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Over the years Buckskin Lodge has issued quite a few patches. Some were created for members to use on their uniforms or jackets, while others were intended more as a fund raising venture. Collecting all of them is quite a challenge, as many people collect OA patches from lodges other than their own, so there is a demand for Buckskin Lodge patches from non-members.

The numbers below the patches are from the Blue Book guide commonly used to catalog Scout patches. Please let me know if you have any of the ones marked WANTED or any others for sale or trade. Also, I would appreciate any information as to errors in these numbers or descriptions. There are many conflicting versions of these numbers, and some of the patches are hard to distinguish, so if you have any information, including the years issued, please let me know.

I have quite a pile of patches to scan and will update this page as soon as possible.

In addition to the lodge flaps, which are on their own page, there are also a wide variety of miscellaneous patches from Buckskin Lodge covered here.

Buckskin Division

The following patches were sold by Buckskin Lodge in the late 60s to raise money for the proposed third camp at Onteora. There was also a patch to raise money for a proposed Buckskin Cabin in 1978.

Buckskin Camp - 1967 1967 Buckskin Camp - 1968 1968 Buckskin Camp - 1968-1969 1968-1968
Buckskin Camp - 1969-1970 1969-1970   Buckskin Cabin - 1978 1978

Buckskin Lodge Council Shoulder patches

This set of patches was issued by Buckskin Lodge in 2009 to mark the Lodge's 50th anniversary.

Amangi Wullit Chapter - misspelledAmangi Wullit Chapter - misspelled Iroquois Chapter CSPIroquois Chapter Iroquois Chapter CSP - error versionIroquois Chapter - misspelled
Matinecock Chapter CSPMatinecock Chapter Wulihan Chapter CSPWulihan Chapter  

Jacket patches

J01 jacket patchJ01
This jacket patch tells the origin of the OA in pictographs. First issued in 1965 or 1966. 203x150mm
J01 in green jacket patchA rare version also exists with a different background (produced in error and not officially issued). The J02 patch is the same design as J01 but measures 205x150mm.
J03 jacket patchJ03
The same patch reissued for the lodge's 40th anniversary in 1989.
J04 jacket patchJ04
Issued from 1996-98 to acknowledge the new Council name.
2006 Jacket patch2006 Jacket patch
This patch is 6 inches in diameter.

Miscellaneous patches

X01 patchX01
This undated patch has an interesting error - the arrow is pointed in the wrong direction!
S19 NOAC set S19 with X02
1996 NOAC set
X03 patch X03
R01 patchR01 ZR01 patch (fake)ZR01
Unuathorized copy (fake) of R01
R02 patchR02
R03 patch R03 was issued in 1970 for the lodge's 20th anniversary R04 patch R04 (silk screened)
Issued in 1990
R05 patch R05 (embroidered)
Issued in 1990
R06 patch R06
Training patch circa 1999This patch is from approximately 1999. A member's Ordeal or Brotherhood pin is to be worn in the center over the silver tab. 1969 Conclave1969 Conclave
1982 ConclaveIssued for the 1982 Northeast Conclave held at Camp Wauwepex 1985 NE 3 Conclave1985 Northeast 3 Conclave 1989 Conclave
Matinecock Chapter from 1997 NOACMatinecock Chapter from 1997 National Jamboree Iroquois Chapter from 1997 NOACIroquois Chapter from 1997 National Jamboree
Wulihan Chapter from 1997 NOACWulihan Chapter from 1997 National Jamboree
Matinecock round - undatedMatinecock Chapter - undated   1999 Conclave1999 Section NE3A Conclave
(Exists in both pocket and jacket patch sizes)
Unknown ConclaveNE3A Conclave Unknown ConclaveNE3A Conclave Staff Unknown ConclaveRededication Day
Kuwe ChapterKuwe Chapter
Leadership SeminarLeadership Seminar
Leadership Seminar StaffLeadership Seminar Staff
2006 Conclave2006 Conclave 2007-2008 triangular
Amangi Wullit Chapter2007 Amangi Wulit Chapter
with S54 flap
2008 Four Piece Set2008
4 piece set
2009 Training2009 Training 2009 Joining Forces flapIssued in 2009 to help support the Council's camps.
"Joining Forces"
2009 Onteora flapIssued in 2009 to help support the Council's camps.
Onteora issue
2009 Schiff flapIssued in 2009 to help support the Council's camps.
Schiff Scout Reservation
100 Years of Scouting
2010 - HAVE
2011 Lodge Training2011 - Lodge Training
NE-2B Conclave - Delegate
2011 Indian Summer2011 Indian Summer 2011 Indian Summer2011 Indian Summer
2011 Indian Summer2011 Indian Summer 2011 Indian Summer2011 Indian Summer Arrows for Charity 5K RunArrows for Charity 5K Run
March 20, 2011
Order of the Arrow NE-2B Conclave 20122012
NE-2B Conclave
White border
Order of the Arrow NE-2B Conclave 20122012
NE-2B Conclave
Blue border
Order of the Arrow NE-2B Conclave 20122012
NE-2B Conclave
Silver border
2012 Conclave Staff2012
NE-2B Conclave - Staff
2012 Winter Banquet2012 Winter Banquet
This patch is 5 inches wide.
2013 Conclave
2013 National Jamboree2013 National Jamboree 2014 Spring Weekend2014 Spring Weekend 2017 - National Jamboree2017 - National Jamboree
2023 - National Jamboree2023 - National Jamboree Training - undated
Training - undated
Training - undated Training
Undated - gold border
2011 Lodge TrainingYear & purpose unknown
Lodge Trained - Blue Lodge Trained - Undated
Lodge Trained - Blue Lodge Trained - Undated
Lodge Trained
Round - silver
Lodge Trained - Black borderLodge Trained
Round - black border
Amangi Wullit ChapterAmangi Wulit Chapter - Misspelled Amangi Wullit Chapter  Fall Fellowship DayAmangi Wulit Chapter
(Again misspelled)
Undated Fall Fellowship Day
Amangi Wullit WulihanNimat
Amangi Wulit - Wulihan
Wulihan Chapter - 2015Wulihan Chapter - 2015
Wulihan Chapter
Blue & silverWulihan Chapter
Undated - Blue & silver
Arrows for Charity 5K RunPatriot 5K Run - Undated Undated Lodge Executive BoardUndated Lodge Executive Board

I will update this page with more patches and scans as time permits!

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