Zorro's Ride Into Terror

Season 1 - Episode 8

Airdate: 11/28/57
Starring: Guy Williams (Zorro and Don Diego)
With: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Henry Calvin (Sergeant Garcia), Gene Sheldon (Bernardo), George J. Lewis (Don Alejandro), Jan Arvan (Don Ignacio Torres)
Directed by: Lewis R. Foster
Teleplay by: John Meredyth Lucas. Based on the Zorro Stories by Johnston McCulley
Associate Producer: William H. Anderson
Music: William Lava
Songs: Gil George, Joseph S. Dubin
Art Director: Marvin Aubrey Davis
Photography: Gordon Avil, A.S.C.
Film Editor: Cotton Warburton, A.C.E.
Set Decoration: Emile Kuri, Hal Gausman
Costumer: Chuck Keehne
Make-up: Pat McNalley
Matte Artist: Albert Whitlock
Sound: Robert O. Cook
Fencing Master: Fred Cavens
Unit Manager: Roy Wade
Assistant Director: Russ Haverick
Production Coordinator: Louis Debney
Production #5858

The Story Line

Zorro rushes his wounded father to the secret cave where Tornado is stabled and tries to tend to his wounds, a task made more difficult by the fact that Alejandro has become delirious from infection. Monastario leads his men to the hacienda hoping to find Alejandro there, and Diego barely has time to doff his costume before the soldiers enter. Still wary of Diego, the capitan places him under arrest and orders his men to search the grounds for his quarry.

Diego foils Monastario's plans by getting Garcia and his men drunk so he can return to the cave and care for his father, but Alejandro has stumbled outside and one of the lancers spots him. Monastario decides to have a bit of cruel sport and tracks the old man like an animal until Zorro angrily stops him. The outraged commandante chases the outlaw until they meet a patrol of soldiers from the capital who are escorting Torres under orders from the governor. The soldiers extend their protection to Alejandro, leaving Monastario to chase Zorro, who soon escapes back to the hacienda.

Production Notes

  • The working title of this episode was Diego's Ride Into Terror.
  • Don Diamond (Lancer Yvarro) and Richard Wessell (Corporal Delgado) appeared in the episode but were not listed in the credits. Diamond later returned as a different character in the ongoing role of Corporal Reyes.

Scene Images

The lancers search for Don Alejandro
As the episode begins, Monastario and his men frantically search for any sign of Don Alejandro.
Zorro promises to care for Alejandro
Zorro tells Alejandro that he will take him to a place of safety where the older man's wounds can be tended to.
The lancers are getting closer
The soldiers realize their quarry is nearby when Sergeant Garcia finds Alejandro's discarded coat.
Alejandro rests in the cave
Zorro cares for Alejandro inside Tornado's hidden cave, then heads upstairs into the hacienda for supplies.
Monastario arrives at the hacienda
He's just in time, for Monastario has arrived and is ordering the troops to search the premises.
Diego feigns surprise
Diego professes surprise when he hears of the events of the previous night.
The scret door is open!
Then, to his horror, he sees that the secret door leading to the cave has not fully closed.
Monastario enters the room
Diego tricks Garcia into taking a nap, but before the door can be closed Monastario arrives on the scene.
Monastario discovers Garcia in bed
Monastario is not happy to find Garcia in bed. Garcia is even less happy at being discovered.
Monastario vows to kill Alejandro
To Diego's horror, Monastario vows to hunt down and kill Alejandro. Happily the commandante leaves without spotting the secret passage.
Monastario leaves guards to watch Diego
Monastario orders two more soldiers to guard Diego so he cannot interrupt the capitan's plans.
Alejandro has left the cave
Delirious with fever from his wounds, Alejandro staggers out of the cave to finish his battle with Monastario.

Scene Images

Diego gets the soldiers drunk
Diego plans to get the soldiers drunk so he can slip away and tend to his father.
The plan works
The plan works, and Lancer Yvarro joins in as Garcia sings while enjoying some wine.
Some happy singing
Garcia sings "Here's to a Soldier of the King" as Bernardo keeps the spirits flowing.
Zorro searches for Alejandro
Diego manages to leave the party, and when he finds the cave empty he sets out as Zorro to find his missing father.
Alejandro is in a daze
Alejandro wanders the countryside hoping to do battle with Monastario.
Monastario decides to have some fun
The evil commandante is more than glad to fight him, but first he announces he will have some fun as he does so.
Monastario taunts Alejandro with a lance
Monastario takes up a lance and starts chasing after Alejandro as if he were a wounded animal.
Monastario loses a battle with Zorro
Zorro arrives on the scene and challenges Monastario to a duel with lances. It ends badly for the commandante.
Zorro is trapped
Zorro races off with his father, only to find himself trapped between two bands of soldiers.
Monastario is amazed the lancers won't help
Monastario is aghast to hear that the governor's soldiers will not help him capture Zorro.
Zorro races to freedom
Zorro races off with Monastario and his men in close pursuit, but his way is blocked by a gaping canyon (courtesy of matte painter Albert Whitlock).
A dangerous leap
Zorro and Tornado leap to safety. Monastario and his men wisely decide not to attempt the dangerous jump.

Publicity Photos

All captions are from the Disney syndication publicity kit. Click on the photos for larger versions.

Monastario strikes a pose

Bernardo (Gene Sheldon) plays while Don Diego (Guy Williams) dances the flamenco.

Zorro heps Alejandro

Monastario (Britt Lomond) (right) suspects the foppish Don Diego (Guy Williams) of being the masked Avenger, Zorro.

Zorro helps Alejandro

Zorro (Guy Williams) pins Sgt. Reyes (Jan Arvan) to a rock wall. Note: This soldier is actually actor Michael Forest playing a character named Anastacio in this photo from the second season.

Preview of this episode

"Next week, Monastario takes over the de la Vega hacienda!"

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