Walt Disney's Zorro


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Over the years there have been hundreds of items based on the Zorro legend. It's often difficult to tell which ones were based on the Disney production, but happily the Disney lawyers did a good job of getting a Studio copyright on them somewhere.

I do not sell Zorro merchandise, so please don't ask me to sell you parts of my own collection. The best places I have found to buy it are eBay or Hakes Americana. Good luck bidding!

Each of the links below features a look at some of these gems of years past. Due to the overall volume it is impossible to include every item, and picture sizes had to be limited. Even with these limitations, though, it should give you a good idea of the treasures out there waiting to be discovered. Only items based on the Disney series are included. At the moment I have focused on items sold in the United States but hope to add items sold overseas at a later time.

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