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Camp Wauwepex patches 1927 - 1969

Each year Wauwepex issued a patch for campers to wear on their uniform, either on their shirt or jacket. It's fun to look through them as reminders of camping seasons past. Here are the earliest Wauwepex patches, up through 1969. Links to the later years are at the bottom of this page.

The earliest Camp Wauwepex patches were made of felt and shaped like a tepee. They had a CW for the camp and a number. You earned one of these patches by completing a Scoutcraft skill test. You would then get a patch with a "2" for your second test, then a "3" and so on. Some versions had the CW and number flocked on, others used embroidered letters and numbers.

The first fully embroidered patch was issued in 1952. The shape represents an upside-down acorn.

I scanned many of these patches years ago when file sizes were usually kept low both for space and for download times. I hope to redo these in larger sizes in the future.

Please let me know if you have any patches not shown - even a scan would be appreciated.

Red tepee patch An example of an early felt tepee patch
Tepee patch - 40 Undated felt tepee Wauwepex patch - 1952 Undated - 1952
Wauwepex patch - 1953 1953 Wauwepex patch - 1954 1954 Wauwepex patch - 1955 1955
Wauwepex patch - 1956 1956 Wauwepex patch - 1957A new design was introduced in 1957, and was used at both Wauwepex and Onteora Wauwepex patch - 1957Issued for the Area 2A Conclave of the Order of the Arrow in 1957
Wauwepex patch - 1958 1958 Wauwepex patch - 19591959 saw the introduction of the now classic tepee design Wauwepex patch - 1960 1960
Wauwepex patch - 1961 1961 Wauwepex patch - 1962 1962 Wauwepex patch - 1963 1963
Wauwepex patch - 1964 1964 Wauwepex patch - 1965 1965 Wauwepex patch - 1966 1966
Wauwepex patch - 1967This patch was a joint issue in 1967 for Onteora and Wauwepex Wauwepex patch - 1968 1968
From this point on Wauwepex and Onteora used separate designs.
Wauwepex patch - 1969 1969

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