Buckskin Lodge - History

Here's a history of the lodge, reprinted from the booklet issued for the 10th Annual Conclave, 1982. It also appeared in Scouting Collectors Quarterly, Vol. 17, No.4.

Our Lodge - Steeped in a Rich Tradition
by James W. Evans, Jr.

To fully appreciate and understand the meaning of Brotherhood in Buckskin Lodge, it may be helpful to trace the beginnings of cheerful and humble service in Nassau County Council, B.S.A. The heritage of the lodge significantly predates the start of the Order of the Arrow in the council. The symbols, their meanings, and those traditions which help bind all members together in a life of service to Scouting and ultimately our fellow man, come from a society forgotten by all but a few, The Buckskin Sons of Wauwepex. The members are fortunate that their traditions have such deep roots, they provided a firm foundation for the principles of the Order of the Arrow. Establishing Buckskin Lodge 412 was essential to making unselfish service a permanent part of the Scouting program in Nassau County. It fulfilled all of the visions of the Buckskin Sons of Wauwepex and its founders.

Our Heritage - The Buckskin Sons of Wauwepex

The Buckskins of Camp Wauwepex was born in 1923 as part of the camp Indian lore program. Founded by "Chief" Howard Covey and Irving "Southy" Southworth, it was not a society as we know the Order today; it was designed to provide opportunities for Scouts sincerely interested in the American Indian. To be a member, a Scout was to have been a three-year camper and first class. The organization took its name from Dan Beard's Buckskin Men and helped promote advancement by making the earning of merit badges a requirement in order to obtain additional feathers for a member's bonnet. The Buckskins had not yet realized the potential of their group to promote the high ideals of cheerfulness and service.

During the early 1920's many Scout Councils sought to develop organizations to recognize the outstanding Scout campers. Some affiliated with Wimachtendienk W.W., later known as the Order of the Arrow, while others started their own societies with local membership prerequisites. The Order was not yet recognized as an official American Scouting institution, only experimental. Consistent with the national trend, the camp's Indian lore program at Camp Wauwepex was abandoned and one to honor Scout campers was put in its place. The Indian based foundation was retained, however, to give the new Buckskin Sons of Wauwepex its character and mystique.

The Buckskin Sons' development of ceremonies, traditions and ideas consistent with those of the Order of the Arrow was not accidental. both Covey and Southworth had been inducted into the Order at one of its national meetings. During the 1930's the Sons became an integral part of the council camping program, serving Wauwepex and her Scouts.

On June 2, 1934, the Order of the Arrow was officially approved by the National Council as an institution of the Boy Scouts of America to honor Scout campers. With this historic event came speculation that The Buckskin Son's would seek affiliation with the Arrowmen. Such was not to be. It was not until 1948 that the idea of merging with the national organization was seriously discussed. A committee of dedicated Sons was selected to meet with the Order's national secretary. The parallel growth of the two service organizations made the transition easy; the national secretary agreed that "inasmuch as our Ordeal was similar to that of the Order we could become the Buckskin Lodge after going through an initiation ceremony".

Preserving our most cherished traditions and yet binding us into a national brotherhood of honor campers, Buckskin Lodge #412, Order of the Arrow, became a reality on September 3, 1949. Twenty-four Sons were inducted in ceremonies at the Area 2-A Conclave held at Camp Manhattan, Ten Mile River Scout Camps. The Tap-Out was presented by the Ranachqua Lodge of the Bronx and Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge of Brooklyn presented the pre-Ordeal. Man-A-Hattan Lodge of Manhattan conducted the Ordeal ceremony. Bob Hayes was our first Lodge Chief from September 1949 to September 1950.


The years since the Sons' passage into the Order have been a shining light of "service and devotion to the welfare of others". To list the accomplishments of our lodge and those devoted arrowmen who gave of themselves unselfishly would make this narrative unwieldy in length. Suffice it to say that Camp Wauwepex and Onteora Scout Reservation have had the dedicated service of lodge arrowmen both in promoting the camp program and laboring to improve and protect their facilities.

In turn, the camps have historically supported the Order both at summer camp and on fellowship weekends. The camp administration has provided ceremonial rings for all Buckskin Lodge rituals. The habitual and continual use of these areas has enriched lodge traditions. The arrowman who stands in the Stone Ring at Wauwepex or at Wildcat Falls at Onteora and remembers his first pre-ordeal renews his strength of purpose.

A highlight of lodge history occurred in 1965; reminiscent of our own affiliation with the Order, our arrowmen were called upon to conduct the premier ordeal of the Arawak Lodge in the Virgin Islands.


The totem and emblems of The Buckskin Lodge hold meaning only for members in Nassau County. Our lodge is regarded with much respect because of its symbols and the rich tradition they represent.

Buckskin Tab

The Tab - Our Totem

The totem of the Buckskin Sons of Wauwepex, the Tab, is still worn by lodge arrowmen today. It is the official emblem of our lodge, consisting of a white buckskin (older members) or leather "tear drop" upon which is drawn a pine tree. The tree points of the tree represent the qualities of trustworthiness, service and self-reliance. The wolf, whose head profile is superimposed on the drawing, also exemplifies self-reliance.

Tradition urges brothers to have the back of their Tab signed by fellow arrowmen for whom they hold esteem and respect. Often this may be one who has helped them follow the path of the arrow - perhaps a guide, taskmaster, elangomat or brotherhood sponsor. Lodge members receive only one Tab in their lifetime. Lodge members receive only one Tab in their lifetime. To trade or giveaway one's Tab means to forfeit it.

Buckskin Lodge Neckerchief

The Neckerchief

The Buckskin Sons wore a royal blue neckerchief with a white stripe bisecting the triangle vertically; it represented humble service. Superimposing the red arrow pointing over the right shoulder made the traditional neckerchief official for Buckskin Lodge, Order of the Arrow. Buckskin brothers receive only one neckerchief in their lifetime; therefore, it becomes a cherished item in the arrowmen's OA wardrobe. Tradition tells us that special neckerchiefs were once made for those attending National Order of the Arrow Conferences. One half was always gray and the other was a different color for each meeting. The white stripe and arrow remained constant.

The Feather

A single white squaw feather was worn by Buckskin Sons at special camp functions. As the squaw of an Indian tribe served without recognition, so the white feather served to remind the brother of his obligation to serve with humility. The Lodge Chief approves the functions at which the feather is worn.

Pocket Flap and Other Emblems

While most brothers wear our pocket flap, it is not the official emblem of Buckskin Lodge. Therefore, it is the item available for and most often traded to brothers from other lodges. With the exception of our Tab and neckerchief, our lodge permits brothers to exchange Buckskin Lodge emblems with arrowmen of other councils.


A time of trial and testing for our lodge occurred in the 1970's when the problems of the world overshadowed the simple, but important, principles of cheerful service. Forgetting the instruction of our admonition, members allowed Buckskin Lodge to move into a period of virtual non-existence. Yet the ideals of our order applied at the local level establishes the foundation for selfless service and devotion to our country and our world. These principles, no matter how idealistic, serve to promote the aims of scouting -- citizenship training, character building, and physical fitness.

A few Buckskin arrowmen understood the timeless character of the Order's ideals; with their guidance we weathered the problems of the seventies.

As the future unfolds and writes new history, let us as members of the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service remember the words of Meteu traditionally spoken at the end of Buckskin tap-out and ordeal proceedings:

"Thus to keep you brave and cheerful, thus to keep you true and faithful, to yourselves and to your brothers and unto the God who made you."

(Portions of the history of the Buckskin Sons of Wauwepex paraphrased from the original manuscript by Irving Southworth.)

Our Past Lodge Chiefs ....
and their Administrations

From the 50th Anniversary Edition - December, 1999

September 3, 1949 - August 31, 1950

When the Buckskin sons of Wauwepex joined the Order as the Buckskin Lodge, Bob Hayes became our first Lodge Chief. During his administration, the Lodge held its first Ordeal Ceremony at the Harkness Training Center and about 100 Buckskin Sons were inducted. The Buckskin Gate was the first Ordeal project of the Lodge. Bob led the Buckskin Lodge delegation to its first National Order of the Arrow Conference held at the Indiana University in Bloominton, Indiana, on August 29-31, 1950. Dr. E. Urner Goodman, founder of the Order of the Arrow, presented the Order of the Arrow leadership medal to Bob when Bob retired as Lodge Chief.

September 1, 1950 - August 31, 1951

During Henry Schneider's administration, it was decided to make Allowat Sakima's ceremonial bonnet all white. Council-wide activities, such as service at Scouter's Dinners, polo matches, etc., were included in the Lodge's service projects. The first Brotherhood ceremony of the Lodge was held. At the first annual Buckskin Banquet, held on December 28, 1950, at the Harkness Training Center, the Lodge was privileged to have as its guest speaker Dr. E. Urner Goodman.

September 1, 1951 - August 31, 1952

The "Bylaws" were changed to create the offices of Junior and Senior Lodge Chief. The Executive Committee then included six members: Lodge Chief, Junior and Senior Lodge Chiefs, Lodge Advisor, Treasurer, and Secretary. It was the last time elections for Ordeal members were held in camp, and the last time for voting Ordeal members into Brotherhood. The Lodge established its first permanent ring site at Camp Wauwepex. The Buckskin Tab first appeared in the form of a mimeographed newsletter. Sheepskins started to build the Wauwepex Amphitheater. A delegation of 23 Brothers attended the National Conference at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

September 1, 1952 - March 31, 1954

During Dick's administration, there was a change  in the Executive Committee so that it included a Lodge Chief, Little Lodge Chief, Treasurer, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, and Lodge Advisor. A new Brotherhood procedure was established. A record of one hundred Brothers attended the 1952 Banquet. The First Home Troop Elections were held in 1953. Many new committees were formed. The election of Lodge Officers was changed from September to the Spring weekend; thus Dick was in office for 18 months. In 1953 the Lodge sent representatives to the Area 2-A conclave as well as the National Conference in Wyoming. Irving (Southy) Southworth was presented with an Indian Headdress and Breastplate made of $400 in bills (real money!). All of the Past Lodge Chiefs attended the 1953 Banquet.

April 1, 1954 - March 31, 1955

Bill's administration saw 80 Ordeal members inducted and 30 Arrowmen receive Brotherhood. For the first time in the history of the Lodge, a Vigil Honor induction was held and Dave LeFebre, Ken Quick, Leroy Brown, Irving Southworth, and Doug Mathewson were called out. On August 26, 1954, four members of Buckskin Lodge started out for Laramie, Wyoming and the 38th Anniversary O.A. Conference. The annual Banquet was held at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Freeport, with Doug Mathewson and Troop 36 doing the cooking. The Frontier Division of Wauwepex was to be open for the first time in 1955 along with the opening of Onteora Scout Reservation. The Brotherhood procedure was changed, conforming to the National procedure.

April 1, 1955 - August 31, 1956

During Dick's administration, amendments to the "Bylaws" stated that officers would be elected in the spring, but that they would not assume office until the following fall. Thus, Dick was in office for eighteen months. At summer camp the Lodge was subject to the largest influx of Ordeal Members it had ever seen. The Dance Team did extensive work at the summer camp fire. At Wauwepex, the amphitheater was enlarged. The Sagamore ring was used for the first time for Ordeal Ceremonies. For the first time the Lodge used call-outs. There was a change in the Brotherhood procedure.

September 1, 1956 - August 31, 1957

Ray was elected as Chief at the Spring Weekend of 1956, but under the new procedure, he didn't take office until four months later. The new policy required each Lodge officer to undergo a period of training before formally taking office. Ray led 32 Buckskins to the National Conference at Indiana University in August, 1956. Further progress was made with the Camp Wauwepex ceremonial ring. Permanent seats and carved candelabrums were installed. The Lodge established a ceremonial ring and ceremonial teams at Onteora. An Orientation Committee was established to acquaint new members with the procedures of the order.

September 1, 1957 - August 31, 1958

The Buckskin Lodge was host for the Area 2-A Conclave held at Camp Wauwepex during the first month of Dick's term of office. George Smalling was elected Area 2-A Vice Chief. A feature of Dick's administration was informal Executive Committee meetings which alternated with regular meetings, and which proved very successful. The annual Banquet was held December 30, 1957, at the South Shore Inn. Dick established the new Policy Committee which then revised the "Bylaws" concerning the Home Troop Election procedure, new officers taking office, and the various duties of the Lodge Officers. In August, 1958, nineteen Brothers represented the Lodge at the National Conference in Lawrence, Kansas.

September 1, 1958 - August 31, 1959

During Leo's administration the Constitution was revised with new "Rules and Regulations" and the Lodge Handbook was finalized and issued. Dues of one dollar ("one Buckskin") per member made the Lodge self-supporting with 559 Brothers paying 1959 dues. The Lodge had an important part in an exceptional Scouting presentation at the Mineola Fair. The first OA totem pole was erected at the Onteora Scout Reservation. The new trading patch was selected.

September 1, 1959 - August 31, 1960

During Douglas' administration, Buckskin Lodge sent 45 Brothers to the Area 2-A Conclave held at a camp of Noteeming Lodge. Our Lodge was in charge of all discussion groups and held the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony. Dennis Langley from our Lodge was elected Area Chief. The Buckskin Dance Team won first place and retained the "coon" skin. Buckskin Lodge at Camp Wauwepex burned down and it was rebuilt by the end of the summer in 1960. The Lodge issued the new pocket trading patch.

September 1, 1960 - June 30, 1961

In Tom's administration, the Lodge Brotherhood method was changed. Instead of sending letters to those active 10 months or more, an invitation was put in the TAB for the benefit of those who had fulfilled the requirements. Those interested in sealing their vows sent in the required letter. The date of Lodge administration transfer was changed from September 1 to July 1. Because of this, Tom was in office for ten months. A record of 400 Arrowmen attended the Wauwepex Fall Weekend. On June 4th and 5th, 76 Brothers represented the Lodge at the Area 2-A Conclave held at Camp Baiting Hollow, in Suffolk County. 400 Brothers were inducted into the Lodge, largest of any year to date.

July 1, 1961 - June 30, 1962

Bob led 20 Buckskins to the 46th Anniversary National Conference held at Indiana University from August 21-24. Brotherhood procedure underwent another major change, with all reviewing of applications discontinued. Early in 1962, the very successful "Where to Go" Camping booklet was published. It included information on places to see, visit, camp, or hike in the New York, New Jersey, and Long Island area.

July 1, 1962 - June 30, 1963

An astounding total of 450 Buckskins attended the OSR Fall Weekend. A gift of $300 was given to construct a program shelter in the JLTC Program Area at Onteora. More than 770 Buckskins attended the 13th Annual Banquet. The Buckskin Tab as of April, 1963 had been changed. A better grade of paper, photo-offset printing, and type reduced to two-thirds of its original size were being used. Fifty Buckskins attended the Area 2-A Conclave. The Buckskin Chorus and Dance team performed at the Long Island Fair. The Camp Wauwepex Ordeal Ring was dedicated to Hector A. Donderi.

July 1, 1963 - June 3, 1964

Tom led 15 Bucksins to the 48th Anniversary National Conference at the University of Illinois. Our Headbands and Feathers brought praise and exclamation from all those who saw them. A new attendance record was set when over 500 Brothers attended the OSR Fall Weekend and a record was also set at the 14th Annual Buckskin Banquet. A gift of $550 was given to the Council for the purchase of row boats to be used at the Council camps. The Buckskin Amphitheater Monument was erected at Camp Wauwepex on the Spring Weekend where it served as a memorial to departed Brothers.

July 1, 1964 - June 30, 1965

Many Buckskin Lodge Brothers attended the National Jamboree at Valley Forge and heard an address by Dr. E. Urner Goodman at the OA Pow-Wow. Dick Blauvelt, who had served in the Council since 1949 as Scout Executive, retired and Donald W. Teisberg took up the reigns of leadership. Some of the most important changes in the "Bylaws" and "Rules and Regulations" were: (1) There would be two Little Lodge Chiefs; (2) Mail-in ballots would be used in elections, and (3) The Nominating Committee would put up a ballot of officers instead of a slate. The Buckskin Lodge Handbook was reprinted. The first Hootenanny was held in February, 1965. Many Brothers began work on the 50th Anniversary Award. An OA Training Course was held at Schiff Scout Reservation. Buckskin Brothers served as guides in addition to running booths at the Scout cavalcade. Buckskin Lodge was honored and privileged to run the first Ordeal of the Arawak Lodge in the Virgin Islands in 1965.

July 1, 1965 - May 31, 1966

Ken led thirty-two Buckskins and three members of the Arawak Lodge to the 50th Anniversary National Conference held at Indiana University. 58 Brothers earned the 50th Anniversary Award. Over 950 Arrowmen attended the Sixteenth Buckskin Banquet. A gift of $800 was made to the Council for purchasing rowboats at Wauwepex and furnishings in the Health Lodge at Onteora. The Lodge Jacket Patch was issued. We were accepted back into Area 2-J and a delegation attended the Area Training Conference held at Ten Mile River. On the ides of March, Lodge Chief Ken Westerberg was called to serve a larger organization -  the U.S. Army. Little Lodge Chief Ed Albinski was selected to finish out Ken's administration as Chief. Extensive changes were made in the "Bylaws" and the "Rules and Regulations." The date of inauguration of officers was changed from July 1 to June 1. The Fourth Edition of the Buckskin Lodge Handbook was printed.

June 1, 1966 - May 31, 1967

Under Tony's administration, Buckskin Lodge hosted the Area 2-J Conclave at Ten Mile River Scout Camp and 45 Brothers from the Lodge were in attendance. In the winter months, the first Lodge Ski Trip was held, along with the third successful Hootenanny Variety show. Work was begun on the new Buckskin Camp at Onteora on the first Buckskin Camp Weekend in the spring. Funds for the new Camp had been amassed through special trunk items and donations with the hope of building one campsite per year. Over 100 Brothers served cheerfully at the Spring Harkness Work Day. A supplement was added to the Fourth Edition of the Buckskin Lodge Handbook. Due to personal reasons, Tony resigned in April and Little Lodge Chief Bill Behrer was elected by the Executive Committee to complete the remaining months of Tony Salerno's term as Lodge Chief.

June 1, 1967 - May 31, 1968

Paul led twenty-five Buckskins to the 52nd Anniversary National Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Lodge served at the first Southworth Indian Lore Pow-Wow. Mike Kelly was elected Area 2-J Chief. A record 1021 Brothers attended the Banquet and the Lodge's active membership reached 2000 in December. The "Bylaws" and "Rules and Regulations" were revised to conform with the new National election procedure and membership qualifications and to update Lodge policy. Over 200 people attended the very successful Fourth Annual Hootenanny-Variety Show. A new membership record and address-o-graph plate lock-tab system were put into effect. In April a Lodge Officers Training Conference was held. Eight ceremonial costumes were made along with two ceremonial costume and bonnet display cases for Onteora and Wauwepex. The Inter-Relations Committee was established to achieved the goals of the Onward Arrowman Plan. Funds were raised for the Buckskin Camp and the Historian was given charge to the Buckskin Memorial Gateway at Wauwepex. A record of 1300 Scouts, Explorers, and Scouters were elected to Buckskin Lodge. The year culminated with the great 4-day fellowship and service weekend at Onteora.

June 1, 1968 - August 31, 1969

Under Don's administration, the effects of the new membership election requirements were realized with the induction of 1139 candidates during the summer and fall. The Area 2-J Conclave was held at Camp Wauwepex and Paul Plate was elected as the new Area Chief. Over 1200 Brothers attended the Banquet at the Garden City Hotel. Arrowmen served cheerfully at the Cavalcade in February. At the Inter-Relation Committee's booth over 100 uniform parts were collected and then mended by a group of senior citizens for Scouts needing uniforms. A special committee was established to evaluate "the growing pains" the Lodge was experiencing and they suggested and the Lodge approved to: 1) Change the Lodge Year to start on September 1, to provide for an improved summer operation and to allow for a smoother transfer of office; 2) Have the Lodge elections later in the spring; and 3) Appoint a chairman of each district to coordinate the OA in the district and encourage Arrowmen to be active in their own units. The committee also suggested that more service weekends with limited attendance and advance fee payments be conducted. As part of the BSA's Boypower '76 program, the Lodge established the 20th Anniversary Award, to encourage Buckskin's to become more active in the Lodge and Scouting, and to recruit new people into its programs. During the summer at Onteora the National Council took pictures of Buckskin Lodge in action which were used in the "National Standard Lodge" filmstrip. Nearly 600 candidates were inducted during the 1969 summer. With the change in Lodge year, Don was in office for fifteen months.

September 1, 1969 - August 31, 1970

As Lodge Chief-elect, Carlos led 38 Brothers to the National Conference, held at Indiana University in August of 1969. On September 3, 1969, Buckskin Lodge celebrated its Twentieth Anniversary as an Order of the Arrow Lodge. For the second year in a row the Area 2-J Conclave was held at Camp Wauwepex. The Lodge held two Fall Onteora Weekends, for the first time in its history. Ken Heim retired as Lodge Advisor after 18 years and was replaced by Joe DeCanio. The Inter-Relations Committee held a huge clothing drive for the victims of Hurricane Camille. Over 1300 Brothers attended the Banquet, which was held at the Garden City Hotel again. A supplement was printed for the Buckskin Lodge Handbook.

September 1, 1970 - August 31, 1971

Tom led a delegation of 70 Brothers to the Area 2-J Conclave at Camp Baiting Hollow. Buckskin's dance team won the dance competition. The dues collection procedure was simplified, with all Brothers being mailed a statement to be returned with their dues. The Ceremonial Committee was divided into two committees - the Ring Committee, which maintains the ceremonial rings; and the Costume committee, which maintains the costumes and bonnets. The Buckskin Bat made its appearance on the Wauwepex Fall Weekend. Over 1200 Brothers heard a rewarding speech by Dr. Tom Haggai at the annual Buckskin Banquet. Forty-five Buckskin Arrowmen earned the lodge's Twentieth Anniversary Award and were recognized at the Banquet. The method of printing for the Tab was changed to computerized typesetting which greatly improved its appearance and shortened printing time. A committee was established to look into the feasibility of building a Buckskin Lodge Cabin at Onteora Scout Reservation. A new national Ordeal election procedure went into effect which eliminated the Eagle bonus and required that a candidate must receive votes from a majority of the voting members of the unit. 78 Brothers attended the Ski Trip. The OA donated over $800 for paint and supplies to paint dining halls at Onteora and Wauwepex on the Spring Weekends and at summer camp. Due to the change in the Ordeal election procedure, fewer candidates were inducted. The Sixth Edition of The Buckskin Lodge Handbook was printed. A revised edition of the "Where To Go" Camping booklet was issued. Tom and a delegation of 9 Brothers went to the 56th Anniversary National Conference at the University of Illinois in August, 1971.

September 1, 1971 - August 31, 1972

As Lodge Chief-Elect, Gabe led a delegation of 9 Brothers to the 56th Anniversary National Conference in Illinois. He also led 23 Brothers to the Area 2-J Conclave at Camp Alpine and was elected Area Vice Chief. He later served on the committee for the revision of the National Order of the Arrow Handbook. One hundred and fifty bothers attended the OSR Service Weekend. The "Where to Go" Camping booklet was distributed to all units within the Nassau County Council. For the first time, Buckskin Lodge became a National Standard Lodge. The annual Buckskin Banquet was held at the Holiday Inn in Hempstead where over $100 worth of toys and games were collected for needy children. Dues were raised to $2 due to increasing costs for the Lodge. December also saw the passing of L. Kenneth Quick, the retired Ranger of the Harkness Training Center. Nearly 50% of the eligible Lodge members had sealed their vows in Brotherhood, higher than ever before. Brotherhood ceremonies would be held for the first time on the Spring Weekend at Onteora.

September 1, 1972 - August 31, 1973

During the summer, Buckskin helped celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Camp Wauwepex; and at Onteora, 250 new Brothers were inducted into the Order as well as 85 Brothers sealing their vows in the Brotherhood and 9 Brothers being called out to the Vigil Honor. 400 attended the Fall Service Weekend at Camp Wauwepex and 42 Brothers attended the annual ski trip at Vernon Valley in New Jersey. Over 600 Brothers attended the annual Buckskin Banquet held at the Malibu Beach Club where they were entertained by "Your Father's Mustache." The suggestion of creating a Nassau Historic Trail was investigated by the Lodge. Neil resigned in May and Little Lodge Chief Steve Isaacs was elected by the Executive Committee to complete the term. Operations at Onteora, Alder Lake, and Wauwepex saw 300 Brothers inducted and 68 sealing their vows in the Brotherhood. In August, seven Buckskins attended the first western National OA Conference held at the University of Santa Barbara. Also in August, Ed Gilmartin took over as the Lodge Staff Adviser from Joe DeCanio.

September 1, 1973 - August 31, 1974

225 Brothers attended the Fall Wauwepex Weekend. The Northeast Section 3A Conclave was held in September at Alpine Scout Camp, replacing the Area 2J Conclaves, and 13 Brothers attended the event. Brian resigned on December 2nd and Little Lodge Chief Mike Frazer was elected by the Executive Committee to finish the term as Lodge Chief. The 24th Anniversary Banquet was held at the Huntington Towne House with 694 Brothers attending. In preparation of the 25th Anniversary of Buckskin Lodge, a special 25th Anniversary Award was established. Requirements included serving as a taskmaster, guide, as well as attending ceremonies as a spectator, sealing your vows in the Brotherhood (if eligible), attending an Executive Committee Meeting, covering a Unit Election, completing a service project, earning five merit badges. (Eagle Scouts were exempt) and attending a Buckskin service project. In March of 1974, 11 Brothers hit the ski slopes of Great Gorge for the annual ski trip. Job specification reports were distributed to all members of the Executive Committee. Two new features were instituted on the Spring Weekend: The Spirit of the Arrow booklets were introduced as well as a film called the "Heritage of Service" featuring members of Buckskin Lodge. The 7th Edition of the Buckskin Lodge Handbook was also made available.

September 1, 1974 - August 31, 1975

220 new Brothers were inducted into the Lodge during the summer at OSR, 37 at Alder Lake and another 100 at Camp Wauwepex. Due to the diligence of the Ceremonial Committee, the Lodge's bonnets were repaired and a completely new set of podiums and costumes were made. Ten Buckskins attended the Section NE 3-A Conclave at Trimount Scout Camp. 208 Brothers and Sheepskins attended the Fall Service Weekend at Wauwepex. The 25th Anniversary Banquet was held at the Malibu Beach Club. The Banquet Committee presented a Silver Anniversary Review featuring a night club type stage show. Twenty-one Brothers received the 25th Anniversary Award. The 25th Anniversary pocket flap was issued two per Brother. 575 Brothers attended the Banquet. Also in December the new Dance team was formed after several years of inactivity. In February a new "Where to Go" booklet was being prepared. A yard/garage sale was held at Harkness Training Center. The sale, which was aided by Buckskin Lodge, was to help the Council's financial problems. Thanks to the efforts of two "anonymous" Brothers, the totem pole in the Ordeal ring at Onteora secretly received a desperately needed painting. On April 21, 1975 a truly remarkable man, Irving F. "Southy" Southworth, long time member of the council and a founder of the Buckskin Sons passed away. The lodge and council suffered a great loss. The Lodge helped out at the Scout Show at Eisenhower Park. The Lodge earned a National Standard Lodge Charter, the second time in its history. In June 80% of all troops held OA elections and Mike was appointed as a representative to the Area Scouting Committee.

September 1, 1975 - August 31, 1976

Alder Lake was no longer used as a full summer program out-post, so ceremonies were held only at Camp Wauwepex and Onteora: 50 Sheepskins were inducted at Wauwepex and over 200 at Onteora. Buckskin Lodge 32 Brothers attending Section Conclave at Camp Keowa, where we were invited to perform the Ordeal Ceremony. Brother Tony Marren was elected Section Vice Chief. Due to personal commitments which absorbed most of the time of Lodge Chief Mike Antonucci, he offered his resignation in late October and Little Lodge Chief Ken Reese was elected by the Executive Committee to finish the term as Lodge Chief. At the Fall Service Weekend at Camp Wauwepex, a special dedication and memorial ceremony was held in honor of Irving Southworth, Co-founder of Buckskin Lodge. Sixty-four Ordeal and six Brotherhood members were inducted at that weekend. Arthur Noble replaced Ed Gilmartin as the Staff Adviser. 450 Brothers attended the annual Buckskin Banquet where former Lodge Chief, the Reverend Dick Schaefer, gave the invocation. Support for Onteora continued as the Lodge donated $600.00 for sunfish sailboats. Another $700.00 was donated to the council for a Telephone Truck. Serious discussion began about forming two or more Chapters. $100.00 was used for Scout Camperships and another $200.00 for projects at summer camp. Wauwepex was closed as a summer camp operation in 1976.

September 1, 1976 - August 31, 1978

Zach was elected to the office in 1976, and for the fist time in the Lodge's history, he was re-elected in 1977. As Lodge Chief-elect, Zach ran the Lodge operations at Onteora in the summer of 1976. In September of that year, he led 23 Brothers to the Section Conclave at Beech Mountain Scout Camp. During Zach's first year as Lodge Chief, new camp promotion slides were prepared for council-wide use. Brothers began working on their 60th Anniversary Bicentennial Award. The Lodge served the council during its Bicentennial Scout Show at Eisenhower Park. The First Annual Halloween Party was held at the Fall Fellowship Weekend at Camp Wauwepex with over 250 in attendance. A District Committee Chairman system was created to be the OA contact for Scoutmasters and coordinate all OA activities within the districts. An abridged edition of the "Where to Go" Camping booklet was distributed to all Scoutmasters along with a guide to the Order of the Arrow and Buckskin Lodge. For the third time in the Lodge's history, Buckskin was honored as a National Standard Lodge. The Harkness Training Center, location of many Lodge workdays and Executive Committee Meetings, was torn down to make way for land development. $200.00 for camperships was donated as well as another $600.00 to the council for sunfish sailboats and $200.00 for materials used in Ordeal service projects at OSR summer camp. An Officer's Training Weekend was held in June at Camp Wauwepex. In 1977, Zach was re-elected and in September he led 68 Brothers to the Section Conclave - the largest contingent present. During the conclave, Zach was unanimously elected Section Chief while continuing to serve as Lodge Chief. New Brotherhood questions were introduced. The 28th Anniversary Banquet was held at the Malibu Beach Club with over 500 Brothers attending. Bob Peters replaced Russ Rensch, Sr. as Lodge Lay Adviser. In 1978, the Lodge Officers attended one of the first National Leadership Seminars at Camp Alpine. A "Buckskin Cabin" Committee was formed to draw plans for the proposed training center at OSR. A special patch was first issued at the Spring Fellowship Weekend at Camp Wauwepex. As with the previous year, $200.00 was donated for summer camperships and another $200 was donated for Ordeal service projects at Onteora. Zach received a letter from Council President Stan Blauser congratulating the Lodge for the service it had rendered over the years to the Nassau County Council. A handwritten letter was also received from the Founder of the Order of the Arrow, Dr. E. Urner Goodman, noting the growth of Buckskin. Following Zach's administration, plans were made to restructure the Lodge into Chapters.

Editor's note: A gap between Lodge Chiefs was due to a problem in renewing the Lodge's charter, which in turn resulted in a change in the start and end dates of officers.

March 9, 1979 - December 31, 1980

Henry J. Dosch, James Volpi, Mark J. Brophy and Thomas Barnes were elected to the positions of Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chief, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively at a reorganizational meeting on the evening of March 9, 1979. Joseph Scalise was named Lodge Adviser. National Chief Jeff Herrmann of Suffolk County Council's Shinnecock Lodge was in attendance. The Lodge was reorganized into Chapters - one Chapter per district - expanding and refining the previously used District Chairman system. A "Catch-up" Ordeal was instituted on the Spring fellowship Weekend to enable 1978 and 1979 candidates who did not take the Ordeal one final opportunity to do so. Chapters were asked to host Lodge events on a rotating basis, e.g., Council of Chiefs Meetings, Annual Banquet, Fellowship Weekends. The Lodge continued its support of the Campership program with donations of $400 in both 1979 and 1980. The Thirtieth Anniversary Banquet was hosted by the Reckou-Acke Chapter at the Holiday Manor of Hicksville. Three hundred and fifty-nine Brothers were in attendance. Nassau County Council initiated the 1980 and Beyond Capital Campaign and Buckskin Lodge played an active part. The Key Three researched and proposed to the Executive Committee that a project to build a craft lodge, to be called the Buckskin Craft Lodge, be funded at Onteora. The cost amounted to a $6,000 commitment to be paid over a three year period. The Craft Lodge would also serve as a suitable home for OA administration while at Summer Camp. The project was partially funded through the sale of a commemorative patch, buckle and mug. Wauwepex became the site of both Spring and Fall Fellowship Weekends and OSR the focus of summer activities. The "Old Buckskin Cabin", past site of OA Headquarters and the Trunk at OSR finally succumbed to the elements. Henry led a contingent of twenty-six Buckskins to the 1980 Section Conclave at Camp Siwanoy This Conclave also saw Buckskin's Howard Fishman elected Section Secretary. In March of 1980 Buckskin participated in and subsidized attendance at the National Leadership Seminar held at Reeves Lodge of Alpine Scout Camp. The Buckskin Tab was also resurrected. Vigil Honor selections were resumed after a one year hiatus. A new Pre-Ordeal Ceremony was unveiled at the Spring 1980 Fellowship Weekend. Increased involvement at the District level saw Chapters grow and begin to develop their own viable administrations. The Summer Ordeal at OSR was scheduled on Sunday instead of Monday to better comply with Camp programming. A Training Committee was formed and a weekend long training seminar based on the National Leadership Seminar was held in January 1981 at Reeves Lodge. Lodge Staff Adviser Arthur Noble passed the reigns over to Richard Kovatts. After a long hiatus, the decision was made to research the possibility of hosting a Section Conclave.

January 1, 1981 - December 31, 1981

During Steve's administration the Lodge's decline in membership was reversed as 258 Brothers were inducted to bring the membership to over 900. Plans were undertaken to reprint the Buckskin Lodge Handbook and the "Where to Go" Camping Booklet. Control of the mailing list was turned over to a computer and its reorganization was begun. Summer Camp brought the completion and dedication of the Buckskin Craft Lodge at Onteora. We were fortunate to send two representatives of our Lodge to the National OA Conference in Austin. In September Steve led a delegation of 44 Brothers to the Section NE-3A Conclave at Camp Keowa, where the Buckskins placed first in the ceremonial competition. In November, Buckskin Lodge was selected to host the 1982 NE-3A Conclave at Camp Wauwepex, corresponding with our 33rd Anniversary. The year was rounded out with the National Chief, Brad Starr, attending the Buckskin Banquet at the Huntington Towne House. Dave Osborne replaced Dick Kovatts as Lodge Staff Adviser.

January 1, 1982 - May 31, 1983

The Lodge year was changed to start on June 1st and end on May 31st. However, because Steve Kroll was attending an out-of-town school, Steve had to leave in December. A special election was held for Lodge Chief at the 1981 Fall Service Weekend when Lodge Treasurer Kevin Regan was elected to the position of Lodge Chief. During Kevin's administration many new programs and ideas were made. In the Spring, an OA Eagle Ceremonial team was formed through the efforts of some very ambitious and dedicated Lodge members. This team performed numerous ceremonies and made many Eagle Scout presentations. The Elangomat System was adopted in the spring as an effective tool to provide closer brotherhood during the Ordeal. A resolution was passed by the Council Chiefs stating that all officers were to be trained by the Lodge Training Committee in accordance with the National Leadership Seminar guidelines. Kevin was elected on the Spring Fellowship Weekend. Bob Brzozowski was elected Section Secretary at the annual Section Banquet. The Nationally recognized Buckskin Tab was revitalized and proved itself to be a very effective means of communication throughout the Lodge. The final payment on the Buckskin Craft Lodge at OSR was made. A new style tap-out was introduced at OSR. Under the direction of immediate past Lodge Chief Steven Kroll, with the help of Brother Howard Fishman and numerous committees, a highly successful and memorable Section NE-3A Conclave was held at Camp Wauwepex, commemorating Buckskin's 33rd Year of Cheerful Service and the Tenth Anniversary of Section NE-3A. A special book was printed on the occasion of these events. The theme for the Conclave was Buckskin's own "Brotherhood - Live it". Buckskin held on to its position as Section Ceremonial Champs. The 1982 Banquet was held at the Salisbury Inn where the Founder's Award was presented to a most deserving Jim Shields for many years of dedicated service to the Lodge and Scouting.

June 1, 1983 - June 5, 1985

Bob, the former Vice-chief was elected Chief on the Spring Fellowship Weekend. During Summer Camp, a plaque dedicating the Craft Lodge at OSR in the memory of Brothers "that had passed before us" was unveiled. Bob led a delegation of five to the National OA Conference at Rutgers University. During the Conference the Buckskin Tab was honored as a National Standard Newsletter. We were also recognized by the Region for our Lodge Training Seminar. Steve Kroll was elected Section Chief at the 1983 Conclave at TMR. Bob Rotunda replaced David Osborne as the Buckskin Staff Adviser. The 34th Banquet was held once again at the Salisbury on the Green where the 8th Edition of the "Where To Go Camping Booklet" was distributed. Our charter arrived in 1984 with the news that we had been selected as a National Honor Lodge. A Training Session was held at Reeves Lodge in January and a patch was made to identify the staff and participants. In the spring a crew of 15 Brothers braved the mud of Onteora to construct the Ken Heim Buckskin Memorial Council Ring on the former site of the Protestant Chapel. A special patch was offered for sale to pay for the ring. Jim Evans, Jr. succeeded Joe Scalise as Lodge Adviser. In the fall of 1984, Bob and a contingent of 43 Buckskins attended the Section Conclave at Baiting Hollow where Victor Varonier was elected Section Secretary. The 35th Anniversary Weekend was full of surprises and was perhaps the most lavish of all time. The 35th Anniversary patch was first offered for sale on this weekend. The end of 1984 also saw Dan Brandes as a new Staff Adviser and a return of the Buckskins to the Salisbury for the 35th Anniversary Banquet where the 8th Edition of the handbook was distributed as well as an anniversary mug. Past Lodge Chief Steve Kroll and Past Lodge Adviser Joe Scalise were honored as recipients of the Founders Award at the Banquet, which was attended by over 250 members. The Friends Academy Campus in Locust Valley was the setting for Lodge Training, attended by over 80 Lodge members. The Lodge Executive Committee decided that future weekends, beginning with the Spring Weekend would be chaired by the Little Lodge Chiefs rather than a chapter, which had been the practice since 1979. The Lodge Executive Committee approved a motion to donate material to build additional benches at the Buckskin/Ken Heim Memorial Campfire Ring. Actual construction took place at Beaver Day. Participants at the OA OSR Work Day took on the task of summer camp preparation, which was comprised mostly of removing tents that were hung from the rafters of the Council and Long Houses; the tents had been stored this way due to rainy weather during camp close down the previous summer. 91 members attended the Spring Weekend, including 8 new Ordeal members. Camp Wauwepex was prepared for the summer camping season, and Lodge Officer elections took place.

June 6, 1985 - June 2, 1986

Peter and his fellow officers were installed at Camp Wauwepex at the Spring Weekend. Changes in Onteora's summer program included one week of specialty camping followed by two weeks, one week, and two weeks of traditional home troop camping. The OA, under the direction of OA coordinator Tom Kane, conducted tap-outs and Ordeal inductions during the two week encampments and a tap-out only during the single week session. Another change was that tap-outs were held in the Buckskin/Ken Heim Memorial Campfire Ring, rather than the Parade field, which had been the practice for many years. 114 new Ordeal and 25 Brotherhood members were inducted over the course of the summer. A National Order of the Arrow Philmont Trek was held late in the summer, though no one from Buckskin attended. In September, Peter led 65 Buckskins to Camp Nooteeming, the new home of past Lodge Staff Adviser Dave Osborne. As the largest contingent in attendance, the tribe of Buckskins wearing headbands and feathers, proudly displayed for the Section the spirit for which Buckskin Lodge is renowned. Buckskin's own Mike Green and Tim Bono were elected Section Vice Chief and Section Secretary, respectively. In addition, Past Lodge Adviser Joe Scalise was asked to serve as Associate Section Adviser. The Fall Weekend resulted in the induction of 58 "Sheepskins" bringing the weekend attendance to 153. Projects included cleaning up the damage caused by Hurricane Gloria whose high speed winds ravaged much of Long Island some weeks earlier. Work was also done on the new COPE Course. Theresa's of Massapequa was the site of the Anniversary Banquet. Paid membership at year's end stood at 868. A third annual OA OSR Work Day was held, with 11 members attending. Buckskin Lodge continued its camp promotion efforts and participation in the Council's "86 in 86" program, the goal being to establish 86 new units in Nassau County in 1986.

June 2, 1986 - May 31, 1987

Tom was elected and installed as Lodge Chief at the Spring Weekend. At Onteora, where Alan Music was the OA Coordinator, 90 new Ordeal members were inducted. Brotherhood Ceremonies were held at a new Brotherhood Ring, due to the sale of the property where the previous ring stood. On Sunday June 9, 1986, the Buckskin / Ken Heim Memorial Campfire Ring was formally dedicated. Ken Heim had been the first director of Onteora. A plaque was presented to Mrs. Ken Heim, and a large entrance sign was unveiled at the entrance to the Ring, which incorporated the older memorial plaque from Camp Wauwepex. The days of "paste-ups" for the Buckskin Tab ended as the newsletter began being composed on a personal computer. In August, three Lodge members attended the National Order of the Arrow Conference in Michigan. Tom led a contingent of 30 Buckskins to the Conclave at Camp Trimount, where Past Lodge Adviser Joe Scalise was installed as the new Section Adviser. National Chief Dave Erb was in attendance. The Fall Weekend was attended by 174 members, including 83 new Ordeal members. An Ad Hoc Committee on membership Retention and Brotherhood Conversion was formed. As a result, a "Big Brother" program joining new and old members was established. Carrol A. Edson, Cofounder of the OA died on October 25, 1986. The Anniversary Banquet was held at the Knights of Columbus in Uniondale; over 180 attended, and each received a Anniversary Yearbook. "Italian General" Agusto FiFlorio provided the entertainment. Associate Lodge Adviser Irwin Green received the Founders Award. Lodge Training was held in Massapequa, and attended by 25 participants and 25 trainers and support staff; participants received diplomas and patches. 25 members participated in the 4th Annual OA OSR Work Day, where plastic souvenir mugs were distributed. The Lodge Executive Committee approved the expenditure of funds to purchase a computer for the camping secretary at the council office as well as the purchase of leatherworking and woodcarving tools for use in the Buckskin Craft Lodge at OSR. At the Spring Weekend, 27 new members were inducted. Jim Eva stepped down as Lodge Adviser, and Irwin Green was installed as the new Advisor.

May 31, 1987 - June 4, 1988

Dave was elected and sworn in as the new Lodge Chief on the Spring Weekend. At Onteora, where Dave was the OA Coordinator, 91 new members were inducted. In August, Dave led a group of members to a National Leadership Seminar at Rutgers University, along with representatives from 1 1 0 other Lodges from the Northeast Region. 44 Buckskins attended the Conclave at Camp Ranachqua at TMR; a highlight was a live reenactment of the OA legend followed by a professional fireworks display. 56 new Ordeal members were inducted on the Fall Weekend, which included a "same day" slide show of the weekend's activities. The 38th Anniversary Banquet was held at the Westbury Manor, where the entertainment consisted of an interchapter competition of amusing antics. A special slide show was also shown, which featured a tribute to Dan Brandes who was stepping down as Lodge Staff Adviser. Dan was the first recipient of a Gold Bordered Pocket Flap from the Lodge Chief. Longtime Lodge member Bob Courtlangus became the new Lodge Staff Adviser. Blue bordered pocket flaps were also issued to members of the Lodge Executive Committee. Lodge Training was held in Massapequa, where just 2 members were trained. The requirements for the 40th Anniversary Award were established, which required criteria to be met in personal, troop, and OA categories. At the Spring Weekend, 14 new Ordeal and 17 Brotherhood members were inducted.

June 5, 1988 - June 4, 1989

Gary was elected and installed as Lodge Chief on the Spring Weekend. Changes at Onteora included returning to having three Ordeals, with tap-outs held on Sundays, and Ordeal inductions on Wednesdays; 92 new members were inducted. The Lodge also sponsored a Scoutmaster's Lounge at OSR in the Buckskin Craft Lodge. Joe Finck served as the OA Coordinator. Six Buckskins attended the National Conference in Ft. Collins, Colorado, where past Lodge Adviser Joe Scalise was recognized with the Order's Distinguished Service Award. The Buckskin Tab, under editors Gary Hansen and Larry Altenberg, was recognized as a OA Honor Publication. Rick Balla succeeded Irwin Green as the Lodge Adviser in September. The Conclave was held in Camp Keowa at TMR, where national Chief Jeff Moser was in attendance. A patch design contest for the 40th Anniversary Pocket Flap began. At the Fall Weekend, 74 new Ordeal and 13 Brotherhood members were inducted; there was also a special slide show on the 1988 NOAC. The Banquet was held at the Swan Club, where comedian Dave Feinman provided the entertainment; Deputy Lodge Adviser Buddy Meyer received the Founder's Award. Lodge Training was canceled. Under Gary's administration, an ad hoc committee was established to study the OA's and Buckskin Lodge's mission. The Mission Study Committee issued its final report the following fall, recommending changes in the way the lodge, chapters, ordeals, and weekends were run. Changes that had been made at the National level regarding eligibility requirements for adults allowed female Scouters to be elected to the Order. Martha Lambert was elected as the Lodge's first female OA candidate.

June 4, 1989 - June 2, 1990

Tom Flood was elected and installed as Lodge Chief on the Spring Weekend. Onteora, Josh Friedman served as the OA Coordinator. Past Lodge Chief Tom Kane lead a crew of 4 members to the OA Trek held at Philmont Scout Ranch in August. Tom Kane also received the Founders Award. At the end of the summer Tom Flood resigned as Lodge Chief and Little Lodge Chief Malcolm Reilly became the new Lodge Chief. One of Malcolm's first duties was to lead Buckskin's hosting of the Section Conclave at Schiff Scout Reservation, with over 400 Arrowmen attending. Highlights included a campfire on Friday night, a mid-way on Saturday afternoon, and the presence of National Chief Jack Stephen The climax, however, was a never-to-be-forgotten Carnival in and around Hayden Hall, featuring a rollerskating clown (Jim Shields), a dunking booth, carnival games with prizes, old time black-&-white movies, and cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream. The OA National Committee announced the requirements for the Order's 75th Anniversary Award. Over 150 Arrowmen attended fall weekend, where the 40th Anniversary Pocket Flap was made available. Lodge Banquet was held at the Swan Club. Lodge Training was held in Massapequa, where Tom McHugh was presented with the Founders Award. The Spring Weekend was held in April, where lodge elections took place. Officers were, however, installed at a special Lodge Fellowship Day at Schiff in June.

June 2, 1990 - June 15, 1991

Tom was installed as Lodge Chief on the Spring Fellowship Day at Schiff. Tom was the OA Coordinator at Onteora where 128 new Ordeal members were inducted in 5 weekly Ordeal ceremonies; 29 Brotherhood members were also inducted. Past Lodge Adviser Jim Evans received the Founders Award. A highlight of the summer was the 25 member Lodge contingent that attended the National Conference in Bloomington, Indiana, and side trip to the national Scouting museum in Murray, Kentucky. The contingent leader and adviser were Bill Harvey and Doug Makosky, respectively. A NOAC pocket flap was issued for the occasion, which had a white border (general issue) and silver mylar border (contingent members). A NOAC neckerchief patch was also issued. A new members meeting was held in September. Tom led a contingent of 18 members to the Conclave at Camp Keowa at TMR; National Chief John Meckley was in attendance. A special feature at the Conclave was a special native ceremony presented by an unusually large contingent from Puerto Rico. At the Fall Weekend, 50 new Ordeal and 15 Brotherhood members were inducted. The 41st Anniversary Banquet was held at the Swan Club, where Todd Iredell received the Founders Award. A Training Weekend was held at Camp Alpine. A new Tab-shaped pin was presented to trained lodge members. Tom took office as the Section Vice-Chief. The Spring Weekend was held in April at Schiff, 14 new Ordeal and 10 Brotherhood members were inducted. Tom's term ended with a Special Rededication Day at Schiff where 43 members were recognized for earning the Lodge's 40th Anniversary Award with a pin which resembled the first Lodge patch, and could be worn on the 40th Anniversary Pocket Flap. 67 members were recognized for earning the Order's 75th Anniversary Award, which consisted of a golden turtle and arrow suspended on a national ribbon. A patch (printed and embroidered) was issued to participants, who also took part in a special rededication ceremony that national had provided for the Order's Anniversary.

June 15, 1991 - June 14, 1992

Alban was installed as Lodge Chief at the Rededication Day at Schiff. Alban was the OA Coordinator at Onteora, where 113 Ordeal and 24 Brotherhood members were inducted. At the end of the summer, Onteora was closed. A new pocket flap was issued, which restored the 24 "W"s to the perimeter of the flap, representing the original 24 members of Buckskin Lodge. Alban led a contingent of 8 members to the Conclave at Camp Pomperaug. Henry Nichols, an Eagle Scout infected with the virus that causes AIDS, was a guest speaker. National Chief Clint Takeshita was in attendance. Nearly 200 arrowmen attended the Fall Weekend, including 77 new Ordeal and 10 new Brotherhood members. Lodge dues were raised to $7 to provide additional funds to chapters. The Anniversary Banquet was held at the American Legion Post in Hempstead. Lodge Adviser Rick Balla received the Founders Award. In January, Alban was elected to the office of Section Vice Chief. Lodge Training was held in Massapequa Park, where a side activity was the collating of the 5th Edition of the " Where-to-Go" Camping Booklet, which was later distributed council-wide. Lodge Ordeal Election and Induction Rules were revised to permit candidates elected in the spring to be inducted in the spring, since there would be no summer inductions. A NOAC Pocket Flap was issued, once again with a white border (general issue) and silver mylar border (contingent members); as well as a neckerchief patch. The Spring weekend was held at Schiff Scout Reservation.

June 14, 1992 - June 6, 1993

Ed was elected and installed as Lodge Chief on the Spring Weekend. Many Nassau County Council troops attended summer camp at Camp Keowa at TMR following the closing of Onteora. Contingent Leader Bill Harvey and Adviser Doug Makosky led 37 members to the National Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. A highlight was our Founders Day booth, entitled, "A Long Island Experience". A side trip was made to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. Fred led a contingent of 21 members to the Conclave at Camp Siwanoy, where Past Lodge Chief Alban Plotkin was re-elected Section Vice-Chief. At the Fall Weekend, 80 new Ordeal and 21 Brotherhood members were inducted. The Buckskin Tab began a new feature, "OA Horoscopes", and an Honor Chapter Program was unveiled. Scouting's Green Bar Bill died in the Fall. The Anniversary Banquet was held on the campus of Hofstra University, where Buckskin Lodge member and White House Fellow Dr. Larry Jindra spoke to an audience of 138. Past Lodge Chief Alban Plotkin and Lodge Staff Adviser Bob Courtlangus received the Founders Award. Rick Balla stepped down as Lodge Adviser, and Charlie Firmbach was installed as the new Adviser. Rick passed on to Charlie a leather buckskin jacket that had belonged to Buckskin Co-Founder Irving Southworth, with the instructions that he care for it until it is passed on to the next Lodge Adviser. Lodge Training was held in Massapequa Park, where a new patch was issued (to which the previously issued training pin was attached) to recognize trained lodge members. The Spring Weekend was held at Schiff, when 135 new ordeal members were inducted.

June 6, 1993 - June 5, 1994

James was elected and installed as Lodge Chief at the Spring Weekend. James the Buckskin contingent to the Conclave at Alpine Scout Camp, where past lodge Chief Alban Plotkin was once again reelected Section Vice-Chief. National Chief Brian Beaverstock was also in attendance. The Fall Weekend was held at Schiff. Two plaques were installed in Schiff Scout Reservation, one in Hickox Dining Hall, and one in the Ordeal Ring. Listed on the one in Hickox Hall are the deceased brothers who dedicated service to our lodge. The Buckskin Memorial plaque, removed from the Buckskin-Ken Heim Ring at Onteora, was installed in the Ordeal Ring at Wauwepex. A total of 187 new members were inducted on the previous Spring and Fall weekends. Lodge dues were raised to $10 plus a $10 fee for late dues. The Anniversary Banquet was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in BeIlmore. The Special Guest at the Banquet was Teddy Roosevelt impersonator James W. Foot, and Council President Fred Meyer, who made a special presentation to Lodge Chief James 'Gomer' Flannery. The April edition of the Buckskin Tab reported "Chief De-Throning Attempt Failed"; it was an April Fool's issue. Lodge Training was held in Massapequa Park, with 20 participants and staff. At the Spring Weekend, 150 new Ordeal and 47 Brotherhood members were inducted.

June 5, 1994 - June 4, 1995

Frank was elected and installed on the Spring Weekend. Mike Cassano, NOAC contingent leader and Mark Ruskin, adviser, led eight members to the conference at Purdue University. A NOAC flap was issued in a very limited quantity. The Buckskin Tab received an Honorable Mention in the NOAC Publications Competition. Little Lodge Chief Dave Forras led 10 members to the Conclave at Camp Seaton, where Alban Plotkin was reelected Section Vice Chief. Following the Conclave, the Section was reorganized and Alban was elected Section Chief at a special meeting of the new Section NE-2C Council of Chiefs. Elangomat training became part of Chapter meetings to enable members to properly lead and guide ordeal members through their induction. 35 new ordeal members were inducted on the fall weekend; 14 Brotherhood members were inducted following a night out under the stars and a Sunday morning Brotherhood ceremony; also there was a Vigil Honor Ceremony, with Sean Brix and Frank Macchio receiving Vigil Honors. At the Lodge Banquet, the 45th Anniversary Pocket Flap was distributed, with numbered flaps going to those in attendance. The 45th Anniversary Edition of the Buckskin Lodge Handbook was also distributed. A highlight of the Banquet was past Lodge Chief Richard Ward (1955 - 56) sharing stories of Buckskin days gone. As well, Sean Brix and Bill Elliott were honored by receiving the Founder's Award. Frank also announced in his State of the Lodge Address that we attained Honor Lodge recognition from National, last received by Buckskin in 1988. Lodge training was held in April. Training Chairman Kevin Reilly led a small but motivated group of 8 Lodge members through the annual event. The Spring Service Weekend, under Little Lodge Chief (Weekends) Sean Cagney inducted 185 new Ordeal members, while 40 more members sealed their vows in Brotherhood.

June 4, 1995 - June 2, 1996

Sean was elected and installed at the Spring Service Weekend at Schiff Scout Reservation. One of his first duties was to lead a contingent to the NE-2C Conclave at Alpine Scout Camp in New Jersey. Over 20 members of Buckskin Lodge attended, some of whom were responsible for a few of the training seminars. Buckskin did a great job hosting the Native American dance exhibition, while during the Saturday night festivities, Buckskin came home with the largest prize, a 6' x 3' poster of the conclave patch. Alban Plotkin gave a stirring farewell speech as the outgoing Section Chief, and Tommy Chau was elected in his place. After the Conclave, the section was realigned again and is now NE-2A. The Fall Service Weekend was a success, with 46 new members taking their Ordeal, and 13 members sealing their vows in Brotherhood. Little Lodge Chief (Weekends) Anthony Eagan kept everything moving, and fed everyone steak as well! The Lodge Banquet, again at the Bellmore Knights of Columbus, offered a special pin for all the attendees. A "Phrenologist" was on hand to keep everybody entertained and laughing. The Founder's Awards were presented to Frank Macchio and Bill Fox Ill. The Lodge sponsored a camp promotions night in January at Kellenberg High School, with different area camps coming down to pitch their wares. Lodge Training, under the auspices of Anthony Eagan, was a success, even after being postponed due to snow! Some of our chapters were realigned, to match the shuffling of the Districts by Council. Merroque and Pequott combined to form Wulihan Chapter, serving the newly rearranged Pequott District. The Buckskin Tab came out with their first two color edition in April. At the Spring Service Weekend, Anthony Eagan had great success, leading 144 new members through their Ordeal, and having 41 Lodge members seal their vows in Brotherhood.

June 2, 1996 - June 8, 1997

Dominic was elected and installed at the Spring Service Weekend at Schiff Scout Reservation, in time to attend the 1996 National Order of the Arrow Conference, held at Indiana University in August. The group, led by Youth Contingent Leader Tom Liddy and Adviser Brian O'Neill, was 20 Buckskin members strong. They were joined on the bus ride by 12 members of Ona - Yote Lodge. Once there, Lodge members proceeded to make their mark in Bloomington Indiana, participating in many events and seminars. The Buckskin Tab, in the newsletter competition, earned Merit Recognition, and came in second place in the Northeast Region. The side trips to Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio were added bonuses to a great trip. Next up was the NE-2A Section Conclave, held at Alpine Scout Camp in New Jersey. Led by Dominic, the contingent consisted of 20 members from Buckskin Lodge. The Lodge hosted two training seminars; Elangomat Training and Quality Publications. During the OA Jeopardy competition, Buckskin emerged as champions. Elections found Robert Goberia new section chief and Dominic section secretary, (beating out two other contenders!). The Fall Service Weekend, run by Little Lodge Chief (Weekends) Carl Regelmann, was well attended. 41 new members went through their Ordeal, and 27 members sealed their vows in Brotherhood. The Banquet at the Bellmore Knights of Columbus was great for fellowship, as the guests were treated to a magic show, with the finale being Banquet Chairman Peter Kasin being guillotined! Lodge Training was well attended, as Training Co-Chairmen Carl Regelmann and Anthony Eagan put 35 members of Buckskin through their paces. The Spring Service Weekend was successful and well attended, as Carl Regelmann again ran everything smoothly. There were 57 new Ordeal Members and 24 members sealed their vows in Brotherhood, which took place on Friday evening for the first time.

June 8, 1997 - June 7, 1998

Carl was elected and installed at the Spring Service Weekend at Schiff Scout Reservation, and then attended the National Jamboree, where he was a part of the largest gathering of Arrowmen ever, with over 15,000 strong at the event After the Jamboree, he led 30 other members of Buckskin Lodge to the NE-2A Section Conclave, held at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp in Suffolk County. There were many informative sessions, including OA Jeopardy, hosted by Buckskin. Unfortunately, this did not give them an advantage as they came in second. Brian Danneker was elected new Section Chief for NE-2A, but Buckskin was realigned again, and is now in Section NE-2B, with Ken Jenkins as Section Chief. The Fall Service Weekend was well attended, despite the wet weather. Fred Otten, Little Lodge Chief (Weekends), led 102 new members through their Ordeal, ending with two indoor ceremonies. There were 17 members who sealed their vows in Brotherhood. The ceremonial team, under the leadership of Dave Harman, and despite Mother Nature, ran five fantastic ceremonies. A Brotherhood Day was held in November at Valley Stream State Park, allowing 48 brothers to seal their vows. The 48th Annual Lodge Banquet was held in Bellmore, with the many attendees enjoying the comedy of Kenny Warren and his "short friend". Carl announced in his State of the Lodge Address that Buckskin attained Honor Lodge status. Recipients of the Founder's Awards were Anthony Eagan and Gary Hansen, both well deserved. The "Service to America" project started this year, with the Lodge taking leadership in this national program. Lodge Training took place in February. As of April, 1998, Buckskin Lodge was realigned into a new Section, NE-3A. The Spring Service Weekend took place in sunshine, and much cheerful service was accomplished under the direction of Fred Otten. 132 new members went through their Ordeal, and 17 members attained Brotherhood.

June 7, 1998 - June 6, 1999

Ryan was elected and installed at the Spring Service Weekend at Schiff Scout Reservation. The Section Conclave took place at Camp Sequassen, Connecticut, with a large group of Buckskins attending. They made their presence known at the conclave by "pinning" the backs of unsuspecting brothers with clothespins announcing that Buckskin would be hosting the 1999 Conclave. Brian Dannecker was elected to a second term as Section Chief. The N.O.A.C. contingent traveled to Ames, Iowa in August under the direction of Youth Leader Matt Odwazny and Adviser Brian O'Neill. Five of our brothers competed in the Native American dancing, bringing home five ribbons among three of them, while our Buckskin Tab took an Honorable Mention. Onteora Scout Camp opened this year for the first time in seven years, with many Arrowmen taking part in its success, notably Jim Kent, Dave Barkstedt, Sr., and Rick Balla. The Ordeal Ring was rededicated in an excellent ceremony, and a Brotherhood ceremony was carried out. The Fall Service Weekend, run smoothly by Billy Zask, Little Lodge Chief (Weekends), was again successful, with service to Schiff Scout Reservation being done by the 65 new Ordeal members, 21 new Brotherhood members, and all else who came out to help. The new Lodge Where-To-Go book has been finished, under Chairman Tom Liddy and Adviser Steve Sassi. The second Brotherhood day was held in November, with 12 brothers sealing their vows. The Lodge Banquet, held on December 29th at the Bellmore Knights of Columbus was well attended, and guests were entertained by Magician Statler. Ryan announced in his State of the Lodge Address that Buckskin Lodge attained Honor Lodge Status again. Founder's Awards were given to Peter Kasin and Carl Regelmann. Lodge Training was held at Schiff Scout Reservation this year. It was well attended, offering seminars on history, chapter operations, high adventure camping, and Elangomat training. While there, cheerful service was also done with some clean-up and erosion control work accomplished. The Spring Service Weekend at Schiff Scout Reservation was held the first weekend in June, with many new Ordeal members being inducted. Service was done to prepare for the Section Conclave. Bill Zask did a super job of keeping everything organized.

June 6, 1999 - 2000

Tim was elected and installed at the Spring Service Weekend at Schiff Scout Reservation, just in time for the Section NE-3A Conclave that Buckskin hosted the next weekend. The weather was great and the many seminars, hosted by other lodges in the section, went very well. The afternoon activities were also well attended, with swimming, rappelling, and archery among the many events. The new Section Chief elected was Pat Boyd, and it was decided that future section conclaves will take place on the fourth weekend of August. Onteora was open again this year, and Buckskin Lodge held Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies, including a call out. Kevin Didden, OA coordinator at Onteora this year, did a great job of keeping things running smoothly. National introduced a new Boy Scout Leadership position - OA Troop/Team Representative. A 50th Anniversary Buckskin Lodge neckerchief was designed for the Banquet.

More information on later Lodge Chiefs can be found in the handboooks below.

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Buckskin Tab

Here are some past issues of the Lodge's newsletter. If you have additional copies to share please contact me. Thanks to Mike Kelly and Paul Plate for many of these issues. Mike sent in a letter with some interesting lodge statistics and a request for copies of the Tab that he is missing.

Vol. 12 #2 - October, 1962 NEW
Vol. 12 #3 - December, 1962 NEW
Vol. 12 #4 - January, 1963 NEW
Vol. 12 #5 - April, 1963 NEW
Vol. 12 #6 - June, 1963 (nis-labeled)
Vol. 13 #1 - October 1963
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Vol. 14 #2 - November 20, 1964
Vol. 14 #3 - December 14, 1964
Vol. 14 #4 - January 18, 1965
Vol. 14 #5 - March 17, 1965
Vol. 14 #6 - April 22, 1965
Vol. 14 #7 - May 1, 1965
Vol. 14 #8 - May 17, 1965
Vol. 14 #9 - June 23, 1965
Vol. 15 #1 - September 1, 1965
Vol. 15 #2 - November 10, 1965
Vol. 15 #3 - December 14, 1965
Vol. 15 #4 - January 18, 1966
Vol. 15 #5 - March 9, 1966
Vol. 15 #6 - April 9, 1966
Vol. 15 #7 - May 23, 1966
Vol. 15 #8 - June 23, 1966
Vol. 16 #1 - September 6, 1966
Vol. 16 #2 - October 5, 1966
Vol. 16 #3 - November 14, 1966
Vol. 16 #4 - December 20, 1966
Vol. 16 #5 - January 27, 1967
Vol. 16 #6 - February 10-12, 1967
Vol. 16 #7 - March 2, 1967
Vol. 16 #? - April 1, 1967
Vol. 16 #8 - April 5, 1967
Vol. 16 #9 - May 11, 1967
Vol. 16 #10 - March 2, 1967
Vol. 17 #1 - September 6, 1967
Vol. 17 #2 - October 14, 1967
Vol. 17 #3 - November 14, 1967
Vol. 17 #4 - December 16, 1967
Vol. 17 #5 - January 22, 1968
Vol. 17 #6 - February 10, 1968
Vol. 17 #7 - March 18, 1968
Vol. 17 #8 - April 8, 1968
Vol. 17 #9 - May 23, 1968
Vol. 17 #10 - June 24, 1968
Vol. 18 #1 - September 3, 1968
Vol. 18 #2 - October 14, 1968
Vol. 18 #3 - November 12, 1968
Vol. 18 #4 - December 16, 1968
Vol. 18 #5 - January 27, 1969
Vol. 18 #6 - February 14-16, 1969
Vol. 18 #7 - March 10, 1969
Vol. 18 #8 - April 7, 1969
Vol. 18 #9 - May 12, 1969
Vol. 18 #10 - June 30, 1969
Vol. 19 #1 - September 8, 1969
Vol. 19 #2 - October 13, 1969
Vol. 19 #3 - November 10, 1969
Vol. 19 #4 - December 18, 1969
Vol. 19 #5 - January 29, 1970
Vol. 19 #6 - March 18, 1970
Vol. 19 #7 - April 27, 1970
Vol. 19 #8 - August 15, 1970
Vol. 20 #1 - September 11, 1970
Vol. 20 #2 - October 16, 1970
Vol. 20 #3 - November 17, 1970
Vol. 20 #4 - December 18, 1970
Vol. 20 #5 - January 29, 1971
Vol. 20 #6 - March 5, 1971
Vol. 20 #7 - April 9, 1971
Vol. 20 #9 - June 18, 1971
Vol. 21 #1 - September 10, 1971
Vol. 21 #2 - October 12, 1971
Vol. 21 #3 - Movember, 1971
Vol. 21 #4 - December, 1971
Vol. 21 #5 - January, 1972
Vol. 21 #6 - February, 1972
Vol. 21 #7 - March, 1972
Vol. 21 #8 - April, 1972
Vol. 22 #5 - January, 1973

Buckskin Lodge Banquets

The Lodge held some amazing dinners each year, with a recap of the work weekends and other events of the year. Here are programs from several of these events. Please let me know if you have others to share.

December 29, 1960
December 28, 1961

Miscellaneous information

Odds and ends from the history of Buckskin Lodge. Please let me know if you have others to share.

1968-1969 Ballot

Where to Go

The Lodge has periodically issued "a guide to outings in Nassau, Suffolk, and the surrounding area." Although these are a bit dated they provide some interesting history of places you may have explored or camped at.

1962 edition

2002 edition

More Buckskin Lodge pages