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Over the years Buckskin Lodge has issued quite a few patches. Some were created for members to use on their uniforms or jackets, while others were intended more as a fund raising venture. Collecting all of them is quite a challenge, as many people collect OA patches from lodges other than their own, so there is a demand for Buckskin Lodge patches from non-members.

The numbers below the patches are from the Blue Book guide commonly used to catalog Scout patches. Please let me know if you have any of the ones marked WANTED or any others for sale or trade. Also, I would appreciate any information as to errors in these numbers or descriptions. There are many conflicting versions of these numbers, and some of the patches are hard to distinguish, so if you have any information, including the years issued, please let me know.

I have quite a pile of patches to scan and will update this page as soon as possible.

Pocket flaps - standard issues and Lodge milestones

Let's start with the most common style of lodge patches, the pocket flap. The first group is for the flaps intended for long-term wear on the uniform. The National Order of the Arrow Conference ("NOAC") flaps and other NOAC patches are listed below.

F01 flapF01
First Buckskin Lodge flap, issued in 1960. Almost rectangular: 49x130mm
ZF01a flap ZF01
An unauthorized copy (fake) of the first lodge 412 flap
F02a flap F02a
53x126mm, with a 7mm inner border
F02b flap F02b
53x124mm, with a 8mm inner border;
W's not uniform
F03 flapF03
53x121mm, with a 10mm inner border
F04 flap F04
800 of these flaps were made for NOAC 1992
F05 flap The F05 is the same design as the F04, but with a silver Mylar border. Only 220 were made.
F06 flap The F06 is the same design as the F04, but with a gold Mylar border. Only 20 were made.
S01a flap S01a
Issued in 1965. Ears point straight up; 53x125mm
S01b flap S01b
Ears point straight up; 51x120mm
S02 flap S02
Ears point straight up; white border
S03a flap S03a
Ears point back; orange W's are higher; white border
S03b flap S03b
Ears point back; W's are even height; white border
S04 flap S04
25th Anniversary (1974)
White FDL; horizontal stitch for black; top green horizontally stitched; issued 1981
White vertically stitched FDL; vertically stitched black and green; 5mm high letters
S07 flap S07
35th Anniversary (1984)
Probable white FDL; vertical stitch green and black; 6mm high letters
Probable white FDL; vertical stitch black
S10 flap S10
White FDL; vertical stitch black; plastic back
S11 flap S11
S12 flap S12
Same design as S11, with a silver Mylar edge
S13 flap S13
40th Anniversary (1989)
S14 flap S14
White FDL; 8 white W's; white edge
Same design as S14 but with a blue edge
S16 flap S16 S17 ??
Probable: Same design as S14 but with a gold Mylar edge
S18 flap S18
Issued for the 45th Anniversary. A total of 400 were made, with 199 numbered flaps for those attending the annual banquet.
S18a flap S18a ??
Orange FDL at bottom; 24 W's which do not touch border; plastic back
S18b ??
Same design as S18a, but W's touch top border
Wolf has no forehead
S21 flap S21
Issued 1996-2001. The wolf on this one bears a strange resemblance to the state of Connecticut! Plastic back.
S23 flap S23
50th Anniversary (1999)
S24 flap2000 - A New Millenium
S24 variant flap Number unknown
This is a numbered variant of the S24
2001 flap2001 - Standard version
White border
2001 flap2001 - Officer's version
Blue border
2001 flap2001 - Chief's version
Gold border
2001 flap2001 - Advisor's version
Silver border
2005 National Jamboree
2005 - Standard version2005 - Standard version
White border
2005 - Chief's version2005 - Chief's version
Gold border
2005 - Officer's version2005 - Officer's version
Blue border
2005 - Standard version2005 - Advisor's version
Silver border
2016 First National Officer2007
2009 - 60th Anniversary
2009 - 60th Anniversary - Numbered2009 - 60th Anniversary - Numbered 100 Years of Scouting2010 - 100 Years of Scouting
100 Years of Scouting2010 - 100 Years of Scouting
Centennial Member
Spring Weekend 2014Spring Weekend 2014 2015 - Centuries of Service2015 - Centuries of Service
2016 First National Officer2016 First National Officer 2019 - 70th Anniversary2019 - 70th Anniversary

National Order of the Arrow Conference ("NOAC") flaps and patches

This patches were issued for those members attending the National Order of the Arrow Conference ("NOAC"). In recent years a wide variety of patches have been produced for these events and sold as fund-raisers for the Lodge and the attending Scouts.

P01 neckerchief patch for 1990 NOACP01
Neckerchief patch for 1990 NOAC
P01 neckerchief patch for 1990 NOACP01
Neckerchief patch for 1990 NOAC
P01 neckerchief patch for 1992 NOACP02
Neckerchief patch for 1992 NOAC
    1994 NOAC flap1994 NOAC
S19 NOAC set S19 with X02
1996 NOAC set
S22 NOAC set S22 with X04
1998 NOAC set
2000 NOAC Delegate flap2000 NOAC Delegate
2000 NOAC Ordeal flapS25
2000 NOAC Ordeal edition
2000 NOAC Brotherhood flapS26
2000 NOAC Brotherhood edition
2000 NOAC Vigil flapS27
2000 NOAC Vigil edition
2002 NOAC Delegate flap2002 NOAC Delegate edition 2002 NOAC silver border
2002 NOAC - Alawolf Sakima flap2002 NOAC - Allowat Sakima
2004 NOAC Ordeal flap2004 NOAC Ordeal edition 2004 NOAC Brotherhood flap2004 NOAC Brotherhood edition 2004 NOAC Vigil flap2004 NOAC Vigil edition
2005 issue
Four variants
2006 NOAC - Ordeal2006 NOAC - Ordeal 2006 NOAC - Brotherhood2006 NOAC - Brotherhood
2006 NOAC - Vigil2006 NOAC - Vigil 2006 NOAC - Delegate (red)2006 NOAC - Delegate (red) 2006 NOAC - Delegate (white)2006 NOAC - Delegate (white)
2006 NOAC - Delegate (blue)2006 NOAC - Delegate (blue) 2009 NOAC CSP
Gold border
2009 Conclave Delegate2009 NOAC Delegate
2009 NOAC Ordeal edition
2009 NOAC Brotherhood edition
2009 NOAC Vigil set2009 NOAC Vigil edition
2009 NOAC Scrip - front2009 NOAC Scrip - front 2009 NOAC Scrip - back2009 NOAC Scrip - back 2010 National Jamboree2010 National Jamboree
This patch has a sound chip embedded.
2012 NOAC flap - Delegate2012 NOAC Delegate flap 2012 NOAC flap - Wulihan2012 NOAC flap - Wulihan
"Listen to these admonitions For Guidance on your Journey"
2012 NOAC pocket patch - Meteu2012 NOAC pocket patch - Meteu
2012 NOAC flap - Wulihan2012 NOAC flap - Amangi Wulit
"Let us try to Find the Arrow"
2012 NOAC pocket patch - Kichkinet2012 NOAC pocket patch - Kichkinet 2012 NOAC flap - Matinecock2012 NOAC flap - Matinecock
"Who Among You Now is Ready"
2012 NOAC flap - Matinecock2012 NOAC pocket patch - Allowat Sakima 2012 NOAC flap - Iroquois2012 NOAC flap - Iroquois
"Awake My Friends"
2012 NOAC pocket patch - Nutiket2012 NOAC pocket patch - Nutiket
2015 NOAC Delegate2015 NOAC Delegate 2015 NOAC - purple/green2015 NOAC
Purple with green border
2015 NOAC - black/blue2015 NOAC
Black with blue border
2015 NOAC - blue/yellow2015 NOAC
Black with blue border
2018 NOAC Delegate2018 NOAC Delegate
100 issued
Matinecock Chapter - Northern Tier2018 NOAC
Matinecock Chapter - Northern Tier
100 issued
Amangi Wulit Chapter - Summit2018 NOAC
Amangi Wulit Chapter - Summit
100 issued
Iroquois Chapter - Philmont2018 NOAC
Iroquois Chapter - Philmont
100 issued
Wulihan Chapter - Sea Base2018 NOAC
Wulihan Chapter - Sea Base
100 issued
NOAC 2022 - Delegate flap2022 NOAC Delegate
100 issued
NOAC 2022 - Sailboat2022 NOAC
250 issued
NOAC 2022 - Fishing2022 NOAC
250 issued
NOAC 2022 - Crab2022 NOAC
250 issued
NOAC 2022 - Lighthouse2022 NOAC
250 issued

Buckskin Lodge has issued quite a few other patches. Use the menu box below to see them or the lodge neckerchiefs.

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