Monastario Sets a Trap

Season 1 - Episode 7

Airdate: 11/21/57
Starring: Guy Williams (Zorro and Don Diego)
With: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Henry Calvin (Sergeant Garcia), Gene Sheldon (Bernardo), George J. Lewis (Don Alejandro), Than Wyenn (Licenciado Piña)
Directed by: Lewis R. Foster
Teleplay by: Lowell S. Hawley. Television Story by: Joel Kane. Based on the Zorro Stories by Johnston McCulley
Associate Producer: William H. Anderson
Music: William Lava
Art Director: Marvin Aubrey Davis
Photography: Gordon Avil, A.S.C.
Film Editors: Roy Livingston, A.C.E., Hugh Chaloupka
Set Decoration: Emile Kuri, Hal Gausman
Costumer: Chuck Keehne
Make-up: Pat McNalley
Fencing Master: Fred Cavens
Sound: Robert O. Cook
Unit Manager: Roy Wade
Assistant Director: Russ Haverick
Production Coordinator: Louis Debney
Production #5857

The Story Line

Don Alejandro's visit to inspect prison conditions at the cuartel produces an unexpected result when the Torres women assure him they've been well treated. He later learns that this is another one of Monastario's tricks. The wily commandante has told the prisoners that he captured Torres and will torture him if they complain to Don Alejandro.

Deciding to take matters into their own hands, the outraged landowners make plans to rush into the pueblo to seize control of the cuartel and free the prisoners. One of Monastario's informants tells the villain of the impending attack whereupon he sets a trap, intending to kill the dons to be rid of them without the need for a trial. Realizing the peril his father and the others face, Diego rides into town dressed as Zorro hoping to trick Monastario into springing his trap too early.

When the capitan refuses to chase after him and instead stays in hiding waiting for the dons, the outlaw returns to the pueblo just as the men arrive and he sounds the alarm. Zorro helps the dons escape but Alejandro is seriously wounded and Zorro must carry him to safety aboard Tornado.

Production Notes

  • The working title of this episode was Alejandro Speaks Out.
  • Eugenia Paul (Señorita Elena Torres) and Madeleine Homes (Doña Luisa Torres) appeared in the episode but were not listed in the credits.

Scene Images

Don Alejandro demands to see the prisoners
Don Alejandro arrives at the cuartel gate and angrily demands to see the imprisoned Torres women.
Monastario and Pina continue to plot
Inside, Monastario and Piña continue their plotting to take full control of the city.
Pina is worried about the mob
Monastario agrees to let Alejandro see the women, but he summons Corporal Sanchez for a special mission.
Alejandro gets good news
Alejandro is delighted to hear that the prisoners have been well treated and are not suffering.
Sanchez is listening
Sanchez, hiding nearby, overhears Alejandro telling the women that he will be leading a party of other landowners to free them.
Diego pleads for caution
That night Diego pleads with the men not to take unnecessary risks.
Diego discovers the truth
A drunken soldier reveals that Monastario had tricked the women into lying to Alejandro.
More trouble from Sanchez
Furious at the ruse, Alejandro convinces the other dons to follow him into battle, but Sanchez overhears the plan.
Monastario learns of the plans
Monastario is delighted at the news, for the attack will give him an excuse to kill the attackers and seize their lands.
Diego pleads with Alejandro
Diego pleads with his father not to confront Monastario directly, but when the older man rides off it's time for Zorro to go into action.
The soldiers get ready
Inside the cuartel Garcia and Monastario discuss their plans to capture the attackers.
All is quiet before the attack
It's 10 PM on a fine summer evening. The plaza is quiet and deserted, but Alejandro and his men are on their way there.
Zorro discovers it's a trap
Zorro has gotten there before them and realizes the soldiers are hidden throughout the cuartel, ready for battle.
Zorro sounds the alarm
In a playful mood, Diego rings the alarm, which brings Monastario out of hiding.

Scene Images

Monastario fights with Zorro
The capitan tries once more to beat Zorro in a duel, but the masked avenger races to safety with a patrol of lancers in pursuit.
The chase suddenly ends
Zorro is surprised when the lancers suddenly end the chase.
It's part of the trap
Garcia refuses to do battle and Zorro realizes the soldiers are setting another trap for his father.
The dons prepare to attack
The town square slowly fills as Alejandro and his friends arrive for the attack.
Zorro warns them of the trap
Just in time, Zorro races to the gate and warns them of the trap.
Monastario shoots Alejandro
A gloating Monastario takes aim and shoots at the fleeing Alejandro.
Zorro is horrified
A horrified Zorro sees his father fall and stagger away.
Zorro taunts Monastario
Zorro rushes to find his injured father, but he pauses to taunt the fuming commandante.
Alejandro tells Zorro his wish that Diego was like the masked man
Padre Alejandro tells Zorro that he dreams his own son could be like the masked man.
A saddened Zorro works to save Alejandro
Saddened by disappointing Alejandro, Zorro cares for his seriously wounded father then carries him into hiding.

Publicity Photos

All captions are from the Disney syndication publicity kit. Click on the photos for larger versions.

Monastario strikes a pose

The tyrannical commandante, Monastario, (Britt Lomond) strikes a fierce fencing pose. (Note: this scene actually occurred in an earlier episode.)

Zorro heps Alejandro

Zorro (Guy Williams) attends to his wounded father, Don Alejandro (George J. Lewis).

Zorro helps Alejandro

Zorro (Guy Williams) attends to his wounded father, Don Alejandro (George J. Lewis).

Preview of this episode

"Next week, the courageous California dons band together to fight opression"

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