Double Trouble for Zorro

Season 1 - Episode 11

Airdate: 12/19/57
Starring: Guy Williams (Zorro and Don Diego)
With: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Henry Calvin (Sergeant Garcia), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Gene Sheldon (Bernardo), George J. Lewis (Don Alejandro), Tony Russo (Carlos Martinez)
Directed by: Norman Foster
Teleplay by: Norman Foster. Based on the Zorro Stories by Johnston McCulley
Associate Producer: William H. Anderson
Music: William Lava
Art Director: Marvin Aubrey Davis
Photography: Gordon Avil, A.S.C.
Film Editors: Hugh Chaloupka, Roy Livingston, A.C.E.
Set Decoration: Emile Kuri, Hal Gausman
Costumer: Chuck Keehne
Make-up: Pat McNalley
Sound: Robert O. Cook
Fencing master: Fred Cavens
Unit Manager: Roy Wade
Assistant Director: Vincent McEveety
Production Coordinator: Louis Debney
Production #5861

The Story Line

Two men's jealousy over a barroom dancer becomes a central point in Monastario's latest plot to discredit Zorro. A new arrival in town, Carlos Martinez, kills a man during a duel over a dancer in the tavern. The commandante realizes that Martinez bears a strong resemblance to Zorro, so he offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for his impersonating Zorro. The offer is gladly accepted, for the alternative is death.

Monastario puts his plan into motion by inviting all of the landowners to a party and arranging for the fake Zorro to rob the guests at swordpoint. Diego is suspicious of the invitation, which is out of character for the commandante, and he attends the party suspecting just such a plot. When the substitute Zorro begins his robbery, he's thwarted by the real outlaw in a confusing battle between two apparently identical foes. Zorro's superior fighting skills enable him to best his opponent, and the landowners demand that Monastario put Martinez back in prison to stand trial.

Production Notes

  • The working title of this episode was Zorro with Two Z's.
  • Elvera Corona plays the uncredited part of Pilar Fuentes, the flamenco dancer, in both this and the next episode. Eumenio Blanco (Alcalde) and Nestor Paiva (Gonzales) also appear but are not in the credits.
  • Romney Brent is listed in the credits for this episode but does not actually appear in it.
  • Tony Russo, who plays the killer Martinez, had originally auditioned for the Diego/Zorro role.
  • The scenes with Tornado were filmed at the Bell Ranch. The rocky hills are easily visible today to motorists on the 118 Freeway.

Scene Images

Pilar is entertaining at the tavern
The tavern is busy as Pilar entertains with a lively flamenco dance, unaware of the part she is about to play in Monastario's latest scheme.
Monastario enjoys the performance
Things seem harmless enough as the commandante lifts his glass to salute her as she weaves through the crowd.
A newcomer enjoys the dance as well
Carlos Martinez, a newcomer in town, seems to be particularly enjoying the performance.
Pilar is invited a drink
When the dance ends, one of the men in the crowd asks Pilar if she would have a drink with him.
An argument ensues
Pilar declines the offer, but when the man asks again, Martinez rushes to her assistance. Soon, the two men are arguing as tempers flare.
Monastario watches the argument
Monastario watches the growing dispute with unusual interest. Garcia asks if he should stop the fight but the commandante says to let the men sort it out between them.
A duel begins
The argument quickly gets out of hand and the two men begin dueling. It's quickly apparent that Martinez is a master with the sword.
Martinez slays his opponent
The would-be suitor is no match for Martinez, who dispatches him with a quick thrust as the crowd watches in horror.
Martinez is arrested
Monastario finally takes action and orders that Martinez be arrested and thrown in a cell.
Diego trains Tornado
The next day, Bernardo watches as Diego trains Tornado to come when he whistles.
Garcia almost finds them
Unfortunately Sgt. Garcia is leading a patrol through the area. Hearing a strange whistle, he decides to investigate.
Diego in unaware of the danger
Diego is so busy with his lesson that he doesn't see the approaching danger.
Bernardo warns Diego of the soldiers
Luckily Bernardo has spotted the soldiers and warns Diego just in time.
Garcia has a letter for Alejandro
Bernardo delays the soldiers as Diego rides Tornado to safety. An annoyed Garcia hands him a letter to be delivered to Don Alejandro.
A strange invitation
The letter is an invitation to a party Monastario is hosting that night for all of the important members of the community. An angry Alejandro refuses to attend.
What is Monastario planning?
Puzzled by the strange invitation, Diego tries to figure out what evil plan Monastario has in mind.

Scene Images

Martinez is taken to see Monastario
Diego has good reason to be concerned, for back in Los Angeles Monastario has ordered that Martinez be brought to his office.
Monastario offers Martinez a deal
The commandante tells Martinez he will spare his life in exchange for help in catching Zorro.
Martinez will commit a robbery dressed as Zorro
Dressed as Zorro, Martinez will rob the dinner guests in the hope that will turn them against the masked avenger.
Bernardo is listening
Bernardo overhears Monastario boasting that the dinner will mark the end of Zorro.
Diego decides to turn the tables on Monastario
Racing back to the hacienda, Bernardo tells Diego about Monastario's plans. Diego decides to take action against his wily foe.
The dinner begins
That night, Diego is there representing his father as Monastario says he is sorry about the past problems between him and the citizens of Los Angeles.
Suddenly Zorro bursts in
Suddenly, the party is interrupted as the fake Zorro arrives and orders everyone to turn over their valuables.
Diego is quite surprised
Diego is astonished to see his alter ego's sudden arrival.
Diego slips away
Diego is able to slip away as the imposter robs each of the guests.
Zorro realizes Monastario was behind the robbery
Returning as Zorro, he is surprised when Monastario urges him to flee without trying to stop him. Suddenly he realizes that the commandante was behind the robbery.
Monastario gets a surprise
Thinking he is in a sham battle with the fake Zorro, Monastario is aghast when he realizes he is battling the real one.
A strange battle
Everyone in the tavern is amazed at the strange sight of Zorro battling Zorro.
The imposter is unmasked
Martinez is no match for Zorro and is soon revealed to have been the real robber.
But where is Diego?
The stolen jewels are handed back to their real owners, but it appears Diego is nowhere in sight to reclaim his ring.
Diego pops up
Diego surprises everyone by popping up from under a table, saying he had decided to enjoy a little wine during the battle.
Another mark of Zorro
When he heads home the door closes behind him with another memento sure to infuriate Monastario even more.

Publicity Photos

All captions are from the Disney syndication publicity kit. Click on the photos for larger versions.

Monastario strikes a pose

Woman play but fleeting roles in the dual life of the peaceable young hacenado, Don Diego, and his alias the dashing mysterious riding avenger of injustice, Zorro, in Walt Disney's romantic action series, "Zorro." Guy Williams, well-known American star, enacts both roles. The girl in this cantina scene is Elvera Corona, flamenco dancer, who helps resolve a deadly plot against Zorro, out of scene.

Zorro heps Alejandro

Don Diego (Guy Williams) is trying hard to delude Capt. Monastario (Britt Lomond) concerning the identity of a masked rider. (Note: this photo was actually from an earlier episode.)

Monastario strikes a pose

Don Alejandro (George Lewis) and Don Diego (Guy Williams) have a heart-to-heart, father-and-son, talk about a mysterious rider. (Note: this photo was actually from an earlier episode.)

Preview of this episode

"Next week, a stranger, a master swordsman and his flashing blade!"

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