Zorro Episode Descriptions

Season 1: 1957-58

Starring: Guy Williams (Zorro and Don Diego), Henry Calvin (Sergeant Garcia), Gene Sheldon (Bernardo), George J. Lewis (Don Alejandro).

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Presenting Señor Zorro Link button

Airdate: 10/10/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres), Than Wyenn (Licenciado Piña). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Norman Foster, Bob Wehling.

The story of the masked rider in Old California opens as Don Diego de la Vega is returning to California from Spain, where he has been studying for several years. He passes the time at sea by fencing with the ship's captain, who tells him that the Pueblo de Los Angeles is under the rule of a cruel dictator, Capitan Monastario. This helps Diego understand the meaning behind a vague letter his father had sent urging him to return home.

Realizing that open opposition to Monastario and his troops would be fruitless, Diego decides to work in secrecy. He assumes the role of a foppish student more interested in books than in swordplay. To protect his true identity, Diego will become El Zorro - "The Fox". His servant Bernardo, a mute, also takes on a new role when he decides to pretend he is deaf, thus allowing him access to secrets he can share with Diego.

Not long after they arrive in Los Angeles, the travelers are provided with proof of the capitan's cruelty. Don Ignacio Torres, a neighbor of Diego's, is thrown into jail for treason, and others are jailed for taxes they cannot pay. Diego notes the injustices in silence before traveling to his father's hacienda.

Diego's arrival first pleases then saddens his father, Don Alejandro. Diego decides not to endanger him with knowledge of his plans, and the older man's pain at his son's seeming inaction provides even greater incentive for Diego to ride as Zorro. He takes Bernardo to a secret valley where a beautiful horse has been cared for while Diego was away. Tornado will remain hidden until Zorro is ready to appear.

Zorro's first act is to save the life of Torres, whom Monastario plans to release and then kill, claiming the prisoner had escaped. Sneaking into the fort, Zorro loosens the saddle straps on the soldiers' horses so they can't interfere. He then frees Torres, who escapes while Zorro battles the capitan. With Monastario locked in one of his own cells, Zorro rides off without fear of the lancers, while their leader, the bumbling Sergeant Garcia, fearfully frees his capitan. Zorro parts ways with a grateful Torres, promising that he will continue to fight injustice.

Zorro's Secret Passage Link button

Airdate: 10/17/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Eugenia Paul (Señorita Elena Torres), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres), Pat Hogan (Benito). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Antony Ellis.

Diego continues to develop his dual persona as Zorro by moving Tornado to a secret cave beneath the hacienda, and he shows Bernardo a series of tunnels and hidden doors built into the house's walls. He then rides to the mission to check on the safety of Don Ignacio Torres, who is hiding from Monastario.

When he returns home there is an unpleasant surprise waiting, for Monastario has come prepared with a mask and cape much like Zorro's. To discover Zorro's true identity, Monastario plans to make each man in the pueblo don the costume, but he changes his mind when he sees how awkward Diego is. To further convince Monastario, Diego insists on wearing the mask and fencing with the capitan, who agrees laughingly that Diego cannot be Zorro.

The commandante does suspect someone in the household, however, for he has noted a resemblance between Zorro and Benito, the chief vaquero. When Benito cannot supply an alibi for the time Zorro has appeared, Monastario's suspicions are confirmed. Intending to kill him, the commandante challenges the younger man to a duel, only to be interrupted by the real Zorro. The outlaw tricks the lancers into following him, thus drawing their attention away from Benito.

Zorro Rides to the Mission Link button

Airdate: 10/24/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Jackson Gillis, Malcolm S. Boylan. Acknowledgment: The Franciscan Padres of Mission San Luis Rey at Oceanside, California.

Torres' safety at the mission is imperiled when a peasant informs Monastario of his hiding place and the lancers ride to surround the church. Monastario tries to enter the mission but is blocked by Padre Felipe, who demands that the soldiers leave without violating the sanctuary of the church. Otherwise, he warns, Monastario will face the wrath of the people. Instead, the capitan forces the local Indians to build a road through a rocky area, vowing to continue the work until Torres surrenders.

The cries of the slave workers are soon heard at the mission and Torres decides to surrender to spare them further hardship. Just as Torres walks out to give himself up, Zorro arrives and frees the Indians, who flee into the hills.

The Ghost of the Mission Link button

Airdate: 10/31/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Norman Foster. Acknowledgment: The Franciscan Padres of Mission San Luis Rey at Oceanside, California.

Monastario has a new plan to capture Torres. He claims the captured Indian was part of a plot to raid the mission, which enables the soldiers to occupy the church for its "protection" and hopefully then seize the fugitive. Hoping to drive Torres out of his hiding place, Monastario sends his men inside with orders not to let any food or water into the church.

Zorro tries to foil the plan by sneaking food to the prisoner but instead he narrowly escapes being caught himself. He then decides to use psychology on the soldiers by telling Garcia a tale about the ghost of a mad monk that haunts the mission. That night, Zorro and Bernardo scare away the soldiers by impersonating the "ghost", and Torres manages to escape. A furious Monastario orders all the roads blocked, hoping to catch Torres before he can leave the area.

Zorro's Romance Link button

Airdate: 11/07/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres), Eugenia Paul (Señorita Elena Torres), Madeleine Holmes (Dona Luisa Torres). Directed by: Lewis R. Foster. Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas. Song Elena by: Gil George, Joseph S. Dubin.

Following Torres' escape from the mission, Monastario and his men ride to the escapee's home hoping to find him hiding there. Diego also decides to visit to tell the family that Torres is safely on his way to Monterey, only to be discover Torres hiding in the wine cellar. The fugitive had tried to see his family before leaving town, and now Diego must find a way to spirit Torres out from under Monastario's nose.

Several attempts fail, for the capitan is certain that his quarry will appear and refuses to be tricked into leaving. Also, there's Elena, Torres' pretty daughter, to occupy his time. In an effort to dissuade Monastario, Diego awkwardly proposes to Elena, which further confuses the commandante. Diego then decides to take sterner measures by knocking Monastario unconscious and sneaking Torres out in the capitan's uniform. He adds insult to injury by tricking Garcia into providing an escort for the fake Monastario, and then takes Torres to a place of safety.

When Monastario recovers, he begins to suspect that Diego has had something to do with these events until he discovers him tied and gagged in a storeroom.

Zorro Saves a Friend Link button

Airdate: 11/14/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Eugenia Paul (Señorita Elena Torres), Madeleine Holmes (Dona Luisa Torres), Pat Hogan (Benito), Than Wyenn (Licenciado Piña). Directed by: Lewis R. Foster. Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas. Song Noche Triste by: Jaime Mendoza-Nava.

Monastario tries a new plan to convict Torres and to capture Zorro. The Torres women are taken into the cuartel and placed in the stockade for all the townspeople to see, and Monastario announces that they will be kept there until they sign a statement acknowledging Torres as a traitor. Padre Felipe and Diego visit the capitan but find him adamant, despite their warnings that the people are growing resentful of the mistreatment of the women. One person is particularly upset; Benito cannot stand to see his beloved Elena held in jail unjustly. That night a masked figure slips into the cuartel hoping to free the prisoners but is captured by the waiting Monastario. The commandante then orders Benito hanged immediately unless the women sign the statement.

Although they don't wish to see Benito harmed, Elena and her mother cannot bring themselves to turn against Torres, so it appears the man is doomed. When the time for the execution arrives, a priest meets Benito at the gallows, only to pull back his cowl and reveal himself as Zorro. The two outlaws battle their way free of the cuartel, leaving Monastario with yet another embarrassing defeat.

Monastario Sets a Trap Link button

Airdate: 11/21/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Than Wyenn (Licenciado Piña), Eugenia Paul (Señorita Elena Torres), Madeleine Homes (Dona Luisa Torres). Directed by: Lewis R. Foster. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley. Television Story by: Joel Kane.

Don Alejandro's visit to inspect prison conditions at the cuartel produces an unexpected result when the Torres women assure him they've been well treated. He later learns that this is another one of Monastario's tricks. The wily commandante has told the prisoners that he captured Torres and will torture him if they complain to Don Alejandro.

Deciding to take matters into their own hands, the outraged landowners make plans to rush into the pueblo to seize control of the cuartel and free the prisoners. One of Monastario's informants tells the villain of the impending attack whereupon he sets a trap, intending to kill the dons to be rid of them without the need for a trial. Realizing the peril his father and the others face, Diego rides into town dressed as Zorro hoping to trick Monastario into springing his trap too early.

When the capitan refuses to chase after him and instead stays in hiding waiting for the dons, the outlaw returns to the pueblo just as the men arrive and he sounds the alarm. Zorro helps the dons escape but Alejandro is seriously wounded and Zorro must carry him to safety aboard Tornado.

Zorro's Ride Into Terror Link button

Airdate: 11/28/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres). Directed by: Lewis R. Foster. Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas.

Zorro rushes his wounded father to the secret cave where Tornado is stabled and tries to tend to his wounds, a task made more difficult by the fact that Alejandro has become delirious from infection. Monastario leads his men to the hacienda hoping to find Alejandro there, and Diego barely has time to doff his costume before the soldiers enter. Still wary of Diego, the capitan places him under arrest and orders his men to search the grounds for his quarry.

Diego foils Monastario's plans by getting Garcia and his men drunk so he can return to the cave and care for his father, but Alejandro has stumbled outside and one of the lancers spots him. Monastario decides to have a bit of cruel sport and tracks the old man like an animal until Zorro angrily stops him. The outraged commandante chases the outlaw until they meet a patrol of soldiers from the capital who are escorting Torres under orders from the governor. The soldiers extend their protection to Alejandro, leaving Monastario to chase Zorro, who soon escapes back to the hacienda.

A Fair Trial Link button

Airdate: 12/05/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Henry Calvin (Sergeant Garcia), Sebastian Cabot (Judge Vasca), Gene Sheldon (Bernardo), George J. Lewis (Don Alejandro), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres). Directed by: Norman. Foster. Teleplay by: Jackson Gillis, Bob Wehling

Don Alejandro and Torres have surrendered to Monastario on advice from the governor, who has promised them a fair trial. The governor has sent Judge Vasca, known for his honesty, to Los Angeles to conduct the trial, but the capitan has other plans. He sends Garcia and a party of lancers northward to meet the Judge and delay him. This will allow the capitan's henchman, Licenciado Piña, to conduct the trial in his absence and sentence the prisoners to death.

Diego worries that Monastario may attempt such a plan so he shadows Garcia to the inn where Vasca is spending the night. The sergeant challenges the portly jurist to an eating contest but discovers he is not able to keep up with his opponent. Zorro then sees the sergeant drug the judge in an attempt to keep him from reaching the trial. Zorro, in turn, drugs Garcia's wine and sends the sleepy judge off to Los Angeles. Zorro rushes to the pueblo, where he finds that Monastario has already started the trial and Piña is conducting a mockery of justice. Monastario is amazed, however, when Piña suddenly announces a verdict of "not guilty", for Zorro has snuck up behind Piña and is holding a sword against his back.

To further complicate matters, the missing judge arrives, and Monastario realizes he cannot win this battle. The scheming commandante turns the misfortune to his advantage by smilingly telling the judge he had ordered the "not guilty" plea to prove his fairness.

Garcia's Secret Mission Link button

Airdate: 12/12/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Frank Yaconelli (Pancho), Nick Moro (Pepe). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Antony Ellis.

The normally easy duty of raising the cuartel's flag turns into a problem for Sergeant Garcia when he discovers that Zorro has substituted a flag with a large "Z" for the army's flag. To make matters worse the flagpole has been greased to prevent the soldiers from removing it. Monastario publicly reprimands Garcia and then realizes he can profit from the situation by secretly ordering the sergeant to pretend he was thrown out of the service in disgrace. This, he hopes, will make the people of the village take Garcia into their confidence and thus unwittingly betray Zorro.

Monastario has also sentenced two peons to hard labor in the tar pits to punish their obvious enjoyment of the flagpole incident, and Zorro decides to end this cruelty by tricking Monastario with Garcia's unknowing assistance. He accepts the sergeant's offer of help and tells him they will meet outside town, knowing that Monastario and the lancers will follow. He sends them off on a long ride into the mountains, then rides to the tar pits, where he forces a lancer to load tar to help the peons. His work isn't done, though, as he tricks Monastario into chasing him back to the tar pits. There, the hapless commandante and his men end up deep in the tar.

Double Trouble for Zorro Link button

Airdate: 12/19/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Tony Russo (Carlos Martinez), Elvera Corona (Pilar Fuentes). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Norman Foster.

Two men's jealousy over a barroom dancer becomes a central point in Monastario's latest plot to discredit Zorro. A new arrival in town, Carlos Martinez, kills a man during a duel over a dancer in the tavern. The commandante realizes that Martinez bears a strong resemblance to Zorro, so he offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for his impersonating Zorro. The offer is gladly accepted, for the alternative is death.

Monastario puts his plan into motion by inviting all of the landowners to a party and arranging for the fake Zorro to rob the guests at sword point. Diego is suspicious of the invitation, which is out of character for the commandante, and he attends the party suspecting just such a plot. When the substitute Zorro begins his robbery, he's thwarted by the real outlaw in a confusing battle between two apparently identical foes. Zorro's superior fighting skills enable him to best his opponent, and the landowners demand that Monastario put Martinez back in prison to stand trial.

Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive Link button

Airdate: 12/26/57. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Than Wyenn (Licenciado Piña), Tony Russo (Carlos Martinez), Elvera Corona (Pilar Fuentes). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

With Martinez in jail for the botched robbery, the capitan has another scheme to discredit Zorro and fakes the prisoner's death, burying a coffin full of rocks in his place. This will allow the fake Zorro to rob the villagers and then vanish, finally discrediting the masked rider.

That night, Martinez steals a jeweled crown from the mission. Martinez slashes a bold "Z" across the altar to frame Zorro for the crime, and while fleeing, kills an Indian who saw the crime. Monastario's plan appears to be working, for the people begin to turn against Zorro, believing their former hero to be a villain. Even Padre Felipe is convinced that Zorro was behind the theft and murder.

Diego is confused, for he, too, believes Martinez to be dead. In an attempt to find the new impostor, he visits the tavern. There, he secretly tosses a fake ruby at the feet of a dancer, followed by other gems which could have come from the stolen crown but are actually Diego's possessions. The resulting confusion upsets the commandante, for he suspects Martinez of having broken his promise to stay in hiding.

Monastario rides to where the killer is staying to check on him. Martinez denies the capitan's allegations and in turn accuses Monastario of trying to cheat him. The two draw their swords and begin to battle, with Martinez soon defeating the capitan. Diego wants to capture Martinez, but he has to pretend to be clumsy with a sword to protect his secret. His plan to capture Martinez almost works, but Monastario shoots the outlaw to death to stop him from revealing the capitan's involvement.

The Fall of Monastario Link button

Airdate: 1/02/58. Guest Cast: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Lisa Gaye (Constancia), John Dehner (Viceroy), Than Wyenn (Licenciado Piña). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas.

Monastario has seen through Diego's attempts to disguise his fencing ability and plans his arrest and trial. He confronts Diego with the charge that the latter is secretly Zorro, an accusation the young don tries to laugh off. This time, however, Diego's charm fails to sway the commandante, who orders Diego held until he can be tried. The capitan's delight is cut short when he learns that the Viceroy, an agent of the King, will arrive that day for an inspection tour of the pueblo.

Desperate to hide the true conditions of his regime, Monastario orders all of the prisoners except Diego freed and that free wine be served at the tavern. The peasants are ordered to line the streets and welcome the Viceroy, who is surprised at this reception. He tells Monastario that he has heard rumors of unrest and cruelty, but he's delighted to see they are untrue. A smiling Monastario thanks the Viceroy for his confidence and promises another surprise - the arrest of Zorro.

That night, Diego is led into the tavern and denounced as the outlaw, a charge that astonishes the Viceroy. To Monastario's surprise, the Viceroy greets Diego as an old friend and is openly skeptical of the charge. Diego asks the Viceroy to indulge him in a small favor by asking the commandante to temporarily leave the room. When the protesting capitan returns, he sees a man dressed as Zorro whom he positively identifies as Diego, only to see the real Diego step out of hiding.

Disgraced before the Viceroy, Monastario attempts to prove that Diego is really Zorro by forcing him into a duel. Diego's childish efforts at defense convince the Viceroy that Monastario is wrong, and he orders the fight stopped. Monastario's downfall is assured when Zorro suddenly rides into the plaza seemingly proving that Diego is innocent of the crimes Monastario has charged him with. The Viceroy orders Monastario and his henchman, Piña, arrested and places Garcia temporarily in charge.

Cleared of the charges against him, Diego joins Bernardo for a celebration and a "thank you", for it was his loyal servant and friend who had dressed as Zorro and rode into the plaza.

Shadow of Doubt

Airdates: 1/09/58, 7/10/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Myrna Fahey (Maria Crespo), Robin Hughes (Esteban Rojas), Jack Elam (Gomez), Peter Daymond (Capitan Melindez), Charles Stevens (Josofat). Directed by: Robert Stevenson. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

The entire pueblo is overjoyed at the downfall of Monastario and eagerly awaits the arrival of the new commandante, for his reputation is that of an honest and fair administrator. Capitan Melindez has barely arrived in town when he is assassinated by Esteban Rojas, a mysterious stranger who has also just arrived in the village. Rojas frames an elderly beggar for the crime but he has been spotted by Maria Crespo, a young girl who works at the inn.

Rojas tells her he's really Zorro, and there is a good reason for his murdering Melindez. He promises to reveal the secret and clear the beggar when the proper time comes. He then goes to visit the magistrado, Carlos Galindo, who has arrived to serve as the pueblo's judge following the arrest of the crooked Piña. Once together, Rojas and Galindo reveal their true colors by discussing a secret plot to overthrow the government. They decide Maria must be killed to keep their secret.

Diego has started to investigate the murder and is surprised when Maria tells him not to worry, for Zorro has promised to save the beggar. Confused but wary, he tells Bernardo to look after the girl, and then he dons his Zorro disguise. Soon he must ride to her safety when Maria is kidnapped.

Zorro saves Maria and then rushes back to the pueblo after she tells him of Rojas' plans, only to find that the killer has himself been murdered. The plot becomes more complicated when he finds a strangely cut eagle feather clutched in the killer's hand, and he begins to realize that a deadly conspiracy is at work.

Garcia Stands Accused

Airdates: 1/16/58, 7/17/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Myrna Fahey (Maria Crespo), Henry Willis (King's Messenger), Jack Elam (Gomez). Directed by: Robert Stevenson. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

Sergeant Garcia is enjoying his temporary position as commandante until a replacement for the murdered Capitan Melindez can be found, and it appears his luck continues to improve when he receives a mysterious note from Zorro offering to surrender. The happy soldier reads that if he will travel alone into the hills, Zorro will give himself up. When evening falls, Garcia sets off for the meeting, armed only with his sword as instructed. A voice calls out from the shadows telling him to drop his sword before proceeding, which he does. However, there are no further instructions. When he returns for the sword, it is gone, so he sadly returns to the cuartel without having captured his foe.

The next morning a wounded messenger arrives in the pueblo. He claims he was attacked in the dark by someone who then stole the army's payroll, and he offers the remnants of Garcia's sword as evidence. The magistrado orders the sergeant arrested; and, in a swift trial, Garcia is convicted and sentenced to death.

Not believing that his friend is guilty, Diego decides to find the true thieves. To do so, he tries to visit the messenger to learn any small details that may clear Garcia. He's surprised to learn that the messenger, who was supposedly badly injured, has already left for the capital. Convinced that something is seriously wrong, Diego switches to his Zorro disguise and races after the messenger. He catches the man and forces him to return to the pueblo, hoping to arrive in time to save Garcia.

The condemned sergeant, who is standing before a firing squad about to die, is narrowly saved by Zorro's arrival. The messenger admits he was part of a plot to steal the payroll and that Garcia is innocent. Later, when Zorro is back in his secret cave, he shows Bernardo another mysterious eagle feather he found in the messenger's possession. Like the one held by the murdered Rojas, this feather is cut in a secret code, convincing Zorro that a conspiracy truly does exist.

Slaves of the Eagle

Airdates: 1/23/58, 7/24/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Myrna Fahey (Maria Crespo), Jack Elam (Gomez), John Doucett (Antonio Azuela). Directed by: Robert Stevenson. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

The King's tax collector, Jose Morales, and his nephew are stopped by Gomez and Antonio Azuela, another conspirator, while on their way to the pueblo. The conspirators threaten the men with death unless they cooperate, then seize Morales' official documents. The outlaws then tell him to return to the capital or they will kill his nephew, Domingo, whom they plan to hold hostage. As soon as Morales leaves, Domingo is seen to be another member of the criminal conspiracy. He gives the tax documents to Azuela, who rides into the pueblo to impersonate the uncle.

Once he has established himself as an agent of the King, Azuela begins to levy a series of high and unusual taxes. He then orders the imprisonment of those who cannot pay. A reluctant Garcia has no alternative but to follow Azuela's orders, and soon many of the villagers are behind bars. Diego is outraged at this series of events and offers to pay the taxes of all those being held, but Azuela and the magistrado insist that each man is responsible for his own debts, and so they refuse the offer. An investigation shows that the imprisoned men are to be sold as slaves to Vasquez, a trader in human flesh who supplies forced labor to Mexican mines.

Diego is busy trying to figure out a solution to this problem when a new one arises. Azuela has decided that Diego must suffer for his meddling, so a special tax is imposed on the de la Vegas. Only when Diego idly toys with an eagle feather as he discusses the tax is the levy canceled. Now, Diego knows the phony tax collector is another member of the conspiracy.

When the prisoners are led out of town in chains, Zorro rides to free them. He uses Bernardo to decoy the guard patrol, then encourages the enslaved men to overthrow their captors. When Vasquez arrives to collect his slaves, he instead finds Gomez, Azuela and Domingo in chains. Determined not to lose his investment, he takes the protesting outlaws with him, for they will now be sold as slaves to work in the mines.

Sweet Face of Danger

Airdates: 1/30/58, 7/31/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Julia Van Zandt (Magdalena Montez), Edward Colmans (Don Francisco Montez), Henry Wills (Castro). Directed by: John Meredyth Lucas. Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas.

A quiet day in the pueblo is abruptly changed when a stranger is killed by an arrow, apparently the victim of an Indian attack. Diego helps Sergeant Garcia inspect the body for clues and finds another mysterious eagle feather, this time on the fake Indian arrow. Other than that, there is no hint as to who the stranger was or why he was killed.

Diego meets another recent arrival, Don Francisco Montez, who has just returned from Mexico. Montez is accompanied by his lovely daughter, Magdalena, and her aunt, Inez. Don Alejandro sees a possible bride for Diego in Magdalena, so he arranges for Diego to give her a tour of the area. Diego persuades Sergeant Garcia to go along to keep Inez company, and the day goes well until Diego mentions the murdered stranger. Magdalena is visibly upset by the news, more so than would be expected.

The mystery deepens at a party that evening when Diego sees Magdalena and the magistrado busily engaged in conversation. Bernardo manages to overhear them, and he reports that Magdalena is an agent of the Eagle, head of the criminal conspiracy. The magistrado had ordered the stranger killed, for he had believed him to be a spy for the government. Angry at this news, Magdalena leaves, but not before the magistrado has ordered her death.

Although Diego knows she is a criminal, he cannot stand by and let her be killed, so he rides after her, dressed as Zorro. One of the magistrado's men, Castro, has also ridden after Magdalena and tries to run her carriage over a cliff. Zorro saves her and advises that a trip back to Mexico should be considered, or the Eagle will surely try again.

Zorro Fights His Father

Airdates: 2/06/58, 8/07/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Peter Brocco (Barca), Joan Shawlee (Barmaid), Noel de Souza (Paco). Directed by: John Meredyth Lucas. Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas.

A peaceful protest by a group of peons upset with taxes turns violent when one of the Eagle's men throws a rock through the magistrado's window. Galindo uses this as an excuse to order severe measures against the peasants, a move that upsets Don Alejandro. The other landowners want to set up vigilante posses to punish the peons, but Alejandro argues on the side of reason.

His attempt almost succeeds until news of a brutal robbery reaches the landowners. Jamie, the Eagle's man, has beaten one of them and his wife, and mentioned Zorro's name in such a way that the outlaw seems responsible. Outraged at this turn of events, the landowners rush into the streets crying out for justice. They seize Paco, a peon who had criticized the magistrado, and haul him into the cuartel. There he is sentenced to death without a trial, for the magistrado has decided to use him as an example.

Zorro sneaks into the fort and sabotages the guards' rifles. The firing squad, led by the magistrado, can only stare in amazement when every shot misses. Zorro frees the peon and rushes him out of the cuartel, leaving Garcia to face the wrath of the furious magistrado.

Death Stacks the Deck

Airdates: 2/13/58, 8/14/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Miguel Landa (Don Ramon Santil), Jim Bannon (Carlos Urista), Joan Shawlee (Barmaid). Directed by: John Meredyth Lucas. Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas.

Ramon Santil has just inherited his father's ranch and holdings, and some bad news. The magistrado tells him there's a high tax that must be paid at once or he will lose the land, and Ramon doesn't have the money to pay it. In desperation, he sells all of his cattle to Carlos Urista, a recent arrival in town whom Diego suspects as another of the Eagle's men. Urista then invites Ramon to play cards, and soon the stranger has won back most of the money he just paid for the cattle. Diego tries to halt the game but is angrily turned away by Ramon, who proceeds to lose all of his money. Convinced that his luck has to change, he puts the ranch up in one final bet. Unfortunately, he loses, and the ranch, too, now belongs to Urista.

Not long after, the landowners gather to discuss the matter, for Urista has built a tannery on the ranch and is polluting the river. The magistrado tells them that Urista is free to do anything he wants with his land, and the landowners leave in anger. Diego decides that the only solution is to act as Zorro and force Urista to play cards again with Ramon. Zorro is sure Urista cheated in the earlier game, so he tells him if he wins this game, he'll lose his life. Bowing to this pressure, Urista lets Ramon win.

Now Zorro must escape, for Corporal Reyes has spotted him and ordered the lancers to surround the tavern. The outlaw climbs to the roof, drops to the waiting Tornado, and rides to safety. Bernardo provides yet another diversion, and Zorro has beaten the Eagle again.

Agent of the Eagle

Airdates: 2/20/58, 8/21/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Anthony Caruso (Don Juan Ortega), George Keymas (Roberto), Sandy Livingston (Rosarita Cortez), Manuel Lopez (Franco Barbaroza). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: N.B. Stone, Jr.

Don Alejandro tells Diego he's received a letter from a friend in the capital telling him that the new commandante, Capitan Juan Ortega, has the reputation of being an honest and fair man. When Ortega arrives, he doesn't act that way. He treats Sergeant Garcia with contempt and is openly arrogant toward the civilians. The reason for this is revealed when Ortega meets the magistrado and informs him that the real commandante has been ambushed and murdered, on orders of the Eagle.

The magistrado and the fake Ortega unjustly arrest Franco Barbaroza, a poor landowner, and sentence him to hard labor when he cannot pay an unfair fine. Diego tries to reason with the magistrado but realizes he will need to act as Zorro to free Barbaroza. The masked rider helps the prisoner escape, and then duels with Ortega. He leaves the impostor with a stern warning not to repeat such an act, and with a large "Z" slashed across his uniform.

Zorro Springs a Trap

Airdates: 2/27/58, 8/28/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Anthony Caruso (Don Juan Ortega), George Keymas (Roberto). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lewis R. Foster.

The fake Ortega and the magistrado announce they have captured Zorro, and a cart holding a masked man is dragged into the town square. A public unmasking will be held at noon, and Diego fears that an innocent man will be charged with Zorro's "crimes". He also realizes it may all be a trap, so when he dons his costume and rides into the square to free the prisoner, he watches carefully for soldiers.

His foresight proves wise, for several lancers appear from hiding as he arrives. The captive masked man is revealed to be Roberto, one of the lancers, and Zorro now knows it is a trap. Ortega knocks Zorro from his horse, and the outlaw must steal the capitan's horse to flee, leaving Tornado behind in the confusion. The magistrado decides to use the horse as bait in another trap, for he's sure Zorro will try to recover Tornado. An auction is announced to sell the horse, and the magistrado plans to arrest whoever buys Tornado.

Garcia doesn't know of the plan and decides to buy the horse for himself, so he borrows enough money to successfully win the bidding. A disgusted magistrado cancels the sale and orders Tornado placed in the cuartel's corral. Roberto, the lancer who had been the fake Zorro, is assigned to guard the horse but is upset with this duty. He whips Tornado, and when the watching Bernardo protests, whips him also. Zorro arrives to fight for his horse and battles Roberto, fueled with additional anger at the mistreatment inflicted by the lancer. A fire breaks out during the fight and Roberto is killed. Zorro escapes on Tornado and rides into the night.

The Unmasking of Zorro

Airdates: 3/06/58, 9/04/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Anthony Caruso (Don Juan Ortega), Sandy Livingston (Rosarita Cortez). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: N.B. Stone, Jr.

The plans of the fake commandante and the magistrado go awry when Ortega spots Diego talking to Rosarita Cortez, a childhood friend who has recently returned from the capital. Ortega fears she will recognize him from her journey, for it was during that trip that he murdered the real Ortega and assumed his identity. Bernardo overhears the two villains planning her death, and notifies Diego.

Soon, Zorro rides again. He arrives at Rosarita's just as Ortega is trying to murder her and scares the killer off. A delay in checking Rosarita's condition forces Zorro to let Ortega escape, and the fake capitan goes to see the magistrado for cash to finance an escape. Zorro follows him and another battle ensues, moving from the plaza up to the roof tops. There, a desperate Ortega manages to unmask Zorro, and barely has time to exclaim "Diego!" before he slips and falls to his death.

The Secret of the Sierra

Airdates: 3/13/58, 9/11/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Rodolfo Acosta (Perico), Laurie Carroll (Marya Montoya), Rudolfo Hoyos (Cuevas). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Norman Foster.

Another stranger with an eagle feather spells trouble for Zorro when Perico, a recent arrival, sees a gypsy girl trying to pay for a purchase with several gold nuggets. Diego and Alejandro realize that news of a gold discovery will cause a rush of "gold fever" and their peaceful way of life will be threatened, so they try to suppress the news.

Their plan fails when Perico kidnaps the girl, hoping to force the location of the gold from her. She tells him a band of Indians had found the gold and is forced to lead Perico to them. The villain discovers a vast cave with walls of gold and is amazed at the sight but is even more surprised to find that Zorro has followed them. Perico escapes when the Indians arrive and take Zorro and Bernardo hostage, and he waits for a chance to return for the gold.

Bernardo helps Zorro distract their guards, and the two men escape, only to run into the hiding Perico. As the two swordsmen duel, the Indian chief realizes more white men are sure to follow in a search for the gold, so he orders his men to remove a large rock propping up the cave walls. An avalanche almost catches Zorro in its path, and he barely escapes the falling dirt. Perico is not as lucky, for he tries to grab a bag of gold and instead is crushed.

The New Commandante

Airdates: 3/20/58, 9/18/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Peter Adams (Capitan Arturo Toledano), Suzanne Lloyd (Raquel Toledano), Anthony George (Peralta). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Norman Foster.

The magistrado's plans to aid the Eagle may suffer a setback when a new commandante arrives in the pueblo. Unlike the fake Ortega, Capitan Toledano is loyal to the King and beyond corruption, yet he must be eliminated if the Eagle's plot is to succeed. Toledano's jealousy over his pretty wife Raquel is the key to the magistrado's newest scheme.

A note, claiming to be from Raquel, is sent to Peralta, a skilled swordsman, asking him to serenade her that evening. Toledano will be informed of his wife's "infidelity", for the magistrado hopes that a fight will result that ends in the capitan's death. Diego sends a note in Raquel's name to Sergeant Garcia, asking him to serenade her. He then warns Peralta it was a plot to discredit him. When Toledano arrives and sees Garcia serenading his wife, he realizes it's someone's idea of a joke, and he leaves laughing.

The danger is not over, however, for Zorro hadn't counted on Peralta's jealousy. The would-be singer mistrusts the reason for the warning and alerts the magistrado and capitan to Zorro's presence. A fierce duel between Zorro and Peralta ends in a narrow escape for the masked man, who must then avoid the searching troops sent after him.

The Fox and the Coyote

Airdates: 3/27/58, 9/25/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Peter Adams (Capitan Arturo Toledano), Suzanne Lloyd (Raquel Toledano), Armand Alzamora (Figueroa). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Norman Foster.

Magistrado Galindo has smuggled a supply of weapons into the pueblo, intending to use them when the Eagle orders the overthrow of the government, but he has been unable to get a supply of gunpowder. The army has a large stockpile at the cuartel, and the magistrado decides to steal it for his use. As part of his plan, Galindo announces that a horse race will be held in the commandante's honor. Not only will this draw the capitan and most of his soldiers out of the cuartel, but he also hopes to win a substantial sum from the wagers that will be placed on the race.

In order to win the race, the magistrado arranges for one of the Eagle's own race horses to be shipped to the pueblo. Suspicious of the magistrado, Diego follows him to a meeting with several of his fellow conspirators. There, Diego learns they plan to sneak a wagon inside the cuartel during the race. Once inside, hidden men will overpower the guards and steal the gunpowder.

Diego gives Sergeant Garcia a note for the commandante that warns him of the plot, but the soldier forgets. When Diego spots the capitan at the race, he realizes he must act as Zorro to thwart the magistrado. Zorro rides onto the race course and the magistrado orders the lancers to pursue him, so he willingly leads them back to the cuartel. The commandante sees the wagon full of gunpowder being led away and stops it in time.

Adios, Señor Magistrado

Airdates: 4/03/58, 10/02/58. Guest Cast: Vinton Hayworth (Magistrado Carlos Galindo), Peter Adams (Capitan Arturo Toledano), Armand Alzamora (Figueroa). Directed by: Norman Foster. Teleplay by: Bob Wehling.

Capitan Toledano plans to interrogate two prisoners who were seized when the gunpowder was recovered. The prisoners warn Figueroa, one of the magistrado's men, that they will talk unless someone helps them escape. Instead, they are found dead in their cell the next morning. A doctor examines the bodies and suspects murder, but the magistrado announces that it was suicide. This upsets the doctor, who tells the de la Vegas of his findings, and Diego realizes the magistrado may try to kill Toledano next to keep his secret.

Dressed as Zorro, Diego rides to the cuartel and surprises Figueroa as he's about to poison the capitan. Zorro chases after the renegade, planning to capture him for evidence against the magistrado. Meanwhile, Galindo has convened a trial to prove that the capitan is the murderer and has almost convinced the court when Zorro drags Figueroa in. The captive admits having killed the prisoners under orders from the magistrado, and the desperate conspiracy leader tries to battle his way to freedom. The outraged landowners engage him in battle, and the magistrado is killed.

The Eagle's Brood

Airdate: 4/10/58. Guest Cast: Charles Korvin (Jose Sebastian Varga - "The Eagle"), Peter Adams (Capitan Arturo Toledano), Suzanne Lloyd (Raquel Toledano), Michael Pate (Salvador Quintana), Peter Mamakos (Enrique Fuentes). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

With the death of the magistrado, the Eagle takes a more active role in his conspiracy to rule southern California. He sends two of his men, Quintana and Fuentes, to Los Angeles with a load of gunpowder for the weapons previously smuggled into the pueblo. The two men earn the wrath of the Eagle for suggesting that Zorro may upset the plan, and they fearfully head off on their mission.

A message from the governor arrives. It warns Capitan Toledano that someone is stealing large amounts of gunpowder from government stockpiles and dispatches him to San Diego on a search mission. Noticing that the message is in two shades of ink, Diego suspects a forgery, so while the lancers ride to the south, he keeps watch over the roads leading to the pueblo. Soon, he spots a hay wagon that appears to be heavily loaded, and he stops it to inspect the cargo. Unfortunately, Sergeant Garcia arrives on the scene just then and Zorro must flee.

When the wagon arrives in the pueblo, the driver tells Garcia that the kegs contain a shipment of wine for the tavern, and the conspirators are thus able to hide the stolen gunpowder in the cellar. However, Zorro and Bernardo are waiting there to intercept the shipment. They replace each cask with one actually containing brandy, and the gunpowder is taken away for safekeeping.

Later that night, Garcia and another lancer sneak into the tavern hoping to steal some wine, but they're spotted by Quintana and Fuentes, who assume the sergeant has discovered their plan. They follow the soldiers into the cellar, planning to kill them. When they overhear Garcia happily discussing finding brandy in the casks, the criminals inspect the kegs and are terror-stricken to find a "Z" carved in the wood.

Zorro by Proxy

Airdate: 4/17/58. Guest Cast: Suzanne Lloyd (Raquel Toledano), Michael Pate (Salvador Quintana), Peter Mamakos (Enrique Fuentes). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

The evil work of the Eagle takes a new turn when the commandante's wife, Raquel, visits Quintana and Fuentes and shows them an eagle feather, proving that she belongs to the conspiracy. She informs them the Eagle is furious over the loss of the gunpowder and that they must recover it if they hope to stay alive.

Meanwhile, Diego and Bernardo are busily burying the gunpowder when a patrol led by Sergeant Garcia chances upon the area. The wily Tornado decoys the patrol but is captured and taken to the cuartel. Diego goes to visit his horse and impulsively gives Tornado a secret signal which the horse acknowledges, a move that may cause Diego his life. Fuentes, standing nearby, saw the exchange, and realizes that Tornado would only take orders from Zorro. Thus, Diego must be the masked outlaw.

He rushes to tell Raquel the news, but she dismisses it as impossible. Diego's act has fooled her completely. However, she does decide to use Diego in a plot to capture Zorro, hoping that if Diego is imprisoned as the outlaw, the real Zorro will come to his rescue. The criminals attack and kidnap Diego, and news spreads throughout the pueblo that Zorro has been captured.

Garcia is detailed to stand guard over Diego, but when the sergeant falls asleep, Tornado steals the jail keys from his belt and passes them to his imprisoned master. Diego dresses as Zorro and awakens Garcia. Claiming to have freed the prisoner, he then tells the sergeant he'll turn over the gunpowder only if it will be taken to the capital under heavy guard. Anxious to overcome the shame of losing his prisoner, Garcia agrees, and soon the gunpowder is out of the Eagle's reach.

Quintana Makes a Choice

Airdate: 4/24/58. Guest Cast: Michael Pate (Salvador Quintana), Suzanne Lloyd (Raquel Toledano), Peter Mamakos (Enrique Fuentes). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

Sergeant Garcia and the other soldiers are amazed one morning when every musket seems to misfire. When they check their gunpowder, they realize it has been replaced with charcoal. A search of the cuartel reveals that all of the gunpowder has been stolen, leaving the post defenseless. Unable to decide what to do, Garcia consults Diego, who learns that the only heavy load taken out of the cuartel was authorized by Raquel. When asked about this, Raquel claims it was merely a load of personal belongings, and that she knows nothing about the missing gunpowder.

That night, Zorro slips into the tavern to examine the casks stored in the cellar but is caught by Raquel. He tells her he's also a member of the Eagle's band and offers to show her his eagle feather to prove it. Her confusion allows him to distract her long enough for him to escape, but then he learns Garcia may be in danger. The sergeant has left the pueblo with Quintana and Fuentes, who claimed to have found the gunpowder and have offered to lead him to it.

Zorro finds the trio just as the sergeant is about to be murdered, and he begins to battle the two killers. Garcia is knocked unconscious during the battle, and Fuentes is accidentally killed by Quintana, who thought he was aiming at Zorro. Later, at the tavern, a recovered Garcia tells all who will listen about his ordeal, not realizing that Zorro saved him. Instead, he still thinks of Quintana as an ally.

Zorro Lights a Fuse

Airdate: 5/01/58. Guest Cast: Michael Pate (Salvador Quintana), Suzanne Lloyd (Raquel Toledano), Ted de Corsia (Espinosa). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley.

Raquel's ambitious plans for her husband appear to end when she receives a letter from him. She had been promised by the Eagle that he would be made governor of California, but her husband wants her to join him in San Diego, for he plans to sail back to Spain. Realizing the Eagle will not let her go, she tries to sneak out of the pueblo, only to be caught by Quintana.

The conspirators take her to a small winery where they have hidden the stolen gunpowder, and they tell Raquel she will die. Luckily, Zorro has followed her there and tries to free her, only to be trapped in a storeroom. He tells the killers to leave or he'll blow them up, and they spot a long trail of gunpowder leading from the stored kegs into the storeroom. Terrified by his threat, they flee outside, straight into the arms of Sergeant Garcia. Zorro believes that Raquel has learned her lesson, so he sends her to join her husband.

The Man With the Whip

Airdate: 5/08/58. Guest Cast: Kent Taylor (Carlos Murietta), Jack Kruschen (Jose Mordante), Steve Stevens (Rudolfo Martinez), Myrna Fahey (Maria). Directed by: Charles Lamont. Teleplay by: N.B. Stone, Jr.

Another agent sent by the Eagle arrives in the pueblo, this time smuggling jewelry to finance the conspiracy. Carlos Murietta, an Argentine who is contemptuous of the locals, particularly Sergeant Garcia, visits a tannery run by Jose Mordante. The two men discuss the disposition of the gems, including a famous piece known as "The Cross of the Andes", which were stolen from churches in Argentina.

Murietta's attention to Maria, a young barmaid, angers another admirer, Rudolfo Martinez. The two men argue, and Murietta challenges the younger man to a duel. Diego tries to teach Martinez the rudimentary elements of fencing, but it is soon obvious that the boy is almost certain to die. Zorro meets Murietta and challenges him to a duel instead.

During the fight, Zorro notices an eagle feather pinned inside his opponent's hat, which strengthens his will to win. Murietta pulls a whip out, intending to lash Zorro, but the masked man cuts it to pieces before cutting Murietta's hand as a warning to give up dueling. The next morning, Martinez arrives for the duel, but Murietta declines, claiming his hand is too badly injured.

The Cross of the Andes

Airdate: 5/15/58. Guest Cast: Kent Taylor (Carlos Murietta), Mary Wickes (Dolores Bastinado), Jack Kruschen (Jose Mordante), Charles Wagenheim (Pasqual). Directed by: Charles Lamont. Teleplay by: N.B. Stone, Jr.

Expecting another shipment of jewels, Murietta goes to inspect the tannery where they will be stored. There, he spots Pasqual, a peasant who lives there, and whips the old man until he leaves. The shipment arrives accompanied by Dolores Bastinado, recently arrived in the pueblo, who attracts the attention of Sergeant Garcia.

Diego, who had previously spotted an eagle feather in Murietta's hat, rides to the tannery to discuss the incident with Pasqual, and also to see what business the conspirator has there. Murietta and Mordante react to the visit with scorn, but Diego's trip is fruitful, for he spots the box containing the jewels. When night arrives he searches Murietta's room at the tavern, where he discovers the "Cross of the Andes". He also discovers that Mordante has left the tavern to return to the tannery, and Bernardo was to have gone there to search for the jewels.

Switching to his Zorro disguise, Diego rides to the tannery hoping to save his friend. Mordante has surprised Bernardo and knocked him unconscious, then hidden the jewels in an old well. He is about to drop the servant into the well when Zorro arrives, but turns to battle the masked outlaw. Zorro's sword is broken in two and Mordante rushes at him, only to impale himself on a large spike. When Bernardo regains his senses, he and Zorro search for the jewels, but their hiding spot cannot be found.

The Deadly Bolas

Airdate: 5/22/58. Guest Cast: Kent Taylor (Carlos Murietta), Mary Wickes (Dolores Bastinado), Paul Picerni (Pietro Murietta). Directed by: Charles Lamont. Teleplay by: N.B. Stone, Jr.

Determined to find the missing jewels, Diego and Bernardo visit a local padre in the hopes he can assist them in their quest, but the trip is to no avail. Later, when Carlos Murietta complains to Sergeant Garcia about the missing trunk he had stored at the tannery, Diego is convinced more than ever that the jewels were hidden by Mordante before his death.

Unable to leave a party given by Garcia for Dolores Bastinado, Diego tells Bernardo to dress as Zorro and search the tannery once again. Meanwhile, Carlos Murietta's brother, Pietro, a master with the bola, arrives in the pueblo. Carlos and Pietro decide to visit the tannery as well, where they stumble upon Bernardo as he searches it. They try to persuade the fake Zorro to tell them where the jewels are, but of course Bernardo cannot answer them. They take his silence for insolence and are about to kill him when the real Zorro finally arrives.

The masked adventurer defeats the brothers, and he and Bernardo ride back to the hacienda, leaving the Argentines locked in the tannery. Diego vows to keep searching until the missing gems are located and returned to their rightful owners.

The Well of Death

Airdate: 5/29/58. Guest Cast: Kent Taylor (Carlos Murietta), Mary Wickes (Dolores Bastinado), Bobby Crawford (Pogo Bastinado), Paul Picerni (Pietro Murietta). Directed by: Charles Lamont. Teleplay by: N.B. Stone, Jr.

Another shipment of stolen jewels arrives in the pueblo, and Dolores Bastinado unwittingly allows her brother, Pogo, to deliver the cargo to the Murietta brothers. The trunk slips and breaks open, and Pogo spots several of the gems. He realizes the men will try to kill him to protect their secret, but he is seized before he can flee. The Muriettas bind and gag him, then hide him when they hear Sergeant Garcia arriving.

Garcia has come to look for Mordante, the tanner, not realizing that his quarry is dead. As he looks around the tannery, he is surprised to see some of the stolen jewelry lying there. The smugglers try to kill him before he can sound the alarm, but Zorro's steps in to save the sergeant. Realizing that Zorro is an ally against the Muriettas, Garcia fights valiantly and the villains are put on the defensive. Pogo frees himself just in time, for he warns Garcia of another attack by Pietro. The sergeant ducks aside and Pietro lunges past, falling into the deep well in the tannery floor.

As he falls, however, the boy also falls into the well. Luckily, Pogo's fall is halted when he grabs a dangling rope, and he discovers the missing jewels tied to it. Carlos takes advantage of the situation by barring the doors and setting fire to the tannery. It appears death is near for the trapped trio, but Zorro whistles for Tornado, and the faithful horse braves the flames to lift the bar from the door. Once freed, Zorro leaps onto Tornado and chases after Carlos. A quick lasso toss enables Zorro to capture his foe, and Carlos is handed over to Garcia to be taken back for trial.

The Tightening Noose

Airdate: 6/05/58. Guest Cast: Charles Korvin (Jose Sebastian Varga - "The Eagle"), Jay Novello (Juan Greco). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley, Bob Wehling.

Don Alejandro convinces all of the landowners to sign a document pledging their loyalty to the government, for he has become worried by the growing signs of possible civil unrest. He leaves a copy in the hacienda and takes the original to the capitol, intending to present it to the governor. Alejandro has barely left when Diego receives some unwelcome news. A new administrator has arrived in the pueblo and announced his decision to use the de la Vega hacienda as his headquarters.

At first, Diego vows to throw his unwelcome guest out, but Bernardo convinces him the new arrival is likely to be another agent of the Eagle, and it would help them monitor his activities if he lived in the hacienda. Diego agrees, and greets Jose Sebastian Varga, the administrator, only to find himself a prisoner in his own home. Varga has brought a patrol of lancers with him, and Garcia and Reyes are assigned to watch Diego at all times.

Despite the guards, Diego and Bernardo are able to observe Varga and his aide, Juan Greco. Convinced the men are members of the conspiracy, Diego and Bernardo are alarmed to spot the criminals searching the house. Varga has heard of Alejandro's list and is determined to find the copy. Diego barely manages to slip away and switch into his costume, but he succeeds in stopping the villains from reading the copy when they do discover it.

Later, Diego and Bernardo discover a letter that reveals that Varga is the Eagle himself, and has come to the pueblo to oversee his plans for revolution.

The Sergeant Regrets

Airdate: 6/12/58. Guest Cast: Charles Korvin (Jose Sebastian Varga - "The Eagle"), Ralph Clanton (Señor George Brighton), Jonathan Hole (Alfredo). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley, Bob Wehling.

An emissary from a foreign power has arrived in the pueblo to discuss plans to help the Eagle in his rebellion. George Brighton, the agent, warns Varga that there must not be any open resistance. His government wants an obedient colony, not one torn apart by internal battles. Varga promises to deliver control as planned, but he continues to worry about Don Alejandro and the other landowners who have pledged their allegiance to the King.

The Eagle tricks one of the de la Vega servants into riding to the home of another patriot. He plans to capture the landowner and torture him into revealing the identity of the other signers of the declaration. Diego discovers the ruse and sends Garcia riding after the servant with a note to warn him of the danger, but the sergeant is detoured by the promise of a meal and forgets to deliver the message.

When Diego discovers his note was never delivered, he is furious, for Varga captures one of the patriots as a result. Zorro arrives as the Eagle is about to torture the man, and with Garcia's help, overcomes the Eagle's men.

The Eagle Leaves the Nest

Airdate: 6/19/58. Guest Cast: Charles Korvin (Jose Sebastian Varga - "The Eagle"), Jay Novello (Juan Greco). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley, Bob Wehling.

Diego overhears Varga telling his aide that the de la Vega hacienda is so comfortable he intends to make it his permanent headquarters. Knowing his father will soon return and would fight to the death to protect his home, Diego decides to try a risky plan to drive the Eagle out.

Each night the Eagle posts guards throughout the house to ensure his safety. Hoping to take advantage of the villain's fear of capture, Diego and Bernardo sneak through the walls using the secret tunnels and kidnap the guards, while making a weird wailing noise. Varga goes to inspect the house but finds it deserted, with objects seemingly moving about of their own power.

Varga orders his bags packed, insisting he's only leaving only to tend to matters in the pueblo. Diego and Bernardo enjoy their victory, although they know the Eagle is far from beaten.

Bernardo Faces Death

Airdate: 6/26/58. Guest Cast: Charles Korvin (Jose Sebastian Varga - "The Eagle"), Henry Rowland (Count Kolinko), Jay Novello (Juan Greco). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley, Bob Wehling.

Another stranger arrives in the pueblo and travels to the de la Vega hacienda, intending to meet with the Eagle. Diego recognizes the visitor as Count Kolinko, an ambassador from an Eastern European country that has long been interested in controlling California. Since the Eagle has left for the pueblo, Diego manages to convince Kolinko that he is also part of the conspiracy. He almost succeeds in gaining necessary details of the plot.

Unfortunately, Don Alejandro returns just then and talks of his plans to fight for the King, thereby putting Kolinko on guard. The ambassador decides to meet with Varga before trusting Diego, and he heads into town. Diego follows later and finds Sergeant Garcia. He asks Garcia why crates are being carried into Varga's headquarters, and is told that the administrator has taken an interest in art and the crates contain clay vases.

Suspicious of the excuse, Diego and Bernardo steal one of the vases to examine it. When they find a cannonball inside, they realize the Eagle must now have enough armament to defeat the soldiers. Diego reasons that the only place to hide a cannon must be in the blacksmith's shop, and he dresses as Zorro to investigate.

The blacksmith flees at the sight of the masked man, and Zorro decides to blow up the cannon. The fuse is lit, but the cannon slips and pins Bernardo to the wall. Zorro is barely able to free his friend before a great blast destroys the shop, and with it, the Eagle's cannon.

The Eagle's Flight

Airdate: 7/03/58. Guest Cast: Charles Korvin (Jose Sebastian Varga - "The Eagle"), Henry Rowland (Count Kolinko), Jay Novello (Juan Greco). Directed by: Charles Barton. Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley, Bob Wehling.

Bernardo, who is keeping watch over Varga, is disturbed to see Garcia leading a patrol of lancers out of the cuartel. Even more disturbing is the sight of several strangers who drift into the Eagle's headquarters. When he tries to look inside, the gates are locked, so he rushes to warn Diego of the threat.

Diego tries to tell his father about the danger, but Varga's men burst in and imprisons them in a cellar. Varga also captures the few soldiers left on guard, as well as Garcia, who was riding alone back to the cuartel. Soon, Varga's flag is flying over the pueblo. The Eagle tells Kolinko he wants his money for delivering control as promised. The ambassador refuses on the grounds that Alejandro's patriots are still at large. Varga then threatens to torture Alejandro unless the prisoner reveals the identity of his men. The proud man refuses, so Diego volunteers to show Varga the list, which infuriates Alejandro.

Once out of the cellar, Diego reveals his true plan by knocking his guards unconscious and switching to his Zorro disguise. Returning to the cellar, he frees the prisoners, who battle the Eagle and his men until the patriots can assemble and fight. Varga is killed by one of his own men, and soon the flag of Spain flies again over the city. All is well in the de la Vega home also, for Alejandro realizes Diego had agreed to turn over the list as part of a plan to find help. Zorro's secret is still safe.

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