As you've traveled through this site, you probably have noticed a number of patches from Onteora Scout Reservation and Camp Wauwepex. In addition to those, I also have many patches from other activities connected with Nassau County Council. If you're interested in trading for patches, especially if you have any of the ones listed on this site as "Wanted", please let me know.

In order to save time to load all of the images, I've split the on-line patch collection into several pieces. Click on the patches to jump directly to that section or use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.

I scanned many of these patches years ago when file sizes were usually kept low both for space and for download times. I hope to redo these in larger sizes in the future.

Onteora patches

Onteora Scout Reservation

Patches from Onteora, with Summer Camp issues and a wide variety of miscellaneous patches.
Wauwepex patches

Camp Wauwepex/Schiff Scout Reservation

Nearing 100 years now, it's not surprising that Camp Wauwepex has issued a tremendous number of patches, including many under its current name of Schiff Scout Reservation.
Council patches

Nassau County Council/Theodore Roosevelt Council

A large collection of patches of all sorts from Council and District events.
Buckskin Lodge patches

Buckskin Lodge

Buckskin Lodge #412 is an honor society of Scouts with an impressive legacy. These patches have been issued directly by the Lodge over the years.
Operation Igloo patches

Operation Igloo

Return to the days of VERY cold weather camping in the Catskills!

My sincere thanks to Jim Kent, Fred Scharf, Art Botzenmayer, and Art Noble for the donation of several patches and loans of others for use on this site, and to Art Noble for the scans of many others.

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