Zorro's Secret Passage

Season 1 - Episode 2

Airdate: 10/17/57
Starring: Guy Williams (Zorro and Don Diego)
With: Britt Lomond (Capitan Monastario), Henry Calvin (Sergeant Garcia), Romney Brent (Padre Felipe), Gene Sheldon (Bernardo), Eugenia Paul (Señorita Elena Torres), Jan Arvan (Nacho Torres), Pat Hogan (Benito)
Directed by: Norman Foster
Teleplay by: Anthony Ellis. Based on the Zorro Stories by Johnston McCulley
Associate Producer: William H. Anderson
Music: William Lava
Set Decoration: Emile Kuri, Hal Gausman
Art Director: Marvin Aubrey Davis
Photography: Gordon Avil, A.S.C.
Film Editors: Roy Livingston, A.C.E., Hugh Chaloupka
Costumer: Chuck Keehne
Make-up: Pat McNalley
Matte Artist: Peter Ellenshaw
Sound: Robert O. Cook
Fencing Master: Fred Cavens
Assistant Director: Vincent McEveety
Production Coordinator: Louis Debney
Production #5852

The Story Line

Having been humiliated at the loss of his prisoner and his battle with Zorro, Monastario has ordered his men to place wanted posters throughout the pueblo. The wily commandante tells Garcia that he wants every effort made to capture the two men, but it's obvious that the one he really wants is the mysterious Zorro. Diego, meanwhile, has continued to develop his dual persona as Zorro by moving Tornado to a secret cave beneath the hacienda. He shows Bernardo a series of tunnels and hidden doors built into the house's walls, which will let him come and go without detection, then rides to the mission to check on the safety of Don Ignacio Torres, who is hiding from Monastario.

When he returns home there is an unpleasant surprise waiting, for Monastario has come prepared with a mask and cape much like Zorro's. To discover Zorro's true identity, Monastario plans to make each man in the pueblo don the costume, but he changes his mind when he sees how awkward Diego is. To further convince Monastario, Diego insists on wearing the mask and fencing with the capitan, who agrees laughingly that Diego cannot be Zorro.

The commandante does suspect someone in the household, however, for he has noted a resemblance between Zorro and Benito, the chief vaquero. When Benito cannot supply an alibi for the time Zorro has appeared, Monastario's suspicions are confirmed. Believing that he can force Benito to prove he is Zorro, the commandante challenges him to a duel, only to be interrupted by the real Zorro. After defeating Monastario, Zorro leads the frustrated soldier and his men on a wild chase, escaping with a spectacular leap over a gaping chasm.

Scene Images

A reward for Zorro
The episode begins as a soldier pastes a wanted poster on the wall. Already we can see that Zorro is worth twice the reward for Don Ignacio Torres.
Where to put the poster?
The unnamed soldier seems like he could been a prototype for Corporal Reyes, for he makes a number of silly comments to Garcia as they hang the posters.
Monastario's brilliant plan
Monastario tells Garcia that he has a brilliant plan to discover Zorro's true identity, and to get four of his best men ready to ride.
How did Diego get here?
Meanwhile, Bernardo is surprised to see Diego getting dressed in the morning, for he had slept outside the room and didn't see him come home after his ride as Zorro.
The secret passages are revealed
Diego explains that the house contains a number of secret passages, and opens the one in his room by pushing a button near the fireplace.
A tour of the tunnels
Diego then takes Bernardo for a tour of the tunnel system, which includes an underground stable for Tornado.
The hidden cave
The entrance to the cave is so well hidden that Bernardo can't spot it as soon as they walk outside.
Diego visits the Mission
Diego rides out to the mission to visit his friend, Padre Felipe. This scene was shot at the Mission San Luis Rey at Oceanside, California.
A gift of books
Felipe is glad to see Diego, who has brought him a gift of several new books.
Don Torres has a plan
Inside, Torres tells Diego of his plan to travel to Monterey to tell the governor about Monastario's reign of terror.
Diego rides to the Torres hacienda
Diego cautions Torres not to take chances, then rides to let his family know the fugitive is safe - for now.
Love at first sight
Diego is delighted to be greeted by the lovely Elena Torres.

Scene Images

Elena is worried
Elena is glad to see Diego again, but she continues to worry about her father.
Diego gets a nasty surprise
Diego has a nasty surprise when he gets home, for Monastario is there with a copy of Zorro's costume, making anyone suspected of being the criminal try it on.
Diego fools Monastario
Although Monastario says he is not a suspect, Diego insists on trying on the costume, completely botching that and a swordfight with Monastario.
Trouble for Benito
Things turn serious again when Sergeant Garcia arrives with a prisoner. It's Benito, a vaquero at the ranch, and Garcia suspects him of being Zorro.
Monastario suspects Benito
Monastario makes Benito don the costume, and when the prisoner refuses to say where he was last night, the commandante thinks he has caught his man.
Elena provides an alibi
Elena tells Monastario that she was with Benito and he was staying silent to protect her honor.
Monastario insists on a duel
Monastario then forces Benito to engage in a duel to prove that he really is Zorro.
Monastario is stunned to see the real Zorro
Monastario's' joy at easily defeating Benito ends quickly when the real Zorro arrives on the scene.
Monastario loses once again
Once again Monastario is vanquished, and Zorro warns him to let Benito go free or face his wrath.
A leap to freedom
Monastario and his men chase after Zorro, but a leap across a canyon lets the masked rider escape. This is an excellent matte shot.

Publicity Photos

All captions are from the Disney syndication publicity kit. Click on the photos for larger versions.

Eugenia Paul as Elena

Lovely Eugenia Paul shares a romance with Zorro, the masked rider.

Monastario challenges Benito to a duel

Capitan Monastario (Britt Lomond), handsome yet sinister villain, offers a sword to Benito (Pat Hogan).

A deadly duel

Capitan Monastario (Britt Lomond) and Benito (Pat Hogan) cross swords in a deadly duel.

Preview of this episode

"Next week, watch Monastario bait the trap for his mortal enemy"

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