearing of 16 degrees for 161'. Purify one quart of this water (use canteen).

4) Take a bearing of 130 degrees for 276'. Identify the marked tree. _______________

5) Take a bearing of 104 degrees for 682'. The height of this prominent landmark is __________.

6) Proceed to -/.-./.-/-../../-./- -./ /.- -./- - -/.../-/ / /

7) Proceed to the Hendrickson Memorial. Count the number of puncheon (split) logs there.

8) From the Cherry Tree nearest the center, go south 110'.

9) Follow marked trail to Waterfront. What is point #5 in the 8-Defense swim? ___________

10) Follow the White Trail SW to Ernest Thompson Seton Shelter. Find Azimuth of the Dam from marker near shore.

11) Follow the Boundary Trail of Camp to the older Waterfront.

12) From marker proceed 108 degrees 102', then to point of shore at 242 degrees (ask permission before using boats)


Count the number of usable canoes and identify the two trees on either side of the marker. Proceed to large Yellow Birch at S corner of the lake.

13) Follow Red Trail to - tseraen/yrehcra/egnar.

14) Proceed to the Shelter named for the first Honorary President of the BSA. Here, tie knot #7 on the hitching rack with your own rope -- bring this back with the knot in it.

15) Take a bearing of 300 degrees for 141'. Then proceed along road 240'.

16) Follow marked trail into woods. Make 3' of natural rope from plants found on the trail.

17) Follow Red Trail to shelter, collecting leaves from 5 Trees and 4 Edible Wild pants - identify them.


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