Walt Disney's Zorro

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During the research for my book The Wonderful World of Disney Television and this website I used many magazine and newspaper articles. Here's a list of some of the ones I found.

Wherever possible, I have included the actual title of the article, with the subject in parentheses. Sorry, I can't make copies of these for you, as many were found in the files of The Walt Disney Archives. Have fun searching at your library! Please let me know if you have any additions to the list.

Associated Press
3/06/83 Henry Darrow and "Zorro and Son"

Brooklyn (NY) Daily News
3/07/57 (Zorro)

Chicago (IL) Tribune
5/08/89 Guy Williams, television's Zorro

Hollywood Reporter, The
4/15/83 TeleVisions ("Zorro and Son")

Junior TV - The Television Magazine for Children
9/58 (Zorro, Annette Funicello)

Life Magazine
8/18/58 The Mark of Zorro

Longview (WA) Daily News
12/27/58 Guy Williams Stars on TV As Zorro, Don Diego

Los Angeles (CA) Times
5/08/89 Guy Williams, "Zorro" of TV Series, Dies at 65
6/22/89 Lost in Memories (Guy Williams)
3/21/93 'Zorro' Makes Its Mark

New York Daily News
4/13/58 At home with Zorro

New York Herald Tribune
12/14/58 Behind the Mask of Zorro

New York Times, The
10/12/58 Zorro - TV Cut-up

Pasadena (CA) Star News
11/23/58 Zorro to Liven Disneyland Show

Star, The
4/05/83 New TV show will poke fun at an aging superhero ("Zorro and Son")

‘Teen Magazine
4/59 Why Everyone Adores Disney's Newest Star! (Annette and "Zorro")

Televue Magazine (Supplement to The Washington Star)
11/17/57 (Zorro)

TV Guide
10/05/57 (Zorro)
1/04/58 (Zorro)
4/26/58 Zorro Foiled His Rivals (Guy Williams)
8/09/58 (Zorro)
10/04/58 Match For Zorro, A (Jolene Brand)
3/10/62 (Guy Williams)
9/24/66 He Means It (Guy Williams)
4/09/83 Z-Rated Dialogue ("Zorro and Son")

TV Radio Mirror
1/58 (Zorro)

TV-Radio Life
11/02/57 Disney Launches a Swashbuckler ("Zorro")
1/04/58 Will Zorro Be Another Davy Crockett Smash?

6/17/58 Portland Foes Ired as 'Zorro' Mounts Car But Not Horse
3/31/83 Disney 'Zorro and Son' To Cut Up On Small Screen
4/06/83 "Zorro and Son" (review)

Washington (DC) Post, The
5/09/93 The Mark of 'Zorro' Intact After 35 Years

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