Everyone knew there would be a lot of welding for all of the monkeys and other design elements so work started right away on building the float. All of this work is done by unpaid volunteers who devote an amazing amount of time each year.

Bare chassis

Here's the float chassis, all stripped down and cleaned up from the last float. The pole and "blob" on the top were there to give a rough idea as to where the gorilla would be positioned.


Last year this was a horse and this year it's going to be a giraffe. We were able to re-use the basic body and add on the long neck and legs to create the giraffe. The neck had to be made strong enough to support the weight of the monkeys and their hoses. A motor would later be added so the neck could move back and forth. In float building and scoring, the more animation the better..

Mother bird

Sometimes it takes a bit of imagination to know just what you're looking at. This odd assortment of welded bits of metal is the framework for our mother bird. She had to be quite large so she would have enough details to show the fear on her face as she called for help.

Monkey head

The sculptor had a very busy year this time due to the much larger than usual number of figures that would be on the float. Here one of the monkeys that will be swinging on the pump handle is taking shape.

Foamed float

More months have passed and the float has moved through the construction process right on schedule. Here it has been covered in wire mesh and foam, and is getting ready for the decorating to begin.

It had taken a lot of work to get to this stage, but the best was yet to come!

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