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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Zorro? If so, I'll do my best to try to answer it for you. However, I get a lot of mail, and as most of it asks questions that have been previously asked before, I have put together this list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully you'll find the answer you need here, but if not, look for the e-mail link at the bottom of the page.

What was the name of Zorro's horse? What color was he?
Zorro used two different horses during the series. Well, actually multiple horses were used for different stunts and tricks, but they all represented Zorro's two horses. The main one, Tornado, was black, and was seen in the majority of the episodes. At the start of the second season Diego visited the city of Monterey and it would have been difficult to explain where Tornado came from when Diego became Zorro, so the writers introduced a new horse. This one, Phantom, was white, and was given to Zorro by a dying soldier. It was never explained where Phantom was hidden or what became of him when Diego returned home to Los Angeles.

Can I buy copies of the shows on DVD?
I have a whole section on this - just click here.

Why did you take the show off The Disney Channel?
First of all, I personally did not take the show off the air, so don't blame me! Many people visiting the site don't realize it but this is a hobby for me and does not officially represent the views of The Walt Disney Company. If it was up to me, the show would still be on.

Is Guy Williams still alive? Can I send him a fan letter?
Unfortunately Guy died in 1989 while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Click here for his obituary from "The Los Angeles Times". Obviously that means you can't send him a fan letter. The same is true for the rest of the regular cast; all have passed away.

Can you send me some pictures from the show?
Due to the costs and other issues involved I am just not in a position to do this. I occasionally sell duplicates from my collection on eBay under the ID of "billcotter".

Why was Guy living in South America when he died? Where was his wife?
Guy had originally visited Argentina to promote the Zorro series and was enthusiastically welcomed there by his fans. He enjoyed it so much that he later moved there with his wife. She later decided to return to Los Angeles without him and they amicably went their separate ways, remaining friends until his death.

How much is my Zorro watch worth?
Well, it really depends on a variety of things. One is condition - does it run, for example? This type of watch is very prone to over winding, which leaves the watch relatively useless. If you have the box and instructions that adds quite a bit to the value.  Like with other collectibles, the prices on the watches goes up and down according to the law of supply and demand. My best suggestion is to keep an eye on sales on www.ebay.com and see if it's worth trying to sell it. Thanks, but I'm not interested in buying it.

Where can I buy or sell Zorro merchandise?
My two recommended sources are eBay and Hake's Americana. You can usually find a large number of Zorro items there at any time. Good luck with your hunt!

What can you tell me about the lives and careers of the actors?
My site is really devoted to the Zorro series and not the overall lives and careers of the cast members. If you're looking for more info on this subject than what is here on the site I recommend visiting IMDB or your favorite search engine.

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